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Cheap microfleece : hit up a resale/consignment/salvation army store .. and look for used old navy fleece pullovers They make AWESOME liners once they've been stripped and washed

And 14x16ish prefolds are probably Regulars, esp. if the edges are white.. And we're still using them on a 22lb 1y/o

(PS I know! I don't belong here! I'm not due til march but i found the thread in new posts )
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Originally Posted by chumani
Jen- what color is the stitching on the end of the diapers?
No color, they're all-white.

I guess they're regulars, but they don't look very big... I mean, when I look at diaper hyena the prefolds they use look so HUGE compared to the ones I have.

Jen the diapering newbie
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The size sounds like a Regular and if it had white stitching, that's definitely a Regular.

Regulars are much shorter than Premiums. They are usually thinner too. They are 4x6x4 instead of the Premium 4x8x4 layers. A lot of people can use the Regulars for a long time, it's only when the absorbency becomes a 'issue' that people will change to Premiums. Some people with really heavily wetters don't use the Regulars at all because of that but that makes for a bulkier diaper on a little one.

A Regular prefold makes for a trim stuffer in a pocket too, just fold it 'sideways' four times.
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I, for the life of me, can't figure out what people do with the premium sized prefolds. They are huge! How do you use them? I'm thinking about having mine serged down to a more manageable size.
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Originally Posted by sistermama
I, for the life of me, can't figure out what people do with the premium sized prefolds. They are huge! How do you use them? I'm thinking about having mine serged down to a more manageable size.
:LOL I KNOW!!! They still look HUGE on Jack the couple of times I've strapped him into one. :LOL I've never understood why they make them so much LONGER but they really aren't much wider. That seems to be the biggest problem with them with Jack... he was so ROUND that he really needed just a hair more in the width.

Karen of KoolSheepSoakers did that with some of her Premiums. The part that she cut off, she then laid down the center and serged it to the edge (kind of a 'doubler' that lays on the thicker part of the prefold). I think she posted pictures of it on her website... here you go. http://diaperpages.com/trimming_pf.php
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They are huge on my Jack and he is two!!! Thanks for the link. That is exactly what I need to do. I think I'll take mine to a place that does alterations though, and have them do it for me. I tcan't cost that much and it would be worth it not to have to be the one to sew through 12 layers of cloth for 3 dozen dipes!
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OK, I can't even believe I have something to offer here, haha... But I did read in my initial prefold research that you can use them either long way or short way. So if the premiums are not wide enough, but way too long, it would make sense that some people choose to diaper them the other direction, so that the fat part goes across sideways instead of down the center vertically. I think I read it makes great padding right where it's needed...
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Have you all seen this great little product for making wipes solution? So cheap and easy!
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Originally Posted by sistermama
Have you all seen this great little product for making wipes solution? So cheap and easy!
Have you tried them and do you like them? I was going to use water, tea tree oil and lavender oil, since I have those around the house. I know Jo is going to want to use plain water (no scent).

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I can't get over not using soap!!!
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Jen - you can make a nice wipe mixture with some water and Dr. Bronner's Castile Baby soap, which has basically no scent at all. I haven't tried those baby bits yet.
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Will any of you use a wipes warmer or do you plan on keeping your solution in a spray bottle??? I'm wondering if I really NEED a warmer or if the room temperature spray would be fine on my little babe's bottom. Any insight???

Also, back to the prefolds...I was given some regular size ones and wondering if these would be too big to fit into a fuzzibunz. I'm realizing that I still have heaps of diapers to buy and am wanting to try to get some use out of the regulars for now and add some infant sized ones as well.
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I'm thinking that one of those pointy-tipped plastic ketchup bottles would be just the ticket for wipe solution, especially if it has a little cap you can put on the end of the tip. You can squirt it into the wipe (or in my case, the washcloth) and away you go.

Hm, that ought to be a fun item to track down. Maybe it will be on sale since picnic season is winding down!

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A regular prefold should fit into a Small FB (not positive on a XS never actually seen one of those :LOL) especially if you fold it 'sideways' so that its thinner in width to stuff but makes it thicker in condensing the soaking section.

We use wipes warmers. For us they are a necessity. We got one when Tori was a couple of weeks old. She was (and still is to a degree) very sensitive about hot and cold. Diaper changes were an absolute nigtmare. She HATED a cold wipe would scream bloody murder. We got the warmer and it was suddenly calm and quiet during changes. We got one for Jack for general purpose. He isn't as picky but does prefer warm ones.

ETA: I made wipe solution up by the gallon jug and just keep refilling the warmer when it runs out. If you DO use a wipes warmer, you wan to use either distilled water or boil your tap water. Need to make sure there isn't anything "alive" in the water or you'll have musty water in about a day.
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Jen, I found the perfect squeeze bottle for my wipe solution: The sitz bottle I got at the hospital after I delivered Nicolas! No doubt I'll get another one this time, haha. It's a clear bottle, smaller than a picnic ketchup bottle. I think I've seen those types at the dollar store, though...
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I've got a tupperware/canister type thing with a large screw on cap (that my hand will fit through) that I just put wipe solution in and shove wipes into.
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I decided I will use a spray bottle to start with to see how it works. I odered a pre-mixed all natural solution that someone on the dipes boards recommended. I may just start making my own once that's gone though.
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I really liked my wipe warmer. Most of the time we didn't use any wipe solution though, just wet the stack of wipes and away we went.
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Ooo, I need this thread right now!

So if I buy some microfleece for liners, what kind of prep do I need to do before use?

Also, do I really need a snappi or pins for cpfs that I will cover with velcro or snap closure covers?

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I use the peri bottle as well. The top pops up/down so no leaks. I keep one in the changing area and one in the diaper bag. I haven't used a wipe warmer. My kids don't seem to care. I just keep plain water in them as I use it for faces/hands/emergency drinks of water etc. . It gets used quickly enough to not get the musty water smell.

microfleece is so easy, it doesn't fray so no hemming. I just wash mine with the dipes.

snappi's or pins hold the diaper on better for poop containment. I never was successful with a diaper/velcro wrap in containing blow outs without being fastened.

Happy Diapering!!
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