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Feb Due Dates Unite!!! Week of June 7-14!! - Page 2

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Thanks Shannon!

My EDD is Feb 7th according to my u/s today. I guess I'll go with that, though baby will come whenever he/she wants to

I am planning a homebirth - calling the midwife Thursday! I can't wait to finally tell her I'm pregnant!

So far so good on the symptoms. I've felt queasy a few times but haven't thrown up, thank goodness. Otherwise I'm just tired. I'm sleeping about 10 hours a night which is A TON for me - I used to get about 6 hours or so and be fine.
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You're welcome Lianne.
Lesley, we saw a heartbeat the last time at 6 weeks 3 days, so yes you can.
Jenny, so glad your spotting stopped, I was thinking about you all day and sending good vibes and yes, my OB does rock and with all the horror stories I've heard on these boards and over at FF, I am SOOOOOO happy to have found her!!! I suppose that was at least one good thing that came from telling a client about being pregnant with the first, it was her who told me that practice was so great--I've yet to see the other 2 in the practice but from what I've heard, they're all the same. They even give you all of their cell phone #'s and their on call schedule so that if you ever feel you need to go to the hospital, you call them first so they can meet you there to avoid getting screwed around with by an ER doc. They have some pretty cool "ideals" and they sure seem to stick to them.
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Good Morning!

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. My temp. stayed up! YAY I am having more of the crampy stuff, but I had that with the first preg. And I keep reminding myself what Shannon and several others have said about it being normal uterus stretching. Also, since yesterday was a week that I've been walking everyday without having exercised for months previously, I am sure there is just some muscle fatigue I would be feeling if I wasn't preg. My breasts are more sore, esp when ds latches or "pops" off. We've had some strict conversations about how we need to be kind and gentle to nummies or they go night-night and won't wake up for a few hours. On the other hand, ds was so cute yesterday! When I told him to be gentle to nummies, he kissed my breasts and hugged them It is the moments like that that save toddlers from certain extinction:LOL I'm also more tired, but then I've been staying up too late on here!:LOL I'm thinking about making an appt. afterall just to reassure myself that everything is ok. I have my whole OB history to transfer anyway, so one appt. is going to make that much diff.
Good thoughts to all of you!
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Jenny, I'm glad you have stopped spotting. I had some spotting this time (which I didn't have with my first) and it scared the heck out of me. It stopped the same evening it started, and has not returned. I found a beta very reasurring. I hope you do too.

Jorie, I think I had the exact same converstaion with my daughter about being gentle to my breasts. We were in the tub together last night and she said, "You're nuh-nuhs are wonderful. They're beautiful" and then she hugged me. I agree about those kind of moments making up for some of the more awful toddler tantrums! She also went on to tell me about how my breasts could be "squishy and gooey and playdoh" as she tried to squeeze on me. It was hysterically funny, but way too painful. so I had to remind her about the gentle thing again.

Shannon, I am so glad your OB is so awesome. I hear a lot of horror stories about bad docs and i always feel bad because my dad is a doc and my mom a midwife. I know there are good ones out there. I guess a lot of people don't get the good ones though. I feel so fortunate to have a supportive OB, and a phenomenal pediatrician.

OMG, I just noticed the time. I'm so late. Bye!
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Jenny, I'm glad your spotting has stopped and that your OB is supportive of an early u/s for you. sticky baby vibes!

Shannon, glad to hear your appointments went well too.

I don't know how those of you are BFing do it with the sore boobs! Even a firm hug from my DH is too much for me right now! It's making romance, uh, challenging for us!
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Hi all. Things here are feeling good. No more spotting today. I went and had the Beta drawn this morning and they said the results should be back tomorrow. I my birth center. Even the lab tech knows my name! Once I feel ready to start thinking about it, I am going to have a very hard time deciding where to birth. In my gut I really want to birth at home, but I feel so much allegience to the birth center staff. Unfortunately they do not attend home births...sigh.

Shannon: Thanks for the good vibes. It looks like they worked! The wedding is getting close. Are you excited? Or do you want the ceremony over with so you can skip to the honeymoon trip?

Lesley: I remember your posts on the One thread about spotting. I was actually using you as a little ray of hope to hang on to yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration, and I'm glad you haven't seen anymore spotting. Oh, and I can't believe you are craving seafood. When I was pg with Ellie, the one food I absolutely could not eat, see or smell was salmon. I had the worst aversion to it, and wasn't very excited about any seafood.

Jorie: I hear you ( and others) about how sweet toddlers are with nursing mamas' breasts. Dd is nursing pretty infrequently these days, but she still loves to touch my breasts. Yesterday she fell and got a boo boo. When I picked her up, she immediately put her hand down my shirt. I said, "What are you doing, sweetie?" and she answered, "Touching your nursies because it makes me feel better." You can't beat that.

I am just a tad nauseous and a little crampy and tired. With my 1st pg I had no symptoms at all until about 6 weeks, and then I had mild symptoms throughout, so I am not too focused on my lack of symptoms.

I could use some opinions about this interaction. I can't decide how I feel about this. After I went to got my blood drawn this morning, I stopped by to see my clinic office manager at the school where we work (we are off for the summer, but she works until the end of this week). She is not someone I hang out with outside of work, but she is really my only true co-worker, so we spend a lot of time together. She was around all through my m/c, (which took several weeks to resolve). Anyway, I couldn't help myself today and I told her I am pg. She said, "I was just thinking about that this morning, and thinking that if you did get pg again, I hope you don't tell anyone!"

WTF! I know she felt awkward through the whole thing, but still. It especially bothered me because her sister died a month ago after a very long and drawn out illness, and I listened every day to her talk about how things were with her sister and how her family was holding up, etc. I hate feeling like I can't tell people I'm pregnant, because they don't want to have to hear about the outcome if it is not good. I am probably overreacting, but I was kind of hoping for a congratulations or something!

Whoa, Didn't mean to write a novel. I let you all know what the results are tomorrow.
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Due Feb 14, 2005

Hi I just got back online after not having internet for a year. This is the first site I came to. I'm so excited to be pregnant. After 4 preg tests I finally got a positive on Sunday. I knew I was pregnant. I kept having dreams that the test would have double lines. I'm so excited to have other mama's to talk to.
So far my symptoms have been forgetfulness, (aka placenta brain) and tired. I am so tired all the time.
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Christi, I'll add you to the list!!
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I'm taking a deep breath and coming out of lurkdom . I believe I'm due on February 14th. I am taking this one day at a time and I'm extremely grateful and happy to be here . Some of you I know from the One thread and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better over the course of the next few months.
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Evening ladies, I've added a few to our due date list, so everyone should check it out--we're a big group!!! And look at all the Feb 14 due dates!!!! Who knew that 38 weeks before Valentines day was such a romantic day???
Well, I have awesome news. My beta from today was 1711, which is excellent for only 18 days past ovulation. (I think I may have said on sunday that it was 543, but it was 345-I'm a little dyslexic) So it was 345, then Monday's was 637 and now today 1711!!! My progesterone has finally gone up over 20, so they will leave me on the dose I'm at but test the level every Mon, Wed & Friday. Also because the level is going up so nice and fast, they said they could do my U/S next tuesday instead of next Friday (just told me not to freak out if they couldn't find a heartbeat yet) so at least I won't have to spend 5 hours at the fertility clinic waiting to see the almighty miscarriage doc on the day before my wedding--that and if there was going to be bad news, I didn't want to get it just before.
The heparin is doing a number on me though, I wasn't thinking and today had a white t-shirt on, got it wet when I had the dogs swimming and then someone in a store freaked out asking what happened to my stomach--so I guess wearing white is out until we start telling people about the pregnancy!!!
How is everyone today??
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Elliesmom ~ Sorry your co-worker was not supportive. I'm not sure what to think about that conversation either

As for me... I had my US today. I found out I am 5w5d, and due 2-4-05. I'm sure this baby will be late like DD, so just leave me at 2/5 if you want to :LOL As for the US, we couldn't see anything but a yolk sac? I'm not sure if that is normal or not. There was no heartbeat or anything. I read that 6.5 weeks was about the earliest for a HB, so I'm trying not to worry. As for symptoms, I just feel tired so far, and I am STARVING!!! I think the 3AM is normal. I have woke up hungry at 3AM the last 2 nights, and remember waking at that time every night when PG w/ DD, and in our early nursing days. DD is still nursing, and while my milk seemed to dwindle a day or two a few weeks ago, it is now back to normal, and I'm really not too sore yet either. DD nurses about 4-5 times per 24 hours.

Oh, and I can already feel my waist thickening up, not getting fat, just getting less curvy :LOL W/ DD my hips spread and waist thickened by about 8 weeks.
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Jenny, I thought of something last night with respect to your co-worker. A friend of mine is Jewish and she says it's considered bad luck to tell about a pregnancy too early, just like they don't buy baby stuff until after the baby is home from the hospital. Perhaps she subcribes to that superstition that telling somehow means you may have another m/c and didn't explain it better. Is that possible??
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What you said is possible Shannon, though I've been thinking about it too, and I've decided that I need to think about this is a more compassionate way. This woman just lost her little sister, and she was telling me yesterday that she just found out about 2 more friends with cancer in the last couple of weeks. I think she just isn't up for any more bad news right now and is trying to kind of shield herself from sadness.

So I am just going to sit here trying to get some work done, but really I am just waiting for them to call with my Beta results and waiting for Adina to wake up...
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Originally Posted by Ellie'sMom
Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that the spotting seems to have stopped. I spoke to my MW this afternoon, and she said by all means come in for a Beta tomorrow morning which we'll repeat at the end of the week .
That is awesome news, so glad to hear that things are looking better and I'm so glad you sound like you have a wonderful m/w. Let us know how the Betas go!

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I can not seem to eat enough Buffalo wings... and I don't even really like Buffalo wings!!!!!! :LOL It's so bizarre too because usually I can't stomach anything spicey when pregnant, with my last one all I ever wanted to eat was plain pasta - no sauce or butter or anything.

Feeling really crappy today because it seems I am getting a cold - or at least it feels like it. My throat is wicked scratchy and I'm totally wiped out (of course the latter could be pregnancy induced).

How is everyone else doing?

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Well, it seems that I'm not pregnant after all. I got my hCG test and I'm definitely not pregant..the midwife said the positive HPT must have been a fluke and that my symptoms are most likely related to returning fertility....oh well...

I'm jealous of you all! We'll be ttc end of this year, or beginning of next. Looking forward to reading all of your birth stories in 8 or so months....
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Awwww, April I'm so sorry
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I'm sorry hon
Sending lots of baby dust your way which you can keep in reserve for when you guys start trying

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So sorry to hear you aren't preg!
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April. I'm sorry.
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