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Congrats Tamara!

Mamadosa had her baby this morning, around 11:00. I felt really honored that she called me to help her this morning. And I must have felt the vibe b/c I had been up since 5:30 am and I usual rise around 9:00! I need to go feed a grumpy toddler. Anyone else TOTALLY SICK of grumpy toddler? Why is it so freakin constant? Why can't he be in a good mood instead of whiney, bossy and grumpy all the time? Where has my ds gone? He just PINCHED me! What the hell?!
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Robin- You will be in my thgoughts tomorrow.

Julie- Yes I am so tired of grouchy toddlers and also mouthy almost 5 year olds! I was at my moms this afternoon and I YELLED at them for not listening. The girls and my mom just looked at me like I just killed someone. UGH! Between being 38 weeks pregnant and this stinking heat I just might kill someone!

Erin- No I never made it for my walk this morning. By the time the girls got dressed and shoes on a street sweeper came along and made so much dust that we decided to just head to my moms for a swim. The swim was nice though. I got to float around on a mesh lounge thingy on my belly. It felt nice to get all that weight off me for a little bit.

Congrats Tamera and Welcome baby Vivian!!

Congrats mamadosa!

I can't wait to hear everyone's birthstory and I hope that I can add mine SOON!!

Have a good night!
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Originally Posted by rubelin
Well, I guess I'm going next. I thought the babe had flipped back yesterday so we went in for an US today and no dice. He's not budging and he's not dropping and I'm starting to have contrax again and loosing lots of mucous, so we're going in tomorrow morning for a c-section. I'm very disappointed that we don't get the birth we'd planned, but I also have a sense that something more is going on that just him being stubborn and I'm trusting that sense. It's hard to get past feeling like a failure for giving in to the surgery but we've just exhausted all our options and the MWs and DR are worried that we'll end up with an emergency if we wait any longer. He's got about 12 hours to change his mind and I will have them do an US in the morning before they prep me, but I really think he's stuck. Thanx for all the support, I'm making sure they leave my blessing bracelet on for the surgery so I'll have you all close to me. I might have Dan post a birth announcement since I won't be home for a few days.

Belly rubs and baby love to all!
You and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers, rubelin. Here's hoping you just have a stubborn little one, and that all goes well. Still sending baby flip vibes your way, too . . .
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Paula - my midwife told me to take 3 orally, at any time of the day, and 6-8 vaginally at night. I have 500 mg capsules.

Robin - I'm so sorry you are having a c-section. I know that pain so well. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. You need to be extra gentle with yourself after the baby is born. It is not an easy recovery, but you can do it. My best advice, get up as soon as you can. It will make it easier. HUGE HUGS to you! You can do this, I promise!!!

Ok, I am going to whisper this...I am losing my plug today and am having contractions about 5 minutes apart. It's been happening like this since 4pm...the true test will be what happens when I go to sleep though!
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Our baby was born at 5:30 pm June 8!! A nine pound eight ounce BOY born at home on the bedroom floor. He doesn't have a name yet. He is just perfect- everyone says so!
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Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a hugepost, then lost it! I hate when that happens!!!

Congrats Liz!!! Welcome Baby!!!!

Robin, you will definitely be in my thoughts tomorrow. I wish you a safe delivery and quick recovery. I am sorry you are not able to have the birth you wanted.

Erin, I have actually had 2 friends call trying to annoy me on Sunday asking "Have you had that baby yet?" When I said yes, they didn't believe me. Then one says "If you really had the baby, what did you name it?!" :

We still don't have a name...now we call him TiBA LiNN (To Be Announce Little No Name). Gotta keep a sense of humor.

Okay, I have had my 2 minutes at the computer.....I will have to try to write more later...
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LizD ~ Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more about your little boy's birth!

Robin ~ Sending lots of love to you...all the way across the country!!!

We still don't have a name...now we call him TiBA LiNN (To Be Announce Little No Name). Gotta keep a sense of humor.

Kim ~ Fingers crossed. Hope we get to read your birth story soon!

Nothing happening here really. Lots of low pubic pain, but I've been having that for weeks. Took a nice LONG walk last night...which helped me to sleep VERY well -- through the night (less two bathroom trips) -- but did nothing to bring on labor as I was hoping. Darn.

I'm going to my mom's this afternoon to sew cloth wipes. My mom (who made my quilt) is an awesome seamstress and she's all excited that we are CD-ing so she can make dipes and wipes for us! She's even talking about buying a serger now!

That's about it. It's going to be another REALLY HOT day here. I need to motivate myself to do some cooking and cleaning like RIGHT NOW because by the afternoon I'm sure I won't want to do anything buy lie on my bed in the air-conditioning.

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Congrats LizD! Yay ... all these babies!

Robin, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I actually feel rested this morning! I napped for about an hour yesterday afternoon. Then got another hour and half in the early evening. Then got Flora down around 2:00. And we slept till 5:00. It's amazing that I feel rested but I do.

My back is really screwed up and I've discovered from my long stretch of sleep last night that my hips aren't completely back to normal yet. I think I must still have a lot of looseness in my bones and things haven't settled back to their normal position yet. My midwife's assistant did a home visit with us last night and she said I had the most responsive tail bone she'd ever witnessed...that she could feel it completely move during the labor to allow the baby to pass...and she said that was probably why I was having such back issues now...things just haven't settled back into place yet.

I'm feeling hopeful today. DD has a play date with her best little friend today (giving mom & dad a break). DD has really been my biggest challenge this week. I just feel like I've screwed her world up and I alternate between being pissed that she's being such a pain in the butt and being really sad that she's having such a hard time. Yesterday was a better day with her though and I'm hoping that by the end of the week we will all feel more in balance.

My boob was really hurting last night with what felt like the start of a plug but Flora seems to have sucked that out this morning. I'm really feeling okay.

Only bad news is my washer broke last night. But the good news is I managed to do all the laundry yesterday except for one load of adult clothing (no big deal). So, we'll just be making a call to a repair man pretty quick this morning and hopefully they can get out here today and fix it. If not, I do have some sposies I can use if worse comes to worse. Speaking of diapers...I'm TOTALLY in love with my kissaluvs. They really contain BF poo. I just wish I had more cause I only have like 8 of them. Not enough.

Well, for all of you on the verge of labor, I'm thinking of you. For those of you with a couple weeks to wait, I'm sending patience vibes out.

Smithie, how are you doing? You've been on my mind!
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heres a pic! hope to catch up more later!
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LizD- Congrats!! : Little man!!

curlygrrl- What a cutie!!

ksjhwkr- quietly sending you birthing vibes!

I'm getting my pregnancy photos done this evening! I can't wait!

Gotta go clean up a little. We have a busy day and I need to get my butt moving!!
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Congrats to those of you with new babes!

Question for those of you with EPO & RRL tea experience.

I've been taking both since 37ish weeks and am out of both after today. My EDD is in 1-5 days depending on which you go by.

Is it worth it to go buy more?
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Seedling, I was just posting in Diapering about my Kissaluvs. I really love them for this stage. I have a dozen size 0 that I bought from the outlet store on a whim....I really didn't think I needed them, but I am so glad I have them. They are so absorbent that I haven't had to use a cover, even overnight. I only have 12 though, I wish I had at least 18.

Gunnar has started nursing a lot again. He was down to about 3 times a week, now it is 3-4 times a day. He is sosweet about helping baby brother to nurse though. He holds my shirtout of the way. When they nurse together, he rubs baby's head..... I am glad he is nursing more, it is what I was hoping for. Also, he has been a big help since my milk came in yesterday with keeping the engorgment managable. I still have some swelling, but not like I usually do.

Robin, I am thinking of you now. I hope all is going well for you, and that you and your baby will be quitely resting together soon.

Steve's Sweety, not sure about the EPO, but I would definitely get more RRL tea. It is good for post-partum, and actually it is good for women in general. I am still drinking it every day. I have about a half gallon a day.It is so good!

Took baby boy to the doctor yesterday. He has 4 webbed toes, the second and third toes on each foot. They are almost completely stuck together, all the way to the tip. We will be seeing an orthopedist, mostly to find out if there is any other issue we can't see. I am not worried about it, because FIL has the same thing. But I wold like to findout if there are any other hidden issues here, I want to know what they are. Oh, and his head is only 13.5 inches. My biggest baby had a 15 inch head. I thought his seemed tiny. :LOL

I am still wrting my birth story, and figuring out a good place to post pics. Anybody have any suggestions for free, easy to use sites?
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Congrats, Liz! What a big boy! I can't wait to hear the details.

Erin, enjoy as many afternoons as you can lying alone on your bed by the AC! On weekends, dh takes dd out to do something for a few hours so I can do that. It is wonderful. It is the only time I've spent in bed by myself since dd was born!

Kim, I hope this really is it today. I would love nothing more than to join you!

Tamara, what a beautiful babe!

Donna, your comments about your boys nursing together is one of the sweetest thinks I've ever heard. Wow. I would love to experience that, but I don't think dd will want to start nursing again.

Robin, I'm thinking of you and your baby today. Hopefully by now you are together and everything is going well.
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donna- webbed toes! how cool!

this birth was so much harder than my first- he was truly posterior and did not turn. also almost two pounds heavier, and at only 38+5. more on that soon- one arm is full of baby and this hand is numb!

robin i hope your birth was lovely- there are advantages to cesarean birth, just like anything else, even if it was not your preference. good luck!
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Congrats, LizD!

Robin-you and I must have been posting at the same time yesterday b/c I didn't see your post. Sending you lots of good recovery and bfing vibes. Hope everything goes well.

Donna-Dh has (how do you say it, 1 or 2?) at any rate, a webbing between 2 toes. We were wondering if Tain would have it but he doesn't. I am curious to see if this baby will...

Kim-cheering you on!!!

Mamdosa named her baby Elena Daisy. She was 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. I actually held her today, she is so small! Hard to remember that Tain was 3 oz less and 1/4 inch shorter than that tiny babe. We had a nice visit. She still doesn't have internet hooked up in her house so I am sure she will be posting in a couple weeks...

I am doing the same ol' thing. Not in a hurry to give birth, though today marks my official 37 wk mark. Hoorah! Homebirth assured, baring any unforeseen complications. I had practice ctx all day yesterday, I think in sympathy since I was at a birth. I have not been able to be at a birth at the end since being an adult-last time one was available Tain was too little to leave with someone. It was truly amazing.

The practice ctx are really interesting. I had lots of bh with Tain, but these are different. I have lots of bh too, but I have these ones that are more than bh and less than labor.

If I missed congratulating anyone I'm sorry, I need to check more than once a day so I can keep up-things are moving so fast now!
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Update on Robin - the baby is here!

Hello, everyone! This is actually Robin's husband, Dan, posting on her behalf, since hospitals haven't quite clued into the fact that most moms wanna go ONLINE while they're in postpartum recovery (so she doesn't have net access).

Today has been a complete whirlwind, and I'll let Robin fill you in on all the crazy details when she gets home. (The full story is something to behold...)

Short version: Robin went into labor at 4am this morning (schedule c-section be damned!) that quickly progressed. Her water broke, the paramedics came and whisked her off to the hospital, where, at 5:18am, she gave birth to our wonderful and beautiful new son, Kieran Alexander.

Details of the birth:
- Kieran was breach, and Robin delivered him vaginally (!) in ONE PUSH (!!), without pain meds (!!!) within minutes of arriving at the hospital ER.
- Weight: 10lbs, 5oz
- Length: 21 1/2 inches
- Head: 15 inches

Robin is doing amazingly well. After spending a few hours in a recovery room, they put her in her own room and she went off her IV immediately, having started fluids and eating and all that stuff. She's walking around and has been with Kieran as much as possible.

Because of the enormous stress of the birth, Kieran was sent to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - he is having slight difficulty breathing, and they were initially concerned that he had aspirated meconium. Throughout the day, they've confirmed that isn't the case, his x-rays and blood tests and all that are fine, and his breathing is getting better every hour. They've been weaning off of the supplemental oxygen they gave him early on, and the respiratory therapist says he'll probably be off it early in the morning.

Other than that, he's doing very well...Robin is with him in the NICU and we're going to have grandparents (and me) come by tomorrow to hold him and give him as much human contact as possible when Robin is resting.

Benny is thrilled (and, admittedly, a little freaked out - the NICU is a scary place even to ME) and wants his baby brother and mama home as soon as possible. We expect that to happen within a few days.

I'm off to sleep!

-Dan, husband to Robin, daddy to Benny and Kieran
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YAY for Robin! What a champ! A ten-pound baby in one push - Geez Louise!

Y'all are making me wish I had bought some Kissaluvs. Today is James' first day of being totally CDed - and he loves it! Regular Kushies plus a Bumkins cover is my favorite setup so far. I probably don't change him as often as I should, but his skin looks great so I will not stress about it until he gives me a reason to.

Seedling, thanks for thinking of me. In all honesty I am not having the best time. Sore nipples are my last real physical hurdle, but they're a fairly significant one. DH is working this week (he's taking next week off) and has put in a 14-hour day. He called an hour ago and offered to take us out for dinner; when he heard I had made minestrone he informed me that "soup is not dinner." : I have asked him repeatedly not to criticize me for a few weeks - don't know why he can't keep his mouth shut just for the postpartum period.

We saw the mw today, and James has gained A POUND since his three-day checkup (he is 10 days old now). So no worries about my milk supply. She made a couple of suggestions to improve the latch. I went out to an evening class I take and expressed six ounces when I got home. Expressing still stresses me out a bit.
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Oh Dan...I had chills reading about Kieran's birth!! Please send my love to Robin!! BIG congratulations to all of you!!

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Go Robin!

Congratulations and welcome to the world Kieran!
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: Kieran

Wow I had tears just reading the short version, not sure I can handle the long version!

It has cooled off here. YEsterday it hit 91 w/ nasty humidity and I was dying! Today it's a much more comfortable 65 and I think I'm about the only person loving it!

I had my pregnant photos done last night. It was so much FUN! I can't wait to see the end result!

I need to run I have midwife appointment in an hour and my youngest is still sleeping. Why does she always sleep in when I have a morning appointment?
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