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Whew....sounds like I missed a lot this weekend! My 3 year old hurt her knee Friday night and still could not walk on it Saturday morning without falling, so it was off to the ER....of course, from carrying her I started contracting...but nothing came of it! darn LOL---I have been unable to hardly walk with my SI joint dysfunction....and it I am just in lots of pain.

PCOS is actually a endocrine disorder that affects more systems..not just reproductive. A lot of women don't even have the cystic ovaries (which is funny considering the name ) and is the reason a lot of women go undiagnosed for so many years (besides doctors still being uninformed) But women with PCOS are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, uterine cancer among other things. You can have 1 symptom and have it. You can have them all and not have it. It is really weird! I have anovulation, am overweight, acne in certain places, skin tags, insulin resistance, and cystic ovaries, as well as insufficient glandular tissue--my choleseterol so far has stayed fairly normal as well as my BP which is good.....but they do swing wildly. There is no cure, but the symptoms can come and go...and they can be treated. Much is being done to research it now.

Congrats to all the mamas and their new babies! It is unbeleivable to me that we are at the end now.

I have my 39 week checkup tomorrow. (or if you go by my OB - 37 1/2 week we still have very varrying opinions on this one! : ) to check my urine for protein again and my BP...will be making a game plan I hope. This was the reason I was induced last time and my BP skyrocketed during labor (kind of freaked DH out!) Hopefully I will be more progressed.....I am sure that I have passed what I was on Wednesday due to how I have been feeling/contracting/diarrhea mucus etc.

Hope to see everyone doing well tomorrow!
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Congrats mommas! I cant wait to read the rest of the birth stories!

Well, my "due" date has come and gone, just as I knew it would, LOL. I've been telling everyone that we weren't expecting until the 13th-14th, but noone seems to believe me. It seems like everytime I see anyone I just get questions: You havent had that baby yet? Any day now huh? and the ever so funny: Whats the PSI on that thing? <<grrr>>
I guess I deserve it. We spent all day Saturday at a local Highland Games that DHs organization puts on. Almost EVERY SINGLE person from the organization that I saw expressed shock that I wasnt carrying a baby or in labor at that very moment, LOL. I guess you dont see them as big as me all that often out in the heat of day...

I am carrying smaller than I did last time. Im pretty sure its not a smaller baby either, its just a whole lot less water. With Zack my AFI at 41 weeks was 23 (borderline for too much!), but this time theres just not a whole lotta water there. I know cause over the last couple weeks the baby has gotten much easier to palpate, and Im more uncomfortable during big movements. I can feel a little foot sticking out sometimes, its the weirdest thing. I keep meaning to get our camcorder and record my belly moving. I probably wouldnt get it very well but its amazing to watch him rolling and stretching.
Things like that I really want to capture this time around as best as possible... This probably wont be our last baby, at least not the way we are thinking, but for some reason I kinda feel like it will be. I can imagine deciding in a few years that I dont want to go back to the baby-toddler stage and that Im happier homeschooling and doula'ing than I would be changing diapers and baby-proofing. Its hard to have kids spread just far enough apart that they are doing completely different things, yet not far enough to really be as much help as needed.

I dont remember who posted on the last thread (robin and rhynna?) about planning for one thing but being sure it would be something else. Im right there with you! Pretty much the only dreams Ive had so far about this birth have been unassisted. Intentionally unassisted. Ive had dreams/thoughts about being alone in the tub and shower both, but most of the dreams I have are in my bed... I dont wake up DH (for some reason in my dreams DS is always sleeping in the floor next to DD), but I just happen to have a towel under me and birth the baby right out into my hands, then I wrap it up and nurse to sleep. I've had several variations of this dream, but I usually dont turn on even the night light, and I never wake anyone... That is not the plan, and I doubt it will go that way at all (I am a loud birther!), but for some reason I cant get that fantasy to go away. Its almost like I am sure it wil go that way... Perhaps its just the feeling of calmness, peacefulness, and strength that will go with me into my real birth.
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Massively HUGE vent ahead

hmm... i just talked to my mom (via IM- LOL) and im starting to not want to invite her to the birth. She would F()ing freak, but I dont know if I really want her here. We dont have a touchy-feely relationship, never have. I am not a touchy-feeling person, except with my children, and mostly because she isnt either, i suspect.
Maybe its me being self-centered, but i dont want her as my primary support during labor. I have my husband and I have three doulas who will likely be here (one of whom wil be video-taping). My mom made it clear that she doesnt want a job, she wants my hands and face, she wants to be next to me. When I was addressing one of my only concerns about birthing in my tub (small bathroom that wont fit everyone) my mom was all offended when I made it clear that I'd rather have the video person there than her. I dont want her to have the video camera (or the still camera) cause she will get all excited and not get good footage/photos. She is not a good camera-person. But she assumed that she would be in there, even to the exclusion of my DD and camera people. I dont think so!
I dont want her in my face. I probably dont want her close to me. I dont like her perfume. She was up in my face right after zack was born- all of the after-birth photos have her hands in them around my face, in my hair, on the baby. I SO do not want that to happen this time. She was in James's way even, he had to come around the other side of the bed and could hardly see the baby for the longest time. She was upset that she didnt get to hold him right away (in fact, noone did until he was 1.5 hours old and she and james gave him his bath). I dont want that happening this time. I spoke with one of my doulas about it, asked her to keep an eye out and help me prevent it, and I was so concerned I wrote up a homebirth letter for everyone who is likely to attend.
Anyway, so I sent my mom the letter, she reads it and says great... one ? : Arent you gonna share the baby after its born? What about those who might have to leave soon after, shouldnt they get to hold the baby without having to wait HOURS? I told her I wrote hours because I didnt want people to think that this baby was going to be passed around like my first, that the baby will have a whole year of wanting to be held, and that we'll just have to see when it happens. If I get up and shower, obviously, Im not holding the baby.
She is so unhappy with this. Shes like what about the doulas, arent they going to want to hold the baby? I told her no, thats not what doulas do. They are here for me, not for the baby. In 15 births I have never held a baby on its birthday. I never would, that time is for the parents. The only people who will want to hold the baby are her and my sisters... She asks how 3 minutes will make a difference an hour after the birth. There will be 6+ people here, no way they can pass a baby that fast, or would! If my mom gave it up in 10 I'd be surprised. Not that it matters, the whole point is that I want the baby with me.
For some reason she equates holding the brand new baby to something that everyone who is at the birth DESERVES to do. Because they were here, watched it be born, helped me through labor, etc... umm... no. not in this house! I told her we'll just have to wait and see...
Then she tells me to charge my video camera and make sure theres tapes in it for her. Make sure there's film and batteries, that my digital is charged. HELLO?? In my letter it clearly states who will be videotaping and it aint her!! I have my sisters listed to do still camera, but not her. She said she didnt want to be in charge of any of that stuff before, but now that there is a chance she may not see the birth because of it, shes ready to work! WTF? Shes a bad camera-person. I dont want her in charge of it.

Im just frustrated... I feel like she is trying to make this all about her, when it isnt. In fact, she stated that in all the excitement "noone is gonna be able to follow any frickin rules" (referring to the homebirth letter specifics- ask me before you touch me, etc) and that its an experience for all of them (her, my sisters and the doulas) and that I shouldnt leave them out by not "sharing the baby".
Hmmm she lives too close to call too late, she will be horribly, horribly offended if I dont call her at all and if I call her and tell her to stay home, she will probably come over anyway.
Damn damn damn.
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Brooke- I'm sorry that your mom is putting you through this. I can imagine that sitting down and talking to her face to face would only make things worse. I wish I had some advice but I don't so I wanted to offer my support. Good Luck!!
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Brooke ~

Jessica ~ Hope your DD is feeling all better.

Well....today is my first official SAH day!! YAY! Of course I'm going to be spending the day running around buying stuff to build a new fence for my sheep who KEEP jumping out of their pen.

Last night I went out to feed them and they were NOWHERE to be seen. I was hysterical. DH and I grabbed the grain buckets and were wandering through the woods for almost 45 minutes before we finally spotted them huddled together and totally terrified.

Luckily a neighbor (who we had never met) joined us and we were able to herd them back into our yard and into the barn. It must have been quite a sight for him to look out and see a 39 week pregnant woman running (literally running) through the woods while balling her eyes out.

Then another neighbor came over and we strung wire up to make their pen taller. DH brought some fresh eggs over to the first guy and formally introduced himself (though we had done brief introductions while running through the woods chasing the sheep) and my other neighbor stayed for dinner. Thank goodness for friendly neighbors.

So...we THINK we have them safely penned for now but we're hoping to come up with something more sturdy and permenant and that's my first SAH job!

Hope you all have a lovely day! Bring on the babies!!!


PS ~ Here's a pic. of my quilt and a couple of the "baby's room." I made the wall hanging over the changing area. I saw something similar in the Nova Naturals catalog (but it was too much $$) so I made my own version! I how it came out!!
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I had my shower yesterday and we had so much FUN!! I got some cute stuff and it was so nice to just sit, relax and eat and chat w/ my friends. I got me really psyched up to have this baby. My one super cruncy friend that "reads" energies thinks this baby is coming this week and coming FAST! Yikes!

Erin- Your quilt is beautiful!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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can this weekend get any worse???

Last night after checking in here, I went out to the living room. I sat down with dh and then noticed a few minutes later that dd had a penny she was playing with. I struggled to get up to get it from her and my ds asked me a question...when I turned back to her a second later it was gone. I asked her "wheres the penny" she points in her mouth and says "penny all gone......" then starts whimpering and says "mouth hurts" she swallowed it.

So dh starts checking her and says "well what do I do?" I tell him "you take her in!!'

So he takes her in....(which is a funny story in itself because he is terrible with dates etc and THEY had to tell HIM when HER birthday was!! :LOL) and she had x-rays and it is loged in the bottom of her esophagus. So this morning I have my OB appt then have to take her back in for another x-ray, and if it still there they have to put her under general and do endoscopy to try and remove it! :

I had 3 kids, not one of them swallowed money. Then last year my 4th does it (with no complications) and now Alexis does it! :

And I am freaking mad that I could not get UP fast enough to prevent this!!!!!

2 ER visists in 2 days. Now all we need is for my water to break in the middle of all of this to just make it perfect! :LOL

So not sure how much I will be online today.....if you have a positive thought, please think of her and that the penny has passed.

-brooke, I am sorry your mom is doing this to you, I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong in not allowing her to attend!

-erin, the thought of you out there chasing sheep was a pretty funny one! :LOL
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Originally Posted by Modesto Doula
In fact, she stated that in all the excitement "noone is gonna be able to follow any frickin rules" (referring to the homebirth letter specifics- ask me before you touch me, etc) and that its an experience for all of them (her, my sisters and the doulas) and that I shouldnt leave them out by not "sharing the baby".
This would be a big red flag for me. If she is going to be there, will there be someone there who can monitor her? I have to say, though, that this kind of a comment makes me htink she is rather disrespectful of you in this birhting process.

How difficult for you. I am sorry this is happening.


I had about 3 hours of very intense contractions last night before they tapered off and I slept. When o when?

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Brooke, that totally sucks that your mom is unwilling/unable to respect your wishes. It always bothers me when I hear about people's family members trying to make a birth about them, instead of about the mother and the baby. Ick!

Jessica- I hope she passed the penny! Eli has put a few coins in his mouth, especially when he first started crawling, but I've always gotten to him in time. I taught him to put them through the little slot at the top of a little bank, and he found that much more amusing and will now put them in and dump them out over and over again. :LOL

Erin- That quilt is beautiful! Very cool stuff! Mike has a quilt that his mother made for him when he was about 14 and one that his grandmother made for him which just blows my mind away! I just think it's so cool that he's got family heirlooms, especially since I don't have any. That's why it's so important to me to at least make birth samplers for my kids, so they have something to show their own children when they grow up.

Well, even though I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, I need NewBean to stay in for at least another two weeks. EliBean is very sick. He appears to have caught a nasty lung infection from his cousin, and last night he woke up in obvious pain and barking like a seal. We didn't have any decongestant around, but I think Mike may have given him some tyelnol for the pain. He was so unhappy and so uncomfortable . I hate it when my BeanBean is sick, I always feel so helpless! This morning I watched & listened to him breathing, and gave him a quick once-over. His nailbeds and lips are still pink, but he's got definate expiratory wheezes as well as rowls. I think he's got pneumonia . This is not something I want to even think about exposing NewBean to, so I guess I need some baby-stay-in vibes until he's better. *sigh* Just what we all need, a sick toddler when you're nine months pregnant.
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OMG, Rynna! Poor Eli! I'm so sorry that he's so sick. Poor little guy, that sounds just awful. I'll definitely be sending some "baby stay in" vibes your way. You definitely don't need to be taking care of a newborn right now with poor little Eli needing you so badly. I really hope he's feeling better soon.

Jessica, I also hope that your dd passes the penny with no problem. Although it probably isn't too pleasant, it's better than the anesthesia route. Poor thing.

Brooke, sorry your mother isn't cooperating the way you wish she would. I would have an awfully hard time allowing someone like that at my birth. Actually, my mother is awesome and I still don't want her at the birth!

Anyway, yesterday dh and I worked like crazy around the house. I am officially ready for whenever this little guy wants to come. I really hope that I don't have to clean the bathrooms many more times before he gets here though! This nesting is making me feel like I'm insane. I can't even tolerate one little crumb on the kitchen counter! I swear, most people would think I've completely lost it!
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wildthing - Congratulations and welcome to the world baby!

Brooke - I am sorry that you have to deal with that kind of stress.

Jessica - Penny passing wishes headed your DD's way!

Erin - Oh, I just loved reading the story about your quilt. What a special gift! It is lovely, as is baby's room!
Aw, I feel bad for you that you had to be sad and running through the woods looking for your sheep. I hope those buggers are all contained now!

Rynna - Get well soon wishes coming your way for Eli!


We were supposed to have somebody come out and do a photo shoot for us yesterday but he didn't show. So we got our digital and tripod out and did some ourselves. Then we went to JC Penney and had some more done, and then we had our neighbors come over and help us get a few of us with the dogs.

Here are the ones we did ourselves using our digi & timer.
6.6.04 Pregnancy Shoot

The JCP ones won't be ready until 6/24.

And here are the ones with our dogs. It was a little too dark, the bugs were out bad by the time we got around to doing these, and I had had enough for the day. The dogs were not thrilled either. We did get 2 pretty good ones. We may try a few this evening.
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Lots of healing vibes to Eli!!!

Jessica-I hope she passes the penny, too. That must be really uncomfortable for her on top of everything else.

Paula-thanks for the explanation about PCOS.

Brooke- I wrote an "after birth plan" and have it posted on my wall. It says that there will be family time immediately following the birth for at least the first couple hours and that dh and I are to be the baby-holders and everyone else to be the chore-doers. Ultimately it boils down to the importance of bonding to the baby for our family and that I reserved the right to be unabashedly selfish during labor, birth and the first few months after the baby is born. My family and friends can get over it or they can not, but that is their choice. I can't control how they feel about it, but that doesn't mean I have to bend my life to their desires. My mom had her babies already, if she chose to share them or not, that was her choice to make. This isn't. It sounds harsh, but I really don't care. This will stay with me long after it has faded from everyone else's memory and it is so important to me. I pride myself in the fact that I never held my bf's baby after he was born and I was at their house for a week. I figured if she wanted to share, she would offer and it was more important for them to find their way with their son than it was for me to hold him. Both my labor supporters are baby ooglers, but I know they will honor my wishes and not make a stink about it. If you are hestitant to have your mom at the birth, don't call her. You can talk about it after the birth and she can get over it or she can not, but that doesn't mean you should have someone there that will be disruptive. How frustrating!

Erin-glad you found all your sheep-how terrifying! your quilt is beautiful and I love your belly cast!

Lots of hugs and belly rubs to everyone today. It is supposed to get really hot here today and I dread being in our upstairs non-AC apt!
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It sounds harsh, but I really don't care.
Doesn't sound harsh at all to me Julie. I like your idea of the after-birth plan. That's a wonderful idea. I sooooo agree with that whole paragraph of your post. Right on!
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Penny? Penny? whose got the penny? Alexis' tummy has the penny!


it passed to her stomach!!! I am so glad we avoided that. We will have a repeat x-ray next monday if we don't see it in her stool....but awesome news and I am so relieved.

OB appt was short and ok I guess...I am a good 3cm with stretchiness (is that a word) that goes a lot further. still 75% effaced and 0 station. Good news is...my protein levels in my urine went down to just trace amounts this week!!! way better than last week! so no induction for this friday, which kind of sucks cause my mom leaves town for my brothers state rodeo finals on sunday and won't be back for a week after that!

thanks for all the penny passing thoughts...they worked!!!!
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Okay, I finally got some time to post my birth story. It's over in the birth announcements/stories thread.

Congrats Donna! Hope life at your house is nice and calm and that you are finding lots of time to rest and love that new baby.

I've decided a downside to having a baby on a Friday is that everyone has the weekend off and thinks it's okay to come hang out at your house. I finally had to be firm to get everyone out and to limit the visiting time. I'm feeling great though quite sleep deprived b/c Flora has her days and nights mixed up (and all these dang people that paraded thru here over the weekend kept me from sleeping). But today I got a great nap. The biggest problem in our house right now is DD#1's adjustment. She's having a REALLY hard time not being the center of attention and has been way over stimulated with so much company. Her behavior has sucked. And since we are tired, we are less patient than usual. I helped her bake a birthday cake for Flora yesterday (her idea). Today DH took her to with him to the Health Dept to apply for a birth certificate and then to the library and the park so that I could sleep. The timing was perfect b/c when they got home Flora was tanked up and sleeping and I was able to read DD several of the books and get her settled down for her nap. She's also sick (got sick Thursday night wouldn't you know it!) so it has been VERY challenging trying to meet her needs and Flora's needs. Thank God I feel good this time and thank God I'm not as stressed out as I was when the first was born. Otherwise I'd be in BIG trouble. Also, before I forget all my thankfulness, Thank God for great friends bringing food for the next couple weeks and Thank God the timing is right so DH can be home to help.

Okay, got to go! I'm reading along even if I'm not responding to everyone!
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Wow, lots of hassles for you pregnant mamas! Big and healing vibes to the elder siblings! Glad that penny is moving on through!

We had another decent night after moving my gliding rocker upstairs to the bedroom. James' longest stretch of sleep, though, was from 5:30-9 a.m. and took pace in the crook of my arm after I nursed him sitting up in bed.

DH worked downstairs on his laptop until 4 a.m., which frankly pissed me off. Just bc I got through all of yesterday without crying does not mean that I am all better and don't need help.

Yesterday we tried CDing for the first time, and it went well. I think we can CD in the house and use disposables for outside trips. James, mom and I went to Harry Potter and had a grand old time. He's OK with the sling. He's pretty much OK with everything.

Some minor bad news - my cracked nipple isn't going away and I think I have some blocked ducts. I soaked my boobs in the sink and now I'm airing them. I really hope I don't get an infection.

Another random thought: I now COMPLETELY understand why so many women choose to formula feed, esp. when they don't know how risky it actually is. If James were on formula, care could be shared equally among the 3 adults in this house right now. Because he is bf, I Am It. I will not sleep for 8 unbroken hours for at least the next six months. Damnation.
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Smithie, I have had a lot of problems with plugged ducts in the past. Hot compresses followed by nursing sessions always worked for me. And trying LOTS of different nursing positions. Everything you can think of.

I'm right there with you with the scabby nipples. Mine are b/c of middle of the night nursing sessions where I've not been as diligent about latch. Flora gets lazy half way thru and starts to drift off, realizes she's loosing the nipple and then starts frantically sucking at it w/o enough of the areola in her mouth. She also avoids my pinky like crazy when I go to break the seal and tries to slide off on her own. Ouchy! I'm hoping we get past this in a couple of days b/c it hurts like hell.

BF'ding IS really hard at first but it evens out in a couple of months and then becomes way easier than formula feeding in my opinion. I HEAR what you are saying about the frustration of you being IT. And you are right that uninterupted sleep is a thing of the past. The good news is you'll get so adept at nursing in your sleep laying down that you'll eventually be more rested. You won't be getting up to fix a bottle in the middle of the night. You'll just whip it out, hook them up and drift off to sleep.

Anyway, you aren't alone. I'm up with you at night these days. Last night I didn't get to sleep until 3:00 and then it only lasted an hour and a half before I had to nurse her again. But these days will soon be gone!
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Thanks, seedling. It really helps to be reminded that I'm not the only one going through this.

I've got to keep my eye on the prize:

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Here's my question about co-sleeping and nursing: Even if I get Killy latched on and nursing while I'm laying down, I still have to get up to burp him and change the inevitable poopy diaper. When do you get the to the point that you can just plug the baby in and fall back asleep?
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QoC-I didn't start co-sleeping with ds until he was a month old (long story about our saggy mattress and big boobs!) and by then he didn't need burped and didn't immediately poop afterward/during. Don't know if that is normal or not, just my experience.

As for plugged ducts, I've only had a few but what worked best for me was to act like I had the flu (which it felt like I did) and stay in bed all day with the baby nursing that side first. Make sure to point their chin toward the plugged duct-that area that is red and hard and hot. Sometimes that means really contorting yourself, like being on all fours over them and it sucks when you already don't feel good, but for me that cleared them up within a day. Maybe I was just lucky to catch them early, I don't know.

I would love to have this baby soon so that he stops punching my cervix and bladder-I feel like I am in a constant state of almost peeing mixed with weird sexual nerve firings and uncomfortableness. It is a strange sensation to have all at once.
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