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June 6 - June 12 Thread

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I am really surprised how well I am doing this time. At this point in my last pregnancy I was hardly able to get out of bed! I have had a lot of nausea, but it has been managable. Luckily, I have a nice hubby to rub my belly! What has really been bothering me this time is not being completely comfortable in my skin. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?

I still can't believe I have a little baby growing inside of me. Even after seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound, it feels completely unreal. I guess once I start feeling her move often it will feel more real....

I hope every has a great week!
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I'm finally getting the hang of managing this m/s! I'm glad I had a good birthday. We're starting to tell more and more people.
I'm pretty sure we won't be doing a homebirth. :-( It's really the money. We *have* it, but it's our house savings. I think I'll just give hypnobirthing another try, and get the real kit this time, instead of having dh read free scripts. I also have a friend who's a massage therapist who oferred to massage me. :-)
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I probably jumped onto the wrong thread to introduce myself. This looks like a better place. I just found out yesterday that I am expecting my third child in late January. I took another pregnancy test because I felt minor nausea all day and I peed like 15 times. I had taken a PG test twice before earlier and come up negative so I was convinced I wasn't preggo.....but you can't argue with those symptoms in my book.

I had DS at home with a midwife. He is almost 4. I had DD as a unassisted homebirth/freebirth. She is 16 months. I plan to go unassisted again with this one because I really enjoyed my experience last time.

I am a bit nervous about the impending pregnancy sickness because I usually get a pretty severe version of it. But, as least I am not working right now (I'm a chiropractor) and I have a fair amount a flexibility in my schedule. I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of you here as you will be my lifeline I expect!!

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Edd 1/03/04

Hello All!

I am doing good still. Not very comforting, since I would like to have some symptoms, other than and positivie test, but oh well. I feel sill for feeling that way and I know I should be greatful for my good luck.

Had my 1st appointment last week and did all the normal stuff. We are seeing an OB and having a hospital birth. I just feel more comfortable that way. I do intend to have a doula present, though.

Here's to a good week for everyone!

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Hi Mamas!

Mar, welcome to the group and congratulations on your pregnancy! Our little "bee" is a pleasant, hoped for surprise too!

I've been feeling my own version of morning sickness this past week ~ basically nausea if I get hungry. It's not unmanageable, and this might sound funny but it get's tiring to have to eat all the time! It will be late, and I'll be soooooo ready for bed, but suddenly - Nope!- I've got to go find something to eat! Oh well, all things considered I am *very* fortunate!

Otherwise, I'm feeling great! No pelvic cramping like I had with #1, which is WONDERFUL! I know that it was only things stretching & shifting around, but it was pretty awful sometimes.

The big thing we're going through right now is preparing for move #1 in 2 1/2 weeks, and then our BIG move in mid August. Think I'm feeling just a tad bit crazy???? lol! We'd still love to (and are hoping to) have a homebirth, but right now we're trying to decipher all the mixed up laws (and lack thereof) covering midwifery & homebirth in that State. Coming from Canada, this is all very strange indeed.
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Welcome Mar! Congrats on your pregnancy.
I would love to do a homebirth, but don't think I could. I know I had a lot of complications w/my first so it is probably best for me to just stick w/my regular OB for this one as I may have complications again, hopefully not though!

My m/s hasn't been all that bad, very bearable thankfully. I have been so tired though. Anyone have any rememedies to combat fatique thats safe???
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Welcome Mar - it is great that you are able to join us!

Well, I think I am starting to get some symptoms. I was sleepy all weekend and even took several 20-30 min. naps which is VERY unusual for me. I also spent the weekend in the bathroom!! I think I went through a roll of tp in one day!! So far still no m/s. I meet with the midwife at the end of this week (I already had my first appt but it was just paperwork and bloodwork.)

I started thinking of all the things we have to buy and all the things we have to go through in the next few months and I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. It still doesn't really feel real to me yet - almost like it is all in my head. I have to keep reminding myself that it really is real.
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I keep feeling a bit overwhelmed, too. DD and New Baby will be sharing a room, and I think I will move our dressers in there, and get us new ones. I keep trying to find the space to put all the blankets, diapers, clothes, ect. that Baby will need, as well as all the toys DD has :LOL I think it will all work out eventually. As far as MS goes, I just feel off, kinda achy all over, like I have the flu. Last time I threw up numerous times a day until 20 weeks. I lost 10lbs! Today I put my jeans on, and I swear my rear must have spread 2 inches overnight. My jeans are tight in the tummy, too. Not too bad yet, but enough to notice. I am excited about my us on Wed. ,and finally knowing an exact DD (although baby will probably be late ).
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Hi all,

I'm a little behind... we're just interviewing our first midwife tomorrow. It's not even a first appt, it's just a consultation. Of course, I haven't even set up any other consultations yet - I really want to use a midwife and there just aren't that many in town. And I haven't gotten any good recommendations for an OB in the area. I hate my own OB/GYN, so that's not an option at all.

This midwife actually does homebirths every once in a while too.

Wish me luck.

DH keeps laughing at me - first for the oversensitive nose - and now b/c I get home from work in the evenings and basically crash. I'm usually a go,go,go kind of person, so he just finds it very funny.

Still only mild nausea and no soreness anywhere, so I'm feeling pretty lucky.
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Hi everyone! I am having my first official midwife appointment tomorrow. I look forward to that. I am about 8 weeks and I feel like my belly is getting a little bigger. Is that possible this early????
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Hi y'all! I'm at about 6 weeks and I haven't even called my ob yet. I was trying to convince dh to let me have a homebirth but I also haven't called mw either. I guess I'll call my ob. My m/s is much worse than the first pregnancy...and my belly is already growing a bit (k so it stuck out bit before I was pg but now my clothes are tight). And I"m really tired. I'll be gald when the first trimester is over and we can start telling people and I"ll start feeling better.
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Yay Chiromom!I missed your post in TTC.I'm very happy for you.

Just saying hi,sad i had to leave this group but i'm still trying
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Hokiegirl- good luck with those appts I hope you find someone you like!

Mary- that is a bit odd for your first but not unheard of. Of course it could be just from being bloated too. I know a girl I worked with and I saw her a few weeks ago and she told me she was pregnant and I'm like wow! I figured she was like 4 mths cuz she was poppin out there, then she told me only 8 weeks.
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Mary, are you quite slender? I began to show quite early with my first too. Definitely by 8 weeks I had a little "belly"!
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Hi all,

I'm almost 7 weeks, and morning sickness has really set in this past week - except it's more like all-day-sickness that gets worse in the evenings. I didn't have nausea like this with my first pg, and I now realize how lucky I was! My only saving grace has been the Preggie Pops - those things are awesome, especially the ginger ones!! I'm pretty exhausted, but I have a 2 1/2 year old so I was exhausted before getting pg. :LOL I'm still taking the progesterone supplements and will have my levels checked again and an ultrasound next week.

Mary - I started pooching out very early with my first pregnancy too. This time was even earlier - I'm already in maternity clothes!
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Hey, Ravenmoon...glad to see you are still around (oh, and Chiromom and Chiromama aka Korin, are 2 different people! )
I still have no m/s which STILL freaks me out! However, the mind-numbing exhaustion has set in. No naps for me, b/c I am chasing 2 little ones already! But when I stop, I could literally fall over...until about 9pm. Then, I am WIDE AWAKE!!! Not sleeping well at night either. I was in 'big' clothes by now with my last 2, but so far I haven't gained any wt. I am 'bloated' but usually wear my clothes loose, so everything is still comfy, but that could change overnight! My first mw appt is wed, its the same mw that delivered dd. We will be at a hospital, as there were some issues with both of my previous births, and I am a little freaked out by that. My mw is great, and I know it will be the closest thing to a hb at a hospital.
I am curious, and if I am being too forward I apologize, but isn't it early to get an u/s? I noticed alot of people getting them already, and I was never able to get one before 18wks. (that is the only 'testing' we do, btw)
Oh,well...off to indulge in some ice cream!
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Its not too early. But...... usually there is no reason to have one at this time. My midwife wouldn't have had me have one this early but we weren't exactly sure of dates because I got pregnant right after a miscarriage and never had a period. Also, I was spotting a bit which we think was caused by the progesterone suppositories I was taking. I had one at 6 weeks and saw the gestational sac and fetal pole - also heard the heartbeat!!!!
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I got an u/s early for the same reason Mary did. Usually my office does 3 of them one at 10, 20 and 30 weeks. The 10 week one is a quickie just to measure and see if the dates coincide.
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I thought the same thing you did tofumama about the u/s. I just about fell out of the chair when they told me I could have one at 10 weeks. I am so excited - I can barely wait! I have never seen anything like it before (well, except on tv).
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Yay!!! We really like the mw group we met with today. So much so that we went ahead and made our first appt. while we were there. June 21 will be my first appt. and by July 4 I should be about 12 weeks along so we'll finally start telling folks - hopefully it'll all start really sinking in by then.

It's very odd b/c by not telling anyone, I can't talk about it, and by not talking about it, it just doesn't seem real. DH and I have started joking around and talking about it on our own, but we don't want to tell my stepdaughter quite yet, so there are only certain times we can talk about it.
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