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Originally Posted by Periwinkle
Oh, minor thing - I saw on the first page under my user name that it is associated with the wrong IRL name. My name is Karen. Thanks!
Ok Karen, I have that fixed. Do we have a Pamela??? How badly did I screw up???
Can everyone please check if you haven't already to make sure your name is on the list along with any information you want there??
Also, I know someone offered but can't remember who, does someone want to take over the list for next week?? Takes maybe 15 min a day to keep up tops.
Thanks, Shan
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Shannon: I said I would take over the thread for next week, and I am still happy too.

If there is anyone who would be willing to act as my backup in case I get bad results from today's Beta, I would appreciate it.
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I'm due Feb. 8th
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Originally Posted by Ellie'sMom
If there is anyone who would be willing to act as my backup in case I get bad results from today's Beta, I would appreciate it.
I'll be your backup, although I know you won't need me!
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Thanks Kitty!

Welcome New Life!
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Kind of funny there are three Karens so far.

I am doing fine just tired, and starting to feel a little discomfort on latch on of my 2.5 year old. Not too bad though at this point. Adventures in Tandem Nursing is a GREAT book for all you mamas who are nursing. It goes all through what happens when you nurse through pregnancy, how to keep nursing, or cut back if you need to. I can't recommend it enough!
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I am reading Adventures in Tandem Nursing right now and am enjoying it.

I just met with the first midwife we're interviewing; she told me that my due date is actually 4 February, so whoever is in charge of the list can change that if you want. I don't really care which one is on there, the baby can't see the calendar anyway, right?
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A couple of days off the board and lots has happened! Shannon, you haven't screwed up, my IRL name is Pamela and I've got a Valentine due date as well. Shannon, I also wanted to extend you're in my prayers right now, but I really think things are still good!
Denise, I'm so glad you're here!!
I'm still working on believeing I am having a baby. Not really any symptoms, but didn't have much with Carrie, so trying to relax and enjoy each day. Felt nauseous for a bit this morning and that made me happy .
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thanks pamela! i don't have many symptoms either and sometiems i wonder if i am.

i am SO SO SO SO darn excited this time around. i'm just grinning from ear to ear and happy happy!!! so different from the last time.

i talked with my doctor yesterday and she put me back on prometrium. i have some left from the pg i lost and she called in another rx. so i take those until week 12. i can't wait for my appt. scary and exciting at the same time.

my boobs really hurt today but i'm wondering if that's the progesterone. a tad more tired and starting to get hungrier but it doesn't take much to fill me up. i thought i felt naseaus this am but figured it was probably in my head cause it didn't seem like the real deal LOL!

i'm having some cramping sensations but not your typical cramping and some intestinal problem. not sure what that's about but i could have been the pizza i ate last night. oy!

anyone else looking at maternity clothes yet? :
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Hi Everyone! I went to my SIL baby shower today and everyone (my family) was asking if I was pregnant yet!! I had to lie!! I said "Don't think so yet!!"
My hubby wants to wait til his mom gets back from Greece to tell everyone. I understand but it is killing me!! I am so not good at keeping this to myself! His mom should be back on the 19 or 20th of this month so I have to wait til then!!

Anyway, still just tired. Get a little sick to my stomach if I don't eat regularly and also if I eat too much. I am so excited for this baby. Can't wait to tell friends and family. Hope all is well with everyone else and welcome to the newbies!!
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Oh, I forgot... I was going to ask if there was anyone planning a home birth or a water birth?? This will be a home birth and hopefully a water birth. Just have to see what feels right when the time comes. Just curious if there are any others!!
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hi amber! i'm afraid to tell lol. we'll wait until the time is right. i feel funny not telling my family but i'd so much rather wait until we know better. i would love a homebirth or water birth. don't think i'll be talking dh into a homebirth but i will hopefully labor at home as long as possible.
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Originally Posted by mama2m&m
anyone else looking at maternity clothes yet? :

Ummm, yes. I was at Old Navy the other day and they had some of the cutest stuff!!!! One pair of 3/4 length pants was a bit difficult to resist....
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Good morning all. Things here are going ok. I am still feeling majorly stressed about my low Hcg level last week and looking forward to/dreading finding out the result from Friday. I am hoping that maybe I o'd later than I thought, though that seems unlikely since I was charting. I am trying to keep positive though .

If it's ok with everyone, I will get next week's thread going tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow. I have to work in the morning and won't be able to get to the computer until the afternoon.

Ohh, I just reread what I've typed and it is kind of a downer. That's what happens when I post before fully awake .

Hope everyone is well!
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Jenny, hope things look better now that you're awake
I should have my beta and progesterone results from this morning back in about an hour or so. I spoke with one of the nurses and she made me feel a bit better about the falling progesterone level, hopefully she's right.
Jenny, I can't remember, what was your beta from last week??
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Shannon: My beta was 52 and I was supposedly 15 DPO. Doesn't sound so good, does it.

I've had no more spotting since that small amount the first day though. I am tired and occasionally queasy, but the symptoms are very mild.

Of course when I was pg with dd I had zero symptoms until 6 weeks or so, and I only ever had extremely mild m/s so I don't put much stock in symptoms.

We'll see. I assume someone will call me tomorrow with the results from Friday.
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Actually Jenny, My level in the afternoon at 13 dpo was 40--and they weren't even remotely concerned about that at the fertility clinic--that and in having my levels checked the same day at 2 different labs (my reg ob and the fertility clinic) I'm seeing HUGE differences between 2 labs, so that lab may just read on the lower side. I wouldn't worry hun, I'm sure it's all great!!
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jenny and shannon, thinking of you today and will be checking for updates!!!

kitty we're going shopping today for aqua socks for the kids gee wonder what else i might find in target LOL! actually there's a LOT of summer stuff on sale so i figured i'd buy a couple things cuase i'm sure by the end of july i'll need something bigger in the bottoms dept. at least that's what happened by 8 weeks last time. we'll see, i might chicken out at the last minute LOL.

anyone else still temping? i can't get myself to stop. it dropped for a couple days which worried me but went up even higher today and my boobs *really* hurt so i'm taking it as a good sign.
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Aww Shannon, thanks. That really did make me feel better. The only reason I got worried in the first place is that the mw presented the results to me as questionable. The lab lists a reference range of 5-50 for 1-2 weeks, and I guess I was considered to be starting my 3rd week. I think she did me a disservice presenting it the way she did. It seemed as though she was reading the results for the first time as she was telling me over the phone...

I just know this little girl is going to stick! And yes I am getting girl vibes. With my daughter I knew she was a girl from the moment I found out I was pregnant. With the pregnancy I m/c'd I never had any vibes one way or the other. So it is comforting that I am feeling the girl vibes.

Anyone else have a sense of gender?

Denise: I was temping up until yesterday (and they've stayed nice and high), but then I read that it's actually not that reliable a sign of wellbeing, so I decided to stop so as not to have one more thing to obsess about. I looove Target, btw. I use any excuse to go there.
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Hi, Mamas! I hpoe next week brings good luck to those who are waiting on numbers I am still feeling great! No MS yet, but I'm thinking this will be the week for it to start. I am going on Wednesday to get a few pairs of Mat. shorts. I don't have any, and there is NO place to buy around here. I am going up w/ a friend to her Dr. appt. 3 hours away, and hope to find a few prs of under-the-belly mat. shorts for a reasonable price. I might get a shirt or two too, but not sure. I have noticed my belly is already starting to pooch a bit, and my rear end is widder, too Not fun!
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