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June 6-12....who's next???? - Page 5

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OMG, Dan and Robin! Congrats on your baby boy Kieran! Sounds like quite an exciting birth. I am just amazed.

Sandi, it was dreadfully hot and humid here yesterday too. Today it's not supposed to get out of the 70s. I was dying yesterday! The rain is on it's way, though, and it will be sticking around for a couple of days.

Kim, where are you? I've been wondering.....
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Yeah Robin!!! You knew it would work out and it did!!!

well, I am getting brave now and sharing my full term 4 days away from 40 weeks belly shot with my henna tattoo (kind of....the frontal did not come out!!)


had tons of contractions last night and thought that it might be time.....but alas we are fine now! : I have only gone into labor 1 time out of my 5 births, so this is kind of new to me! LOL

oh yeah, and despite the HUGE belly and scary stretch marks, I still haven't gained a thing!
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So, I'm 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, and Ian is at -2 station. I guess that doesn't mean much. I just want him to come out already. Sigh.

Congrats to all the new mommies -- WOW, Robin, 10 pound breech in ONE PUSH? Goodness gracious. I'm glad you all are okay.
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Way to go Robin! That is such an amazing story...I definitely got chills just reading the short version.

Smithie, what are you doing cooking dinner anyway? Tell your DH you aren't supposed to be cooking one dang meal for at least a month. Becoming a mom is the absolute hardest, most challenging thing I have ever done. You need to do nothing right now but focus on taking care of yourself and that baby boy. It's a huge physical and emotional change that's taking place right now. On the milk front...I'm as so impressed that you expressed 6 ounces! With my first I went back to work for two months (DH was home with her for the summer) when she was a two month old. I struggled and struggled with expressing milk and NEVER got more than 4 ounces in one sitting. And 4 ounces was quite an accomplishment. Hope your nipples heal soon. I know how painful that is.

My nipples seem to be healing up though the initial latch still hurts. I'm having one side get a little lumpy as if a plug is trying to happen but it seems that the football hold remedies this. I just keep switching positions. Flora is sleeping really well. Last night we made it from 3 to 8 with just getting up once for a change and a nurse but she settled right back down and drifted off to sleep. Of course I want her to beef up so I can't quite get over the guilt of only nursing her once in a 5 hour span. But she seems to be double timing me this morning so maybe it all evens out. And I know I'm just going to have another skinny baby b/c that's how DD was and still is. Long and skinny.

On the diapering front...my washer broke. Have I posted that already? We had a guy come look at it yesterday and hopefully we'll know by the end of the day if it's worthwhile to fix it or if we need to go buy a new one. Meanwhile I've got about four loads of laundry that have piled up in a day and half plus the diapers. I sent DH and DD over to a friend's house to play with a load of diapers to wash while they were there.

Okay, well, I've got to get off of here. Best birthing vibes to all of you on the brink.
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Congratulations on the breech success! What amazing luck! And a big phtbththt to the drs who "wouldn't" deliver vaginally. Well they had to, didn't they?

We are sleeping well! I was up the first twenty-four hours, basically, with only a nod off here and there. But at midnight last night we went to bed and he slept an hour or two at a time until five, then an hour and a half to two hours at a time until one pm. So I did, also! The colostrum/early milk is flowing well so he's happy though still mighty hungry. He loves his big sister and she loves him, too. He loves his dad - he's quiet for him- but has hardly seen him since he had to work the last few days. He's off the weekend so we can hang out and all rest- and possibly go buy a king sized bed. We haven't yet slept all in one bed and I don't see how we can. He and I have enough trouble sharing a queen sized bed, which we are not used to but is all we have right now.

Even an hour or two of sleep at a time is so wonderful, miraculous and fabulous. I have not slept so deeply in months. And heartburn almost instantly became a thing of the distant, distant past.
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My big boy!!!

I can't type for long...but I wanted to let you all know that Seth Michael was born at home (YIPEE!!) on Wednesday morning at 4:59. He weighed in at 9lbs. 3 oz and is 20 1/4 inches long. He is beautiful, healthy and strong. I will type out the birth story later. I can't sit anymore (oh the lovely stitches) so I can't read all that has been happening here since Wed. So, for any other babies that have been born, welcome and congratulations!!!!!!
You can see pictures here: http://borchertbaby.aboutmybaby.com
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: Seth!!!

Congrats Kim!!!!
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Congrats Kim! I wondered since you were too silent today. he is adorable!


why is it everyone due after me goes before me???? :

(can you tell I am having a pity party today!!!)
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Originally Posted by crunchywannabe
Congrats Kim! I wondered since you were too silent today. he is adorable!


why is it everyone due after me goes before me???? :

(can you tell I am having a pity party today!!!)
I will join your pity party. :

Wow. That was one wild party! :LOL
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Congrats to the new mommies! Yay!

Btw, has anyone seen a post from Rhynna the last couple of days? Maybe she's at the hospital! (I keep reading the thread, and anytime any regular poster is missing I get all excited for them!)
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Now, learn from my experience and stay in bed for a week! If I had just left my nightgown on, I'd be a happier mama now. Alas, my postpartum crazies have taken the form of caring what the house looks like and what's on the table come dinnertime. Resist this at all costs!
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Robin, what a great story! I hope it makes doctors reconsider their stupid no breech policies. It used to not be such a huge issue. Sorry it couldn't be at home, but at least if you have another one you won't be fighting for a VBAC.

Kim, glad you got the birth you wanted!

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yay Robin!!!! So proud of you, mama. What an awesome story!

Kim, so so so happy you got to have your home VBAC. Was it what you expected/hoped for? Your son is beautiful and so big!

For those of us that are still pg, anyone else getting tired of the "just wondering how you are doing" inquiries? My MIL lives a few states away and I get an email at least once a week asking how I am and how the baby is. She has already expressed her great desire to know as soon as I am in labor. Assuming we would actually do that and she hasn't had a phone call yet, what does she think is happening? Does she really think we would have the baby and not tell her? ARG! It is an innocent question, but it is getting on my nerves!

I can't believe all these big babies! Tain was barely 7 lbs, he sounds positively puny compared to all these babies!

I think it is weird we haven't heard from Rynna too. Hopefully everything is good, she is due the same day I am so I know she is within the 37 wk range so that is good. Could be her computer crashed, she has mentioned before that it isn't totally reliable. Hopefully not, it would be a lot harder to be at the end of a pregnancy and suddenly without your support group than it would be to be having a baby, IMO.

Well, lately I don't have much time to post, seems like ds or dh is always herding me somewhere.

We have our home visit tomorrow. With our first hb, I cleaned a lot before the visit and in early labor. This time I just don't care that much and my mw is really laid back so we'll pick up the toys and clutter but won't be scrubbing anything. I am sure dh appreciates my lack of zeal.

Well, I need to get going, per usual. Lots of rest vibes to everyone!
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Originally Posted by mattjule
For those of us that are still pg, anyone else getting tired of the "just wondering how you are doing" inquiries?
UGH--YES!! This older woman from church calls like every few days...she just called me a few minutes ago...."so any labor yet??"

uh yeah...I talked to you 2 days ago, had her already and am home and called no one at church

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KIM, YIPEEE! I'm so happy for you! Seth is just gorgeous, as are you and your family.

Julie, I am also surprised at the big babies being born. Dd wasn't quite 7lbs. She was born at 36 weeks though. I haven't been getting any of the "how are you doing" calls, and I have to say I'm glad! Dh freaks out anytime I get out of bed at night though. It's pretty funny. I'm like "just going to pee again honey". :LOL

I had some pretty strong contractions today for about 1/2 hour. They went away after that. I feel absolutely huge though. It's getting pretty uncomfortable. I'm certainly not stressing about getting this baby born since I'm just past 38 weeks, but I'm ready anytime!
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i'm around

Hello, I am just checking in... I usually hang around here without writing anything, but I am keeping tabs on y'all. Wonderful congratulations to you new mommies.

I am 38 weeks as of yesterday (I think). We got a funny call today from mother-in-law, she is convinced we will be early I guess because all her babies were early, and she called to ask "aren't you uncomfortable??" I actually feel quite good. But I thought that was very cute.

I am getting no feelings at all about when the baby is coming, I feel like my regular self right now... although at my appt. before last I told my midwife I had not noticed any BH at all, but when she touched my belly she said "you're having one right now" so maybe I just don't know what to look for.

Best of luck to everyone!!
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Lilzark, with my first pregnancy I never felt a BH, but my mw would notice that I was having them at my appts. I never actually felt a contraction until I was in transition! Thus, we almost didn't make it to the hospital! With this pregnancy I've been feeling BH all the time.

Last night and this morning I've been having some strong but short contractions. They seem to be more frequent whey I'm lying down. I got up and took a shower and they've subsided quite a bit, but it's letting me know that my body is getting ready for this amazing event! I'm getting pretty excited! Well, I need to get dd ready. We're off to our mw appt. Hope you are all feeling well.
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Congratulations Kim and welcome Seth!!

For those of us that are still pg, anyone else getting tired of the "just wondering how you are doing" inquiries?

UGH--YES!! This older woman from church calls like every few days...she just called me a few minutes ago...."so any labor yet??"
Too funny. We have an older woman from church who keeps calling us too! Luckily we have caller ID so we've just stopped answering the phone when she calls. (Actually we've pretty much just stopped answering the phone, period.)

I went to my MW yesterday. I asked her to check me and she said I'm 2 cm, 80% effaced and the head is very low. I know it doesn't really mean anything about when labor will start but I was happy to hear that there is some good ripening going on down there. (When she checked me at 36 weeks, I was a "tight 1 cm" and not effaced at all.)

Anyway...I have my LLL meeting today - yay! One of my favorite days of the month....then a chiro apt. and my mom and I are going to our CSA to pick up produce (first pick up of the season....and the strawberries are in!! )!

So want to know my weird food craving this week?? PUDDING!! I can't get enough of it! Two nights ago I made chocolate pudding (delicious, easy recipe from the Moosewood cookbook) and yesterday I made rice pudding. Anyone else having random late pregnancy cravings?

Happy Friday everyone!!

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lilzark - That happened to me too. So now I'm feeling my belly more than usual trying to figure out if it's getting any more practice in :LOL

We have an appt this afternoon. She didn't check me last week and I was kind of glad. I think I'll just play it by ear and if she offers I'll let her but if not then hopefully I'll be able to let it go.

This am I had some pains that I wondered about, as they were coming about every 30 mins. They didn't last long at all though (maybe 15 sec) and I concluded that they were probably gas pains.

One day past our u/s EDD as of today, though o date EDD isn't until Mon 6/14.
For some reason I had it in my head that I wouldn't be making it to this appt today bc I'd have already had a baby. What was I thinking? :LOL
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Congrats, Liz and Robin!

Babies, babies everywhere, but where is mine? Still in my tummy! Anyway, last night around 11pm, I had the "bloody show!" I called my mw this morning because it did concern me since I didn't have it look like this last time. With Jared, it was just all mucus at one time. This time it is "leaking" and pink. It's like a light day of a period. KWIM? Anyway, mw said (in her experience) labor should start w/in 24 hrs. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let this be true!

Dh and I are going to take our last family pictures as a threesome today. We'll just set up our camera and do it at home. Maybe we'll call over a neighbor to help out.

I'm also thinking of baking a cake for the baby's birth! Am I jumping the gun?

We're also going to the chiro today, and getting ds's first appointment in 2 years! This is with a new chiro, so he'll need the initial exam.

Lately, I haven't been getting the "you're not in labor yet?" calls. I'm grateful for that. My mom calls every so often to see how I am, and starts asking all different questions about the homebirth. I think she has some reservations about that, but I understand. She's a mainstream kind of woman. (I tack that up to her being an RN and all.) But at least she is supportive of my plans. She trusts my judgements. So that's cool.

Anyway, I better run. I hope everything is okay with Rynna, too. It is odd for her not to be logged in for a few days.

Happy thoughts to everyone!
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