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Erin- I just love your quilt!! Did you make that from yours/DHs old clothing? It looks like there are a lot of special quilt squares in there! Its also just gorgeous, thoughtful and a wonderful thing to give you your baby! I also love the wall hanging over your mobile, and your belly cast hanging in there!! I wish I had room on my kids wall to display mine like that! The thought of you running after the sheep just about made me pee! Im sorry to laugh, but it really was just funny! Congrats on your first SAH project. I hope it goes well!!

Rhynna- Im hoping your new bean waits until your elibean is better!! I can think of a worse time for him to be so sick! I hope he gets well quick, and that you dont get sick from him!!

Im glad to see that the penny is on its way out!! I bet you never wanted to see something in a BM so badly, huh? LOL... I hope it passes easily!

Thank you everyone for the hugs and support. I really do love my mom. We talk almost every day, but lately shes been bugging the hell outta me. I guess these last couple of weeks I just have been way more self-centered than usual and her quirks have just pissed me off alot. Then she goes off about the letter yesterday and all of a sudden, I just dont want her here. I wrote in the letter that if you are asked to leave by anyone that I expect full cooperation without disturbing me. I dont think it will come to that, but I would hope that she would just get it.
Meanwhile, I've let all of my doulas know what I want to avoid, to please help her feel included but to run interference if they think shes bugging me. All of them have been more than happy to help.
I would love to UN-invite her, but I just couldnt. I do love her, I realize this is an exciting time for her, but I think when I call her in early labor Im going to ask her to re-read the letter I sent and try to remember what is important to us. And I may need her here. Im not sure about needing her for support, but Im sure that the kiddos will appreciate her being here, as much as she DOESNT want to be in charge of them

To the new mommies, the early weeks are tough!! Hang in there. If any of you mommies want to have some Lansinoh on hand and you dont already have some, PM me. I have samples I can mail out to you. Granted, its not a cure-all, but it does help a ton! It can heal cracks quickly, and if it werent for Lansinoh I would never have made it through my first month!
As far as nursing and laying down, I found with zack that at about a month he stopped needing changes after feedings, and was okay with being changed beforehand. Its a good thing, cause at about that time I couldnt stay awake through a feeding! Before that I would sit him up, leaning against my belly and rub his back to burp him without getting up myself. Once I realized I couldnt stay awake long enough to do that I just put a quartered flatfold on top of a waterproof lap pad under him. He would spit up a bit if he wasnt burped at night, but he didnt fuss (that would have woken me). I just kept a stack of flats to change them through the night when he woke me to eat again. I was distressed at first that he wasnt getting burped, but he never had a problem with it. At that point, I was literally only awake long enough to change him and latch him on, and 2 minutes later Id be snoozing next to him. My guess is thats one of the reasons I didnt have sleep deprivation issues with him, even though he was waking every 2-3 hours until he was 5-6 months old.
And someone mentioned sleeping through the night... It may be a lot longer than 6 mo. Its been about 4 years since I slept more than 5 hours at a stretch. Your body learns to adapt, even when DS was waking every 3 hours I wasnt sleep deprived. It does take time, however! Give yourself 6 weeks for both the baby and yourself to get in the groove of each other... It does get better!
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If the diaper is not a terrible mess, there's no rule it has to be changed before you go back to sleep. You change the baby before you nurse it anyway, so it shouldn't be that bad. You also don't need to burp a baby. They will let you know if they need to burp. One night you will pass out before doing all this and wake up four hours later with the baby still latched on and going in and out of sleep, and realize how easy it can be.

Incidentally, according to Dr Gregory White five hours *is* sleeping through the night; he also has a lovely quote in Womanly Art about how no one is entitled to an unbroken night's sleep- we just think we are.

Having had an early baby before it is strange to be in this could-be-any-time-now phase. I did not experience this before and it can be hard not to brood on whether every twinge is labor beginning. I am not sleeping well and trying to get out of the house more. I hope I don't make it to my next prenatal appointment!

Brooke, you make it quite clear in your post that your mother should not be at your birthing! Clear this up right now. If you still have memories of your other birthing and how you did not have the kind of privacy and freedom you want then you owe it to yourself to make sure only positive people are at the birth. If your mother makes such remarks about sharing the baby you must prevent her from being there, and to hell with what she or anyone else thinks. You get to do this a very few times in your life, and you have every right to arrange it just as you wish.

I think it is also true what she says about no one being able to follow rules- it takes a rare, relaxed family member to check their ego at the door and do as they were asked. I have seen in-laws who were given and agreed to specific tasks ignore everything and actually ruin the birth as far as the mother's plans are concerned, and in the moment she is powerless to do anything about it- who wants to argue then, anyway? and your doulas will be unable to argue with family- family will treat them as hired help and do as they wish. They can even, with their anxiety and concern, affect the medical outcome of the birth, and this is something you cannot risk.

If family members have agenda issues and drama theft problems regarding what they "deserve" out of the birth you must prevent them from being there. I can't imagine dealing with that kind of shit immediately after the birth of our baby. My memories of the immediate postpartum period are completely quiet, soothing, soft- there was no one there but me and my husband and our baby and occasionally the midwives coming in to do something. I hope it will be the same way this time- for me this is the healthiest way to do things. Anyone who can't understand you are biologically programmed not to want anyone else to hold your baby yet needs to stay away until you're ready to let them anyway.

I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned not holding clients' babies at the birth, but it's true there are few. If invited to do so of course I love holding the baby, but I would never dream of asking.

Be strong! Protect your nest! Good luck!
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Ugh! I'm frustrated annoyed that I'm frustrated!! For the
past 24 hours I have been having surges that have been coming every 8-15 minutes. At first I wasn't really timing them but then they started to get intense so I thought I'd better. I'm tired and cranky because my surges kept me up half the night and I really thought that I'd be close to holding my baby this morning. I promised myself that I wouldn't let all this get to me but for crying outloud just eitehr keep getting stronger and close together or just let me be!

Alright now that I've let all that out I think I'm going to take the girls for a walk before it gets to hot to move!
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Oh, Rynna! I understand the helplessness when your child is so sick. I know when Jared gets sick, I just want to take the pain away from him. I hope he gets better real soon! Hugs to you and Eli.

My mom called me yesterday, and one of the things she told me was that some women at her church praying that I wouldn't have the baby this past Sunday because the "needed" my mom for their Rosary Society meeting. I almost burst into tears. I feel like I keep hearing people tell me when not to have my baby. First it was my mom (about a month ago) saying that she was going away to a confernce around my due date. I was cool with that. Then my MIL told me of some days that would inconvience her. Then dh told me of another day (yesterday and today to be exact.). Then these ladies. : Dh says I should lighten up (my words) and take it as a joke. But to me it's not. I feel like this is inconviencing those around me. I know that the baby will come when he/she is ready, but still....

On a totally different topic:

Yesterday, we had someone come over to talk to us about refinancing our house. I sooooo look forward to this happening. We bought this house because I accepted a position in a new company and a different state. At the time of the closing, we still had our old house (which didn't sell until 6 mo after we moved into this one), and LOTS of other financial commitments. Well, that meant that we mortgaged the entire house and closing costs, and had a really high interest rate. (~13%!) Well, even though we don't qualify for the lowest interest rates available (because of our debt/income ratio), we will still be paying 1/2 of what we are now. AND we could pay off my car, and some other debt that have high interest rates! OMG, that will be such a weight off of our shoulders!

Well, dh is putting breakfast on the table. Babybean and I need to eat.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
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I'm having some really long days. *sigh* We put some vap-o-rub on Eli last night, and he actually slept through the night but his breathing is still horrible to listen to. I'd take him to see the doctor today, except that it's $50 on top of gas money, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow when at least I'll have the gas money covered. It's just wretched. There are positives to having a sick toddler; he's not running around like a maniac trying to destroy things, he's just sitting in my lap asking for hugs, kisses, and nursies. Most of the time, 'sick baby' behavior is really creepy to me, but at nine months I find myself vaguely thankful that I can *sit down*. Isn't that awful?

Mike is convinced that NewBean will come much more quickly than EliBean did. He wants me to call him as soon as I start having regular contractions. I think he's nuts. :LOL Even if NewBean *does* come much more quickly, we'll have loads of time.

Jaredsmom, I can't believe people are acting like you're inconviniencing them. I'd be real snappy about it and say "Well, if it's not a priority for you then don't come." Seriously. As if you have control over when the baby comes, and as if you should have to! If it's important to them to be there, then they'll be there and if it's not you'll have learned something about their priorities.
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Oy! The phone calls and e-mails have started. Hi Erin...just wanted to check in and see how your day is going. How are you doing? Anything new?

DH and I keep joking that we should start saying....oh yeah...there is one new thing. We had a baby last week...we were meaning to call you.

I know they all mean well but sheesh...we'll let you know when the baby comes people...really.

I just love your quilt!! Did you make that from yours/DHs old clothing? It looks like there are a lot of special quilt squares in there!
All of my family and friends sent squares to my mom (along with letters to the baby) and she put the whole thing together. They gave it to me Saturday at my Blessing. It's amazingly special to us. We were totally as we read the letters.

Rynna ~ Sending lots of healing vibes to Eli

jaredsmom ~ Sorry you are getting crap from people about when you can or can't have your baby...as if you can control it. Congrats on the refinance. We did that last year...paid off our student loans, car loans etc. It was WONDERFUL!

Sandi ~ Sorry you had such a rough night. Did you make it out for a walk today? I didn't. I got all dressed to go and then the sheep got out again. Luckily I saw them right away and the were easy to get back in the barn. But by the time I was done securing them (which I THOUGHT we had done two nights ago) it was WAY TOO HOT to take a walk. Maybe once the sun goes down.

Ummmm....so I've suddlenly been feeling REALLY....eh...romantic the past couple of nights after MONTHS of not wanting anything to do with being touched. Do you think this might mean something....in terms of labor starting SOON!!?? (Oh please say yes!!!! :LOL )

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Wow! There is so much to reply to, I don't know if I can remember it all!

Ryanna- I am so sorry Eli is sick. That has got to be so hard, you all are in my thoughts I am sending lots and lots of healing vibes your way!!!
Jessica - Glad the penny is being passed! That is so scary!
Erin- What a lovely quilt!!! That is such a great idea and will be something to cherish forever. Oh, yeah, the sheep??? Dh and I were laughing so hard! Sorry to laugh at your expense. I know it must have been very scary, but the image of you running after your sheep hysterically crying...thanks for the laugh, I needed it!
Smithie - I think it was you who posted about sleeping while nursing...Emma stopped pooping in the middle of the night when she was about 6-8 weeks old. By that time she was bigger and had the hang of nursing so we could just nurse and sleep. It was heavenly! People would comment on her rolls having rolls...I always said it's because she would feast at the all night Mommy diner! I'd wake up sometimes and she'd have attached herself and I didn't even know! It will get easier...of course in a little bit you all will have to remind me of this!

As for me...I'm frustrated too. I've never been pregnant this long. : I've been doing EPO since last Tuesday, but don't know if it's even doing anything. My midwife isn't doing prenatals this week, so I don't get to go see her. I just found out I'm GBS+, not that I'm shocked, but it just is an annoyance to me. I've had surges and surges and surges, and then they just stop. Sound familiar? I know, I know...it's normal. But, I'm really tired. I feel like if I could get a good cry, that would get things going, but right now, I feel really emotionally numb. I don't know. Last night we did nipple stimulation, sex, walking and EPO...NOTHING! I am just going to stop trying anything. Nothing is working, so what's the point? Can you tell I'm frustrated? arrrrrrrrrr.....

I hope everyone else is feeling better than I am.
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Introducing Vivian Joy

Vivian Joy was born yesterday, June 7 at 4:30pm unmedicated in a freestanding birth center. She is a dainty thing at 7lbs 2oz and 20-1/2" long. Her birth was wonderful and we are soo happy. Big brother seems to adore her but we're struggling trying to get him to be gentle enough with her. Nursing is getting off to a slow start but I think we're going to do fine.

((hugs)) to everyone, hope to hear some more birth stories soon!

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Welcome Vivian! So happy for you Tamara!
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Congratulations Tamara and welcome Vivian!!!!
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Yay Tamara and welcome Vivian!
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Tamara, Yay! Congrats on your sweet little Vivian. I'm glad everything went well and I look forward to reading your birth story.

Kim, you and I are in the same boat. I also didn't think I'd be pregnant at this point. I have also been using the EPO. I haven't been up for sex because by the end of the night, my genital area has sooooo much pressure that I feel miserable. I feel like my labia are filled with lead! Yikes! I might just start having to deal with it and trying to have some sex anyway. Dh would be happy! I have lots of surges during the night, but they stop during the day. That makes me feel pretty sure that I will start labor during the night. I have really been feeling great otherwise. Lots of energy, but horrible heartburn and reflux. I can't wait until that's over. Hang in there and hopefully your little babe will come soon!
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Brooke-I hope everything gets worked out with your mom. You know that anxiety is not exactly condusive to going into labor so I hope you get some relief soon.

Sandi-((hugs)) having that happen for so long and not progressing is so frustrating! Sending you ~calming~ vibes

Tricia-sorry about your moms church ladies! : and the house refinancing sounds great! good luck with it.

Ryanna-sorry to hear that Eli is still not doing so well...I hope it all passes soon and you both have some relief.

Erin--:LOL at your post! With my first birth, I felt extremely romantic the night I went into labor...take advantage of it girl!

Kim--((hugs)) I soo feel your frustration on how long you are still pregnant! With me and my OB disagreeing about my due dates I feel like I am more and more irritable over his "you are only....." comments! : I was doing the EPO but I am so progressed now I don't even know if it would do me any more good.....the worst part is knowing that if I don't have her by Sunday, my mom will not be here. she has been here for each or the other 5 kid's births, so this really upsets me.

Tamara--congrats and welcome to Vivian

Susan--hang in there! My genitals have been really tender too...I feel like I am a blown up balloon down there! very scary to look at in the mirror :LOL

We got a henna tatoo kit today and we are going to do my belly tomorrow. after that, I am willing to go at any time (hear that baby???)
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Congrats Tamara!!!!!! I can't wait to read all about her birth. Good luck with the nursing! !!!

Susan - I have thought about you a lot...we are in the same boat! Just having to be patient...something I have NEVER been good at! :P But, I agree with you, I think I will start labor at night, I have so many contractions at night. Today though, I've decided to just relax and not think about it. So, I'm not! (yeah right : ) haha.

Jessica - I hope you have this baby before your Mom leaves too. I know how much you want her here for this. Me, I want to have this baby before my Mom gets here! She drives me nuts and I don't want her around when I'm in labor. She thinks she's going to sit in my parking lot while I'm in labor. Not so much. Ok, LOTS of labor vibes to you!!!!!!!
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This post is strictly a whine.


I was sobbing into my pillow the other night and DH asked what was wrong, and out of my mouth tumbled the words "He's NEVER going to come out. I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER!!!!" Poor guy couldn't help but start laughing at me. But I was serious -- that's how it feels. I'll get contractions, strong ones, right on top of each other for an hour or two and then they just stop, even if I keep walking around. I've tried sex, chinese food, walking, and nipple stimulation, and still nothing (except painfully swollen nipples ). I'm going for herbals next -- going to try EPO, Raspberry Leaf Tea and maybe even a Castor Oil cocktail. I'll wait until the weekend, though.

This kid is kicking the crap out of me. I'm surprised he has the room to kick me as hard as he does. It's really, really painful.
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Kirsten, I could have written that post myself It's that time of pregnancy I guess...we're just DONE! :P
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Hooray, another baby! I hear you about the nursing frustration; we're dealing with the constant loss of the nipple, leaking milk, spitting up, having to change diapers 2 or 3 times at each feeding, etc.
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oh wow....I just woke up from a big family nap!

My oldest wanted to watch a movie, so we put it on and everyone lay down to watch it. I woke up a minute ago (cause the movie ended) looked down on the floor--and YES ALL 5 kids were asleep too!

Whew, I feel so good, I think I will treat them to McDonalds 50% Happy Meal night tonight!
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I am with all you mammas ready to get these babies out!

So what is the formula for using evening primrose oil?? Help me!

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Well, I guess I'm going next. I thought the babe had flipped back yesterday so we went in for an US today and no dice. He's not budging and he's not dropping and I'm starting to have contrax again and loosing lots of mucous, so we're going in tomorrow morning for a c-section. I'm very disappointed that we don't get the birth we'd planned, but I also have a sense that something more is going on that just him being stubborn and I'm trusting that sense. It's hard to get past feeling like a failure for giving in to the surgery but we've just exhausted all our options and the MWs and DR are worried that we'll end up with an emergency if we wait any longer. He's got about 12 hours to change his mind and I will have them do an US in the morning before they prep me, but I really think he's stuck. Thanx for all the support, I'm making sure they leave my blessing bracelet on for the surgery so I'll have you all close to me. I might have Dan post a birth announcement since I won't be home for a few days.

Belly rubs and baby love to all!
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