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Nope, not me.. not yet!! Hmmm who is this masked chiromom.. : I will have to "meet" her!!
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Thank you for the song Korin!!!

I was just bummed that it went down - though I knew there wasn't a chance in hell that I was pregnant this month.

As for the IUI - well we are going to wait one more cycle beyond this one...as I will be in tech in two weeks (af is due this Thursday) and that means working 8am until midnight or later for a week. So, trying to get to the clinic (45 minutes away) before an 8am meeting just isn't feasible, nor wise. So, af should show on Thursday, and then wait another month until aff shows again - somewhere around July 10th...and then that cycle I will hopefully be doing IUI again. We are still going to try on our own, and at least I have the meds to make this cycle short and sweet.

It was 98º here today - and I am hotter than all get out. If I am pregnant - this summer is going to be murder. But not too worried about that.
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Well, I am way too tired to catch up right now...I left off on Page 2..so, I am gonna say Congrats to Jenny (and first thing in the morning gonna check for others). Me, I jumped up out of the bed at 6:30 this am, thinking I was late for somehthing. I didn't take my temp, ran for the coffee pot, made coffee and then realized that I am a stay at home mom of a 9 year old and 16 month old...and school is out for the summer...NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO GET UP AT THAT UNGODLY HOUR... so, no temp for me today. I will say that if I temp tomorrow and it's still high like yesterday, I will throw a dummy number in, cause FF will give me a coverline if I keep elevated temps...although it really could just be this cough...

Having some EWCM again today though!

I shall see everyone in the am...I am dropping off to sleep at the keyboard!
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I need to be added to the two week wait.............it'll be tough to wait since I think we actually GIO at the right time this time!!! LOL!
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Ok-- I need sense talked into me (whats new? :LOL)

Ok--so after all of these BFPs I went home after work and POAS and of course it was negative. So, do I test again tomorrow morning 12dpo or should I wait til Thurs--day AF is due and 14 dpo?

If this isnt it we will probably wait until Sept to ttc again, because things are just crazy from now til then. So my silly testing questions will end soon, I promise!!
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Weetzie, wait until thursday and then use FMU.
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Thank you Shannon. I will.
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what is FMU?
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Originally Posted by squeakermansmom
what is FMU?
First Morning Urine . . .
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ooohhhhhh....thank you! i thought it was a brand of pregnancy test! :LOL
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Your pm box is full! Hope you check in here.
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still pre-O... waiting, and waiting...

Ravenmoon - totally spaced (thought I answered it, but must have forgotten!) Yes, this is the Concious Conception by Jeannine Pavarti (she's not using the Baker anymore, cause Rico is divorcing her). It is *very* 70s, and very New Age/ hippie and VERY reminiscent of where/ when I grew up so it is familar in a fun way And there's some good info alongside the woo-woo stuff. (I am into some woo-woo things, and not others).

I'm not sure which edition it is, or even if there are multiple editions. I did LOVE the last edition of Prenatal Yoga I checked out from the library - her births really were amazing!

I posted a song in Korin's thread... it isn't very good, but it's a takeoff on a NIN song ("Hurt") that Johnny Cash covered before he passed away... Korin's Ring of Fire take-off made me think of it... I'm hoping she'll go over there and fix it for me

Denise -- save.the.tests! :

I have packed 8 boxes of books, and have probably one more to go... and then the fun begins! M is staying home thursday and friday so we can pack together We're also gonna have to take GIO breaks, cause I haven't ovulated yet... which is weird, cause my cm dried up already (just like last month -- my cm was fertile about a week before I ovulated! Weird )

Belly Blessings!
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Elena, I think that's a good idea to stop buying these damn hpt (whihc are twice the price in the UK : ) and get a bbt thermometer. i think because I'm in the UK it'll be hard to find a used/library copy of tcoyf, but i'll do a hunt. Oh, you know I just thought maybe my doula friend has a copy...

weetzie...WAIT IT OUT!!!...I am so regretting doing a hpt yesterday. i was in a perfectly good mood till then, now i'm in a shitty mood but still have that annoying teensy little bit of hope that means i'll really crash if/when Af comes. So it's done me no good whatsoever to test early. I also didn't use FMU.

Now today I woke up at 4am and can't get back to sleep. This is always the number one pregnancy sign for me, but i'm not falling for it since this happened last month. maybe it's a venus thing...
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Oh -- I forgot, does it weird anyone else out to know that HTP tests are using animal proteins to bind the urine? Am I the only semi-vegetarian who cares? Geez... now I think I may not ever test again!

muse - hope you get back to sleep OK! I hear you on the insomnia thing -- though my problem is falling asleep, not staying asleep (though when I was pregnant last time, I did wake up in the middle of the night a lot. But then again, we were on vacation, so it was all jet lag and weird time zones...)

Belly Blessings!
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Alexis, my guess is (and I'm just basing this on other tests that use animal protein to bind) that the protein used is likely from hair. Generally they use the protein from cows, pigs, sheep, etc after the rendering process. A friend of mine used to own a rendering plant and they sold hair to various companies for the purpose of making binding agents.
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congrats kylie i think!

weetzie sorry for the bfn. i agree wait til thursday and hopefully new news! your post; however, has curbed my desire to test today LOL!

animal proteins, so does that mean if you don't eat much meat that your tst won't be as positive? weird. I opened the article but will read it later.

my sister graduates from high school today so we'll be out all day. fun. have a great day everyone.

from denise (sleepless in the east)
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Kylie....I'll keep my : for you.
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Denise! Lovin' your chart!

Waiting for others to update theirs... tap tap tap.

CD 10 and the GIO fest begins. I didn't really think this through since I work nights, usually 8pm to 8am so if I don't O before Friday we're so screwed since DH leaves literally the moment I get home from work. I suppose I'll just have to tie him to the bed because I am getting pregnant this month for freak sakes. In the beginning, I wanted to get pregnant so bad, now I want a baby reeeeeeeeeeeally badly.

So question... if I happen to get pregnant this cycle... I have a wedding on June 19th which woud make me roughly 9 - 10 DPO... I'll test that day and if it's negative would it be horrible of me to have a few drinks that night? Should I avoid it just to be on the safe side?
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cd 11...temps are still up. Good thing I have no sticks to pee on or I would. I did ask dh to pick up some but he has a crazy day and might forget. If he remembers I'll test in the morning if temp still high of course. I'm feeling very hopeful as usually by cd11 I get af cramps in the morning and I've felt nothing so far. And my boobs are a little tender. I realized my due date would be feb 19th, which is Aquarius, which dh has always wanted. My mom is an aquarius, as is dh's dad.
I had some crazy mood swings last night and I woke up after an hour or so wanting a strawberry smoothie so bad I almost got dressed to go get one somewhere. That is so out of character, I'm thinking it's got to be my first craving!
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Erika, it's not likely to be a concern, read back to the comment I posted to Tara yesterday, re: my OB's take on drinking.
K, gotta go, appt with my OB at 11:15 and with my rhuematoligist at 2. See everyone later!
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