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HELP -ear fluid still not draining -ideas?

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I wrote awhile back about my dd's ears being full of fluid that won't drain. We have tried osteopathic adjustments for a month and a naturopath visit who prescribed an herbal remedy that is supossed to help the fluid dry up and boost her immune system. Her hearing is worse than ever the past couple days so I know there must be a lot of fluid in there still. They aren't infected, though, so even if, in my desperation, I wanted antibiotics, they wouldn't help. We are flying overseas in less than two weeks and I'm getting concerned about the discomfort for her while flying and we are all tired of having to practically yell for her to hear us.

Any ideas??

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Hi Alison,

How old is your daughter? If you can convince her to hold her nose and pop her ears, it will have the same effect as the nose balloon I mentioned in the other thread. The nose balloon is more fun, but if she's willing to try it, having her hold her nose would do the trick.

My son had *severe* hearing loss due to fluid (for months at a time), and tubes had been suggestedby our US doctor---our doctor here told us that popping the ears equalizes the pressure and opens up the eustachian tubes, allowing the fluid to drain. My son still gets fluid with colds, but he is able to drain it so that the hearing loss is minimal and over quickly.

In any case, I hope your daughter is feeling better before the flight. And good luck to you and your family during your move!

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I'm not sure exactly what an osteopath does, but has s/he done the sweep inside the mouth near the roof? I don't know how to describe it, but there's a spot on either side our chiro. showed us to drain ds' tubes. It worked immediately at the office and the fluid and gunk came gushing out his mouth. Sounds yucky, but was like a miracle to us!

Best of luck!!!
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Thanks Britt and busymommy,

I will try to do the earpopping thing with her. She just doesn't seem to get how to do it. I'd try the balloon thing but we would need a really easy to blow up balloon and I haven't come across any of those. Most are so tight I can barely blow them up with my mouth.

Wow, busymommy, I wish we could come see your chiro. I'll have to do some calling around. There are plenty of chiro's here, which is probably my next step, but I don't have any recommendations from anyone and want to find someone good.

Thanks for the input and for the good luck wishes, Britt. I really don't want to go and feel like I'm going to want to run off the plane before it takes off. I feel like a little kid leaving the park and want to wail, "I don't wanna go.....!!!!!!"

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We found our chiro. by word of mouth; ie. a mommy he'd helped the same way.

Do you have a naturpathic clinic in town? They'd prob. be able to refer you.

I know, somewhere, is a homeo. site that has referrals. Let me look and see if I can find that for you. And, then I REALLY need to get started on the housework. ugh

okay, i found an old issue and the link won't work, but maybe go to their main website and try it there:

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Off topic--

I know it must be hard to leave someplace you feel so connected to, especially when you don't really have a choice about it. I'll be really interested to hear how it all goes.

(In all honesty, though, I am holding out hope that you'll end up in Sweden at some point!)

Take care!
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You may want to try a chiropractor, if you haven't by now. They are, many times, more specific and there are some great, gentle techniques that work wonderful with children. I would suggest the Gonstead technique. It is incredibly specific and effective.

Good luck!
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Also, a little simple massage helps.
Gentle, firm pressure from above/behind the ears, work in a steady downward motion, all the way down the neck. Repeat in front of the ears, and also at the base of the skull, always working in a downward motion.
Explore with your hands, especially behind/below the ears, you may feel swollen areas which need extra work.
Several repititions, several times per day should bring considerable relief, especially in conjunction with other adjustments.
Good luck!

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. . . bumping up. . .

I feel like my baby gets fluid in his ears at the end of a virus and I'd love to know some ways to help clear it.

He doesn't cry or fuss, and no fever or change in behavior other than that he tugs at them first thing in the morning.

I've tracked down 'No More Antibiotics' and a Tui Na book in hopes that I can find some methods to help keep him clear so he doesn't get an infection in his middle ear.

Any other techniques?
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Busy Mommy, I'd love to know what the name of that technique is (the mouth sweep thing) maybe I could find a local chiropractor to teach me if i knew what it was called!
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Busy Mommy,

I would also like to know what that mouth sweep technique is called. It sounds wonderful (it's amazing what things seem to make a mother excited: )
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