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isosmom~ First, thanky you for the yummy recipes!! The mushroom nuggets are soooo Second, ugh must be nice! I live in the middle of farming central and also there are ranchers here . We have a few HFS here, but it would be nice to have a VEG resturant! DH family doesn't know and I don't think that they will be very supportive. I am weird to them anyway and since DH is omni (although transitioning), I doubt he will support my decision to have the kids not eat meat. We are visiting them this next week and I think that I am going to have to go food shopping unless I plan on icegerg lettuce salads. Can someone tell me why people think that stuff is healthy ??? I am SOOOO jealous of the ppl that live close to veg resturants, Wild Oats, and/or WFM!

why Why WHY do ppl think that kids NEED to eat meat? My mother is supportive of them not eating meat but she doesn't think it is a good idea to raise them vegan. I REALLy need to get Erin's book.........in two weeks when we have extra money.

Erin Pavlina~does veg family still have a coupon for a vita mix? I think I will be getting one of those here too.
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Isosmom - Alameda is such a cute little town! It kind of has that 'beach town' feel like Santa Cruz to me - more so than most of the other cities in the bay area. We are living in northern Colorado now - about 45 mins. to an hour south of Wyoming. We moved here from Oakland (right near Mills College) when our oldest was 4 months old. Where we live now is a very nice place to raise kids, very family friendly, etc., but not nearly as veg-friendly as the bay area.

We will be staying w/ my dh's sister in San Carlos later this summer when we come out that way to visit & I am really looking forward to eating at restaurants, etc. I guess that it is all relative. The first person whom I told that I was vegan here said, "cool, I'm pagan, too!" No one seems to know what a vegan is & my older daughter was the first vegetarian child that her kg teacher had had in 27 years of teaching!

Actually, one of my dh's co-workers thought himself to be vegan, but he eats dairy, egg, fish & poultry . I guess that he is no longer calling himself vegan since we spoke at the last X-mas party.

I usually bring salads to potlucks. I have a recipe for a really good wheatberry salad that has mint, pine nuts, wheat & rye berries, lightly cooked red onions, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil & maybe some other stuff that I am not remembering right now. It is a copyrighted one, so I'll pm it to you if you want. It usually goes over really well at potlucks even in my less than adventurous eating region of the country! You do have to soak the wheat & rye berries overnight, though.
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Originally Posted by ChristaN
The first person whom I told that I was vegan here said, "cool, I'm pagan, too!"
I'm dying here!
And oh yeah, I'd love that recipie.
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Yes, you can get free shipping on your vitamix even if you buy a reconditioned model.

Use coupon code: ITEPA02
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hey... I was wonderin where everybody went! Well, now that I found you, I'll apologize for posting all those recipes on the old thread. I did not know that it was a . sorry.
Anyhow, We just got our 15 dollar slipcovers from ebay and love em! They're way better than sitting on leather. And washable and still soft fabric. and just darn pretty, too! And we'll still have our stylish couches years from now with no residue of spit up, smeared peanut butter & the like .
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Isosmom, I pmed you the recipe, but I got a strange email yesterday in my regular email saying that a msg I had sent didn't go thru. I didn't recognize the email address to which it said that I sent the email, so anyway, if you didn't get it, let me know & I'll try again.
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Dready mama thanks for joining us

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Ok Merrie, munching, mammas! I'm drawing a blank for ideas and I need some major mammas inspiration! I have been asked if I will cater a veggie meal for a couple dozen people from appetizers to desert in a buffet style set up. The gist: it's for omnis. That's right. Someone wants to pay me to make a luncheon that will be a testament to delicious veg food and show that veg*ns don't exist on salad, salad, and salad. So salad is out (LOL). They want "colorful, both hot and cold, delicious, and easy to recreate (recipe cards for each dish) that do not have alot of "hard to obtain ingredients"....no pressure.... HELP! (If you can) ...Thanks a bazillion.
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Christa, I got the recipie, thanks.
Annie, I'm thinking of ideas for you.
Dready, I was wondering where you were.......
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Originally Posted by isosmom
Christa, I got the recipie, thanks.
Annie, I'm thinking of ideas for you.
Dready, I was wondering where you were.......
when I am entertaining a group, I go Mediterranean or Fusion. You can make a KILLER New Orleans style gumbo- just use thick veggies instead of shrimp/fish. I LOVe my New Orleans Cajun cookbook, and can easily use soy or veg instead of any meat they recommend.
For the other, I do lots of fresh interesting pitas and flatbreads, hummus plain, hummus chocked full of olives....baby gonouj ( eggplant and hummus, roasted) tabouli, cous cous with tons of fresh tomato and basil, tapas filled with whatever....buffet style. You will never miss the meat and you can put sides of feta or cheeses if you want, although it is really not missed on veggie Greek foods.

Thanks all for the furniture thoughts. I did locate some killer ( ) pleather on line, and there is a show room just a couple of hours on the mainland.
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I HIGHLY recommend the Vegan Mediterranean Cookbook by Donna Klein - tons of recipies from ALL around the Mediterranean, not just Greek or Italian. Everything is naturally-vegan (no substitutes or wierd trying-to-be-like-something-else dishes.) Everything I've made is delicious and they have all sorts of appetizers, entrees, rice dishes, pasta dishes, soups, desserts, etc.
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Originally Posted by PikkuMyy
ALL around the Mediterranean, Everything is naturally-vegan (no substitutes or wierd trying-to-be-like-something-else dishes.)
EXACTLY! That is why I Med restaurants. I am guaranteed a good vegan meal no matter what the style of the place. And when you serve it up at home, it is just naturally eclectic and good- not trying to be fake-meats, etc.( which DISCLAIMER, I do love my fake meats and use them way too often even for my own tastes!)

I also really have good luck with cold pesto pasta salads - I make my own pesto with cashews instead of pine nuts and top with olives, mushrooms, chickpeas....yum , serve hot or cold. That is an easy one to take visiting too.
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Hmm, what about butternut squash soup? I was watching the Food TV show Sweet Dreams and she made a grape soup. It was a cold dessert soup that looked yummy!!
Also, couscous--the one I you cook it in orange juice, and when fluffy, add almonds, orange slices and mint leaves ! Stuffed mushrooms with wild rice, carrots, sage, and thyme all ground up? Ratatouille-roasted eggplant, peppers, portabellos, zucchini; drizzle with olive oil, sea salt pepper and oregano to taste and roast (or grill)!! Maybe a fruit crisp for dessert?
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I really really dislike fake meat I can tolerate Boca's but only covered in stuff. I hate fake sour cream, cheese, all of it. This is why I Thai and Indian food. DH's favorite thing in the world is red curry in cocounut milk with veggies.
I need to get a med. cook book- sounds my style.

I just thought I'd share our yummy meal the other day. I ground almonds, and shallots to form a "paste" and used it to saute fresh green beans with just a dip of butter, salt & pepper. I also used it it a pot of those mini red potatoes but added some garlic, basil rosemary, salt & pepper and again a little dip of butter. I added one larger potato that was cut up small so it sort of mixed with the herbs and made a "gravy" of sorts for the baby red potatoes. It was really really good. DH used the same paste to poach his salmon and he kept saying over and over that I should serve it for company (liek we ever have company, lol) I got the idea to grind nuts from keysmama I think (the cashew pesto) and now I'm on a roll.

OH, and I made banana chocolate cake last night that was to DIE for. the only non-vegan thing was 2 eggs so I imagine it could easily be replaced. Does anyone have a list of natual items that bake well to replace eggs?
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Oh, I forgt I also grated a carrot into the potatoes. I had gone to the farmers market the day before and was just trying to use them since I'm afraid I bought to many. LOL. I steamed the potatoes with a little water at the bottom.
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since it was a banana cake, the eggs could possibly just have been left out, since bananas act as a rising agent.
But since bananas also have such a strong taste, I don't usually use them for that purpose.
I use 1 egg = 1 Tbs. soy flour (powder) + 1 or 2 Tbs. water (to make the desired moistness). It not only works just as well as Ener-G & others, but is by far the cheapest!!
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Rainbow, that meal sounds so . UH..........I should be packing too!
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Alright- soy flour and water. Sounds MUCH cheaper than my 5.00 dozen of organic eggs! I'll add soy flour to my grocery list. Thanks! I didn't know banana's work similar to eggs. If I had known I would have tried leaving them out. I'm LO vegetarian now, but I find that the most expensive things on my grocery list are butter, cheese and eggs. So I'm thinking that I need to work those out of my diet. I can't stand honey so it won't be hard beyond those three things.

LOL- you moving to isosmom? That is why I haven't been to active on this thread- trying to prepare for a move. busy busy.
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Applesauce can also be used in lieu of eggs in many baked goods, although I usually use Ener-g Egg Replacer. Flax seeds & water also work well: just put 2 parts warm water to 1 part flax seeds together in a cup, bowl or blender & let sit for 15 or 20 minutes. Then, blend the flax & water on high until the seeds are totally broken down & you have a gelatinous mixture. You use about 1 Tbsp. of this mixture for each egg that you want to replace.
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