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A FLAG and an avocado Sugarpeas fleece cover. Fleece = better sliding across the kitchen floor to chase kitties...
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ellie's napping in an elbee baby fitted, no cover.
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Josh is in a SP size 1 with a cute dragon fly soaker. But I just found a hole in the soaker after I put it on him. This has been one poopy day.
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Curran is in an el bee...no cover.

he was nekid butt but my new Bertini Shuttle stroller *just* came and I wanted to take it for a test drive
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Jessica is sporting a butterfly batik print Happy Heiny stuffed with 2 Babykicks duz-it-alls - for the moment anyway :LOL
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Simple white FB w/a MOE microterry insert...snoozing happily away in it.
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Brenna is wearing her Very Baby AIO... made by momma, of course!
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Liv is in a pink with hearts and flowers terry cuddlebuns with a momma made fleece and flannel doubler and her watermelong Warm Heart Woolies soaker!

Maddy is in dora panties... (dry all day yesterday... and today so far... sssshhhhh)
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Andrew is wearing his gorgeous new Crystal's Cloth with a trifold soaker snap in. It's got froggies on it, and it's just beautiful! Here are some photos from just before he went to bed...


This is my first go at this photo thing, hope it works!
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Saige is in a med. HH stuffed with a infant cpf.
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I cant wait to get Maxi home and put a fitted and some wool on his bum!!!! yay for FRIDAY!!!
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Camden is wearing a Celestial Baby Velour fitted and a Baa Baa Bottoms soaker!
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Isabella is in a cute FLAG with doggies on it, covered by a teal Sugarpes wool cover with lime serging.
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Both boys are fast asleep in their baby blue FBs. Davids is stuffed with a joey bunz, a HH hemp insert and a MOE insert and Phillip's is stuffed with a micro towel and a hemp prefold.
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Right now, an orange FB w/MOE liner.
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Cam's got on a Kissaluvs, fleece liner and an Ivory wool Loveybums cover.

He's snoozing right next to me and he's too cute and cuddly

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Sara is in a baby blue FB stuffed with an infant prefold and Jack is in a sz1 SP (Royal Doggies) and his new Oatmeal Cashmere KP!
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Angelica is now wearing her adorable pink pig from starbunz
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C is wearing the only AIO he has, its a Baby's Bum (I think), dark blue with planets
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Holden is napping in a navy blue fleece AIO with wild animal patches on the back made by Cate from Soul Mother. I it - it's so wonderfully soft!
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