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Hello January Mommies!

The last few days I've been feeling much better -- provided I eat every hour or two! Last week MS was brutal but this week has been great! I have been absolutely exhausted and I think I need to work out a bit more to increase my energy level. Otherwise, I'm happy and healthy!

My second OB appt. is June 22. I'll be almost 10 weeks so I'm hoping to hear the heart beat. I heard it very early with my first child.
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Hi everyone! I'm jumping in here a little late.

Anyway, I'm so glad to see so many homebirth mamas here! Yay! We are planning our second homebirth and our first prenantal is on Tues. This time it will be a little different because a naturopathic doctor will be attending our birth. Actually, she is still a certified midwife as well, but its cool because she can just be our regular doctor after we have the baby. She is also seeing my kids for their regular checkups and allergies, ect.

One really cool thing about her, that made me choose her - She only charges 1500 for the birth, when most midwives on this island charge 2000-2500. I asked why so low, and she said she wasn't in it for the money, she just wanted people to be able to have the kind of birth theey wanted. That is really cool to me. Especially when our last homebith in CA cost 3600!!!!! and almost killed us. Seriously, we were so dirt poor with that one, but in the end it was definelty worth it. Some things are worth more than money.

Anyway, I'm still spotting off and on. I'm not *too* worried because I bled quite heavily throughout my other pregnancies. I haven't been able to get ahold of the backup OB or my midwife though (it's a holiday weekend here), so if I spot again today I'm just going to go to the ER and ask for an ultrasound. It's sort of starting to drive me nuts not knowing. All my symptoms are still here so thats a good sign.
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Hi, everyone!
Not much new overhere. I have my first ob appt tomorrow, thats about it. Luckily m/s only strikes at night for me and it's not that bad.
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Hello! I just wanted to let the mama's know that sometimes there are state statutes that say that insurance has to pay a licensed midwife the same percentage or contract that they would pay the ob.

With our second our insurance said they would not cover homebirth. I was trying to have a VBAC with an ob but afterabout 4 months I realized that he was basically just feeding me lines. He told me that I was a great candidate for vbac but when I started asking questions at each visit I found that I was not going to have a VBAC. For instance, he said I would not be permitted to go past 38 weeks (ds was born at 42weeks 2 days). Also his partner had a c- section for her first baby and then scheduled a c-sec for her second baby because she "didn't want to take any chances".

Anyway, I found a great midwife and she got authorization for payment for the homebirth based on the FL statutes.

We had a great HBAC waterbirth. I am so sorry that I didn't have a midwife with my first pregnancy.

Then the insurance refused payment, but my midwife wrote them a letter about the statute and they paid her the whole amount they had agreed upon.
I am very grateful to have had such a knowledgeable mw and one who was willing to accept the contracted rate (it was $3500-$3800).

Wee are planning another HBAC for this baby but our insurance has reduced it's benefits to a 80-20 split so it will probably cost us $800 out of pocket (that we don't have, but it's worth it). Of course, with an ob I feel I would most likely end up with a c-section and that would cost us about $4000.00

Best wishes!
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Feeling ok, minus the random having to puke after I eat something I craved....ugh.
This is SO OT, but when I posted it in the 'right' place, no one helped me. I want to put links in my sig, like people link to journals, charts, pics, etc. Can someone help me? You can post it or pm me. I would be so happy! TIA
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I would help you Tofu, but I haven't the slightest idea! Do share when you learn though!
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