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Sophie is wearing her gorgeous purple 'frog princess' fitted from Rouser's Trousers, and an Alexis pullon over it .
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Chloe is wearing one of her Tx Blue Bonnet AI2's in the Crazy for Daisies print with a hemp trifold soaker topped with panne.

Hi Lydia !
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Irelynn is in a bikini cut cuddlebun with a Warm Heart Wolies soaker shorts over it.
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Ds is wearing an adorable snappied tye dyed cpf I just got from Tiny Heiny and a pair of Longies that I .
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Andrew's napping in his Calico Baby AIO in a cow print--go Ags!
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Camille is napping in her PRR Safari print SOS w/ a small dappi cover. She's only 7lbs 4oz and the SOS's looked huge, but we're running low on clean pf's and want to hold off on laundry til tonight so I thought I'd give them a shot. A little bulky, but adorable!

Heather, mama to my sweet Camille, born 5/25/04
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Aubrey is in her brand new pastel nature FCB with Little Belle soaker shorts
Pietey is in a blue windpro FCB envelope with oranger inner
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Ethan is in a Bumkins AIO with a fleece topped JB doubler and Lydia is in a Cloud 9 Softie with a ME Airflow cover.
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Jessa is at the store with Daddy wearing a Daisy Doodle and Ella is napping on my lap in a Lullaby Diapers fitted and Honey Bee & Choochie soaker.
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The GORGEOUS Sunburst coloured picklepants that arrived yesterday and a snappied EveryBaby sized eezi-fold.
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Braedons sleeping in my lap in his BBH PUL Sushi AIO!
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Ainsley's napping in her lavender Bottombumpers, with a yellow and pink ElBee wooly bully.
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Eliza is wearing a peik a boo diaper in a candy corn print I bought off the tp a month or so ago and an alexis pull on cover since she is sitting in her exersaucer and I don't want pee on it :LOL
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Jack is wearing a royal blue Very Baby basic aio for naptime.
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Timmy is in his bug/butterfly print Bunny Patch AIO for bedtime!
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Luke is currently wearing

Diaper: FCB Size 2 Woven Prisms
Wool soaker: MM Merino purples sm/med
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