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heavy baby

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My kiddo is almost 6 months and he weighs about 20 pounds. I've found that I've been holding him less and being more and more unhappy with all of my carriers because he's so freaking heavy. He still loves to be held, but I just find it really hard to get anything done because I geet so tired. I have just about every type of carrier. Just wanted a little pep talk about how I'll get stronger and be able to hold him more easily agian.

All you slingers of toddlers, how do you do it?

Thanks, Jessi
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What carriers are you using? When my daughter hit about 20 lbs I had to switch to something that went over two shoulders. Carrying her for any length of time (more than 30 min.) in a sling or pouch really bothered my back. Wraps totally saved the day for me!

Also, my daughter felt heavier at 6 months and 20 lbs than she does now at 18 mos and 25 lbs. As they get bigger they wrap more of themselves around you and hang on a little better, so basically the weight gets distributed more evenly across your body.

Let us know what carriers you're using and we can help you troubleshoot to get more comfortable, or recommend an alternative.
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My ds is the same age and just a bit bigger (closer to 25lb). Usually I use the maya wrap when we're at the store or something, I can get about an hour out of it before I'm uncomfortable. Typically it's not even my back that starts to hurt, it's that he's putting pressure on a nerve in my hip and my leg starts getting numb.
I also use the rebozo, with the same positions. Normally a hip carry and occasionally sliding him to the back, but we're not too comfortable with that yet. I'm finding it easier lately because he is so mobile all of a sudden, and very interested in watching everything. This means at home I can put him down more, and at stores he rides in the buggy when I get tired. Dh and I take turns a lot too.
I'm thinking of getting one of those long stretchy wraps soon. I think it'll be easier to have his weight more evenly distributed, and I think I'll feel more secure with back carries having all that fabric to play with.
Maybe some sort of backpack would be more comfortable for you? I only ever tried a cheapo crappy one and it dug into sensitive spots on my shoulders, but I could see how a good one would be helpful.
I haven't seen it yet either, but people have also told me it gets easier when they are older and help more by clinging to you. Can't hardly wait for those days!
So I don't know if I've been helpful to you at all, but that's how I handle a big baby.
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My almost 6mo old is 20lbs too. I can wear him in a pouch/ring sling for about an hour before getting tired. I have trouble getting anything done in the house, except that now I have my Kozy and I can wear him on my back!!

It is the only way that I can get dinner cooked if DH isn't home. He stiill gets heavy after a while, but at least I can get somethings done without my arms/back giving out on me.

My advise would be go get an ABC or 2 shouldered carrier. it will save your arms and back!
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I have a ring sling which I like just because it's easy to get him into, but it's not hands free. I have a pouch that I made, a fleece pouch, and ABC type carrier that I made (not perfect yet, but I'm going to make another one), a girasol that I haven't been using because it's been hot and also because it seems like a bit of a production to get him into it, a hand-me down cheap back pack (a crappy Gerry) and a few other odds and ends that I'tve made.

I can't wear him on my front anymore for any length of time as it hurts my back and I can't get anything done with him in front. I wear the backpack, but I don't like how he just hangs there and hee seems far away from me. The ABC's that I've made don't seeem to support his weight adequately around my waist--he just seeems to hang from my shoulders and it is pretty tiring. I want to get better with those though.

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my baby also gained fast early, my body wasn't ready for it, but as she got past the 6 month mark she slowed down in gaining and I caught up in strength, so now it is no big deal at 28 pounds and 14 months. when I "carry" her around to do my morning chores I use a hiking backpack - easier on the back for us with the big babes :-)
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nods nods.
Roman was 20lbs at 6 months and all my carriers were hurting me. He's 10 1/2mos now and i'm guessing bout 21-22lbs (thinning out cuz he's crawling/cruising).

i gave up my faux didymos. I"m selling my me tai right now (if anyone is interested in it). I still use my ring sling from taylormadetreasures for the water....
but for most of the time i've gone to a sarahs ride. I love it. He's always on my darn hip anyway. this way he hangs there and my waist and shoulder (with a pad for cushioning) supports him. He seems to like it too
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