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How do you dye prefolds? Will Kool Aid work?
No you cannot use kool-aid or RIT on prefolds unless you want ugly bleeding prefolds. I would not even begin to use anything BUT fiber reactive dyes. I have tried every dye in every shop, and I would NOT use any of them. It just isn;t worth it when dealing with diapers. Besides some dyes work great for clothing projects, but when you throw urine in the mix (high acid) you get messes!
Just my 2 cents
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Well I can't wait to get my PF's I just want to try them! My first experience with cloth diapering was fitteds. Anyone want to buy 6 kushies basics?(size to 30lbs velcro closure) I like them for at home and with a soaker for the days. I even let her nap in them but NOT overnight!!!! three dollars a piece plus shipping takes em. They have pretty prints and that is CHEAP! (Boy or girl prints available.)
So tie dying prefolds with a tie dye kit works???? They don't run or stain babies skin? My friend loves to tie dye so I know she'll do it, but is it worth it? I think it would be cute but not if her bum turns blue!
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It depends if the kit is fiber reactive dyes. If they are not I would stay away. So many kits I have seen ARE NOT and those will not hold up for prefolds or diapers.
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I got my PF's. I find them VERY absorbent. Infact I don't think I have to change her near as often! It can probably take two to three pees if it had to! I like them but my husband finds them difficult! What kinds of covers do you mommas use. I use Gerber ez covers and I find that they don't cover the whole dipe. (they are kind of big for her!) Well got to go just thought I would ask!
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I do! I do! I just started using cloth about 2 months ago and thought that I would love FB's and HH's but I always go for the PF's first. Tuck some fleece in there and we are good to go. I have a super heavy wetter and those work better for us.

I recently got some dyed prefolds from Sunflower Derrieres www.sunflowerderrieres.com and I love them!!! We are coverless almost all of the (day) time now!
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Thanks to pinning we are going coverless with our prefolds several times a day! I'm having a lot of fun trying to think of new folds to make them look even trimmer!
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Originally Posted by Novajet
I am starting to love my prefolds. I saw someone on here post about doing "sidewalls", so I do a combination of that with a bikini twist. My baby has chunky thighs, so the bikini twist works great for us. Right now, I prefer regular sized- the premiums are still too bulky.
Sidewalls are great!
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Originally Posted by angel04345
What kinds of covers do you mommas use. I use Gerber ez covers and I find that they don't cover the whole dipe. (they are kind of big for her!) Well got to go just thought I would ask!
I tried the Gerber EZ....briefly, lol. I just doesn't cut it, IMO. We use Loveybums wool and soakers at night/out and about and it's a whole new ballgame, mama. At home he's coverless most of the time.
I love them with a jellyroll folded regular or premium cpf. We use a toddler cpf newspaper folded at night b/c the front folds down enough to form a double layer in front for my ds. Add a fleece liner and we're good to go all night.
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I My prefolds does anyone besides me use the angel fold I love that fold.
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I my CPFs! We generally do the newspaperfold with pinning, and lately I have been letting Ethan go coverless because of the heat. It's simple and cute!
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Originally Posted by squishy_28
I My prefolds does anyone besides me use the angel fold I love that fold.
I prefer the newspaper fold because I can grab the fabric better when pinning. When using the snappi, I would use the angel fold because it seems to lay better.
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I my prefolds. I've been using the angel fold and it works well. I am getting some pins though to keep the legs snugger around "mess" time. It seems to keep in the BF messes okay but I don't wanna risk getting the wool stains.
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I am going to try some other covers and get another dozen prefolds and get rid of the AIO's! Well some of them! I am really happy with the prefolds we fan out the ends! However they are SOOOO long on her and poofy in the front. Are there any other ways to fold them around a baby that is sourd of between premiums and toddler size????
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I'm not sure, but from what I understand, toddler IPFs are between (sort of) premium and toddler CPFs. I'm saving up some cash to get a dozen of them cause I think the fit will be better for ds.
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We love our pf's, too - especially the pretty dyed ones. We use infants in an angel fold and snappied. Tri-folding never contained the bf poo for us, so we gave up. Like the idea of the bikini twist, too, but it again didn't contain the poo.
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is IPF indian pre folds???? I am just going to spring for the toddler ones I think. But I am trying to wait to find out if I am pregnant! : Then I will just buy all the dipes I will need for the new baby too!
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IPF = Indian Prefolds

((((((((((((((((((Baby Dust))))))))))))))))))) to you.
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I love my CPF's. We've been using them for 3 months. We use a combo of newspaper and bikini twist on him. the bikini twist really helps to extend the life of them. - my guy's a bit tubby
I like the dyed ones, but I cannot justify paying so much for them. After all, kiddo does not see them, so it's really only for my own asthetic pleasure...
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We have a love hate relationship with them. I love them- the simplicity, the ease... they are just perfect.

However I still can't fold one to save my life. I hate that I can't get them to work. With my first DD I was able to use them until she outgrew newborns. I got prem after that and it was just way to much material to work with. I just bought some standards on ebay to see if I can work with this size. I *WANT* them to work!

Where is a site that explains the angel/bikini/sidewall/newspaper/etc folds?
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I love our prefolds!! I am using them more and more at home coverless. I just got 13 dyed prefolds today in the mail from the TP and I'm washing them right now so DS can wear them. So cute! I need to get a few more snappis though, they keep getting lost.
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