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Who Loves their PF's?

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I absolutly LOVE my UBCPF's. Dd is starting to outgrow the infant size but the premiums are still VERY big. I use snappis almost exclusively with snaping covers and while there is still room in them to pin I am really looking for a cool fold for the premiums. I seem to remember a website that had a bunch of different folds for pf's but I cant find it. So I am looking for sugestions.
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Not me!!!! I never could get into them -- I tried a few times (newborn and later around 8 months). Glad they work so well for you though -- I know a lot of people love them and there are a lot of really cool folds out there.

Good luck!
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I'm in the same boat with ya- infants are getting a bit snug, premiums are WAY too big, regulars fit. I find that the bikini twist gives me extra room on the edges to snappi. Try this link:
for folding techniques, but I didn't see anything on folding premiums that were too big!
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I am starting to love my prefolds. I saw someone on here post about doing "sidewalls", so I do a combination of that with a bikini twist. My baby has chunky thighs, so the bikini twist works great for us. Right now, I prefer regular sized- the premiums are still too bulky.
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I love them too!! Sold a bunch of my favorite fitteds this week just to get some more pretty prefolds! I think Doodlebottoms has some things about folds. .

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Here is the link to the Sidewall Fold Thread . There is a link with pictures of how to do it. It works great with premiums!
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I guess I'm majorly low maintenance LOL. I just fold my PFs into thirds, fold it over (they are premiums and a bit too large) throw a piece of fleece on top and just hold it in with a fleece cover.

I save my fitteds and pockets for outings
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Me! Me! I love my CPF's!

I found that once my daughter was outgrowing the infant size using the newspaper fold, I switched to bikini twist and that gave her much more room in the hips.

Now I use the newspaper fold with the premium size CPF's. They were really big at first, but you won't believe how quickly they grow into them! I wouldn't bother buying the regular size CPFs - the premiums won't seem very big for long.
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I my cpf's too! I use cpf's 98% of the time and am so happy with them.

I love how they have no elastic so they don't leave red marks on baby. I love how cute they look. I love how breathable they are. I love how they look when ! I just them!

I use the newspaper fold on ds too. He wears regulars and premuims.
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Ever since the sidewall fold!!!

I am starting to LOVE the tie dye ones and need more
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We love PFs here too, but are caught between sizes too. So I'm reaching for fitteds the most.

I was hoping to find the time to do some experimenting with turning a couple into "fitteds" that might buy some time with them. But time is time and runs away...

Really does seem like there should be an inbetween size from infant to that bigger size...
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Love them!!! I keep trying to find a good deal (aka cheap) dyed prefolds, I love the colors and think itd be fun to use them. But I cant justify spending 4.00 for them.
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Ever since I tried out the "sidewall" fold a few weeks ago, I've been really feeling the pf , LOL. Until then, I tried all the various folds, but poop would always leak onto my covers. And, since I recently switched to wool, I wasn't loving that at ALL!

But the sidewall fold is an invention of genius , and after just dealing with four days of a toddler with diahrrea, I can proudly say, NOT a single LEAK!!! Now if THAT isn't a testimony to a well-folded pf, I don't what is...

Kind regards,
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I want to love pfs...I use em but it seems hit and miss whether they will contain the runny poo. Sometimes they do and I go yay I like these...and other times they don't and I say never again (only to pull them out and try again). I use the sidewall fold and it has been best and keeping things in but it seems it just gets loose on her the longer she has it on...how do you keep the legs snug?
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I really liked PFs on dd when she was a newborn
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I've started to use the few premiums I've got for greg, who is now just starting to ourgrow the infants. I do the sidewall (still amazed that y'all love it so much, LOL! So proud of myself!) and then fold the front down
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I love my UBIPFs for around the house and daytime. They are a really cheap way to diaper and after I got the hang of them really easy. I like them because when we are home all day the baby goes coverless and I change at every pee so sometimes I'm changing 2-3 times in one hour, much cheaper and easier to just use pfs. I use the sidewall fold with a snappi and for naps I trifold in a bummis wrap.
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Oh wow, this is great. I never expected such a great responce. I am going to have to try out the side wall fold. This morning I tried out one of my premiums with the newspaper fold and it was bulky but okay. I agree that the regulars arn't worth the investment. I think I will have to double my premiums and sell off my infant. Any takers??? I will list them on the TP soon.
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I love my prefolds, too! Ds has been wearing premiums for awhile -- super bulky at first, but it's getting better... now we bikini twist and fold the extra length down in front. I'm going to give that sidewall fold a try, but I don't see where to put the extra bulk -- do I fold down the back first?

Prefolds -- so lovely, so cheap!
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Lubs em. And I love that sidewall fold (didn't someone refer to it as the jellyroll fold?). It works faboo.
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