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13 Dpo

I am almost 100% sure that I'm not pregnant. I just feel nothing different and my temps are pretty consistent - no spikes /triphasic or anything. In fact, I feel like I'm about to get AF. I *may* test tomorrow AM and post back. This is one of those "thrilled if it is +, but fine if it's not" times, as dh and I hadn't planned on actually starting to TTC until at least late summer and more like fall/winter. G*d has a funny way of mixing things up, and we'd be over the moon if ++ but aren't trying to get our hopes up yet, kwim?
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I'm back!!!

Can't catch up on the thread right now (maybe later tonight, but I doubt it, cause I am tired -- waking up early b/c of my BIL being here, and I went dancing last night, with my friend who doesn't understand "OK, I'm ready, let's go..." (UGH! And yeah -- same "friend" who didn't understand about me not wanting to get sick, and now that I *just* wrote that down, I realized that I've had a sore throat for about an hour now... OY! Must head a cold off at the pass.... )

Anyhow, I saw there were some BFPs!!!!! And some stick vibes for you:

Sarah - if you want to PM about how you can support your friend, feel free. I can't remember her situation off the top of my head, but I know when I went through that, all I wanted was people to listen. BUT -- if she doesn't have a friend/ partner to go with her to hold her hand and be with her after, if you felt comfortable setting up a schedule amonst her friends, I think that would be a blessing. Anyway, PM me if you want...

So, I am tired, but we've been GIO every day b/c of a) me being horny and b) me having good egcm This is the best CM i've ever seen, so I'm pretty happy about that! (We're using eggwhites, which have been OK for lube, and no infections or weirdness yet...)

M's birthday is tomorrow

Now I'm off to start packing (we got boxes today!)

Belly Blessings!!!!
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Thanks for all of the hugs. We are going to try the every other day plan, with daily GIO during the fertile time. This month was a cruel joke. But I think maybe it's prog.? I really need to find a good dr. in my new 'hood. I found out that Monterey county hospitals don't allow midwives in the birthing room. WTF?? A fellow MDC-er told me to go to Santa Cruz, so I'll try there. I'm not feeling too sad, just defeated.

I am so happy for the newest mamas, though!! Congrats to Jenny!!!

Sarah, you can PM me also if you want some advice. It's been a long time, but I can try to help as much as I can.
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Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I still haven't caught up to last weeks thread, but I'm working on it!

Shannon: Your HcG levels sound great! I will keep sending you vibes.

Glitterbits: I second most of what's already been said re: your friend. Let her know that you are there for her, maybe take her a meal or offer to help out with some chores in the days after. Let her know that you know that this has been a hard decision, but that she is doing the best that she can given the situation. It is possible to feel sad about her decision, even if she feels it is the right thing to do. Mostly, just listen. Take her lead regarding language. If she calls it a "baby" than definitely refer to what she has lost that way. If she uses terms like "fetus" or "pregnancy" then stick to those.

She is lucky to have a friend like you. Make sure you take care of yourself too.

Fairymama: I'm KHA for you! With dd I had no symptoms at all until I was close to 7 weeks, you never know. Yesterday I felt like I was about to start AF at any second: cramps, bloating the whole enchilada, so you never know...I bet your dd's recital was adorable.

Periwinkle: KHA for you too! See what I said about symptoms above! I never got a spike. I didn't temp this morning, but if you look at my chart, there is nothing remarkable about it at all (unlike Adina's chart, BTW which looks awesome and which I will continue to stalk!)

Marie-C: I hear you on the timing. I also work in a school. We start back in the beginning of August though...argh, a little early for me, but it shoud correspond nicely with the end of the 1st trimester.

Oh and Hev! I am shocked about the origin of your name! Here I am picturing you dressed in black, listening to the Smiths, you know, a real "Heavy Soul" and come to find out your named after a shoe! Cool, you are much less intimidating now !

I know I haven't gotten everyone, but I am off to bed. I will be lurking around here folks if that's ok. It sucked to have to unsubscribe from the August Mamas thread when I had the m/c in Feb, so I don't know if I'm ready to start hanging out in "I'm Pregnant" just yet. Besides, I'd miss the fun over here! There's much better GIO talk here!

Of course you'll all be pg soon anyway, and then we can take over the "I'm Pregnant" board!
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Alexis: We cross-posted. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the GIO fest!!
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polka123 - yes, my dh is a cop too. he loves it......i'm just hoping ds doesn't want to follow in daddy's path. i think that might be too much for my heart to handle! i also noticed your sig line.....you must be an animal lover like me.....we have 3 dogs and 3 cats - all rescues from animal shelters, humane societies, etc. the last of the 6 was just supposed to be a foster dog......but she's a bassett hound and, well, i couldn't resist! now dh won't even consider fostering another. i suppose i can't blame him!

great news Shannon on the increasing hcg! i've been thinking about you.
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Jenny -- stick around as long as you need/want to!

dani -- have you thought about homebirth? Santa Cruz is really nice, tho


And a to anyone I forgot

Belly Blessings!
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sooo....I'm totally obsessing tonight. In fact, I'm so obsessed that I had to POAS and the only thing I had was a OPK, so I used it , fully expecting nothing, but the line is quite dark (almost as dark as the control line) and now I'm trying to remember what someone said about opk's being super early detectors of pregnancy hormone...am I making this up??? Please, if any of you know anything about this tell me! I dont want to get my hopes up, but I'm almost sure someone wrote about this before.
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Thread Starter 
Oh, MARIE!!!! Do you have a chart online? I wanna see!!!!
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I stopped charting at FF because my life was getting too crazy. My temps have been up (around 97.7-98.2) for 9 days now. I did not check cm this cycle because it never seems to match with my temps and just confuses me.
Do you remember reading about this?
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3 DPO Please move me :)

Hi All! My coverline arrived today.. although i still have a little creamy CM - so I'm gonna get me some tonight.

Marie .. I remember someone once saying something about a + OPK could pick up the HCG.. but I don't know.... :

I'm tired, ate too much, and realized to day that I've gained 20 Lbs since last summer. I feel fat and uncomforatble. So if I'm not PG this month, then I'm joining a gym.. If I am.. well then it's just more cushion for the babe

I'll hopefully have more time tomorrow.. things have been crazy here.

My to all!
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checking in

Can you move to waiting to know..I am feeling hopeful after this mornings temp though..check it out http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/4f146
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cd 5 ~ now waiting to O

Whoops hit post to quickly. That last time.
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Cd 8

Adina, I just wanted to say your chart looks GREAT!
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Karen: Good luck with the high temps, your chart looks good!! :

Korin: I know how you feel. My jeans that used to fit perfect are now getting too tight! But I hate the gym. :LOL

Marie: : Not sure about OPK's, but it sounds hopeful!!

Alexis: I actually want a water homebirth. But I'd like my midwife to be able to bring me to the hospital if any problems arise. My DH used to be weirded out by it, but he's coming around!

: for all those in the 2ww!!

Anyone else wonder where the tough grrl smilies are at?? We could use a dancing smilie, a singing smilie...
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Cd 20....1 Dpo?

Subscribing......tentatively "waiting to know." It seems as though I O'ed yesterday, but I have been O'ing CD 26-28 for several cycles. So, maybe quitting soy has helped shorten my cycle.
Anyway, a HUGE congrats to all of the recent BFPs!!!!!!!!!!!
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karen - your chart looks great! fingers crossed for you.

Korin - I outgrew my jeans 3 days before AF came and promised myself to get back into my exercise so that my jeans would fit at all times until I was actually pregnant. And I have been doing it... I feel so much better when I get enough exercise so why is it so hard to MAKE myself do it? And even harder to make myself not eat chocolate when i know that the craving is only in my head and I will only feel sick within minutes of swallowing? And now that I eat so much less sugar than I used to I feel REALLY sick, REALLY quickly....
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Marie, OPK's can be used but they can definitely give false positives. If you look on fertility friend there is an article on it, otherwise, do a search here for OPK's as HPT's, you'll get something.
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phoebe kate, good for you!!! it always feels great *after* but it's so hard to get going LOL. i've been walking two miles once or twice a week and running the circuit once. but my weight doesn't seem to come off easily. today it was down so i hope it stays! i get so hungry at work. at home i don't seem to be as tempted or notice as much but at work it just gnaws at me until i eat something fatty to make me feel full. almonds help with that.

so. my chart continues to puzzle me. my temps are flat *again*. and i'm dog tired. i was having headaches over the weekend and felt ragged so i went to bed at 9 last night. i think i finally got to sleep after sometime and then woke up several times and wasn't able to get back to sleep quickly.

thankfuly i have tomorrow off but think i will need to go to bed early tonight again. i went to bed at 8:30 saturday night. lol. my sister is graduating from high school tomorrow so that should be interesting.

so who's testing this week? and when should i test? ff gave me a cover line that agreed with alexis' analysis but i kept my own line : the 11th is supposedly my day. think i might wait though. of course it's much too early to be worrying about that at 10dpo, right? i have 3 tests. they stare at me in the bathroom. taunting me.
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