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Originally Posted by Rainbow
OH, and I made banana chocolate cake last night that was to DIE for. the only non-vegan thing was 2 eggs so I imagine it could easily be replaced. Does anyone have a list of natual items that bake well to replace eggs?

Was it the recipe in the current issue of VT? I thought about trying that (I have bananas that are either going to be bread , smoothie, or something!) How did it turn out?
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dready~thank you for posting soy flour! I always use Ener-G (which is cheaper anyway than eggs) but I could always go even cheaper!!!

Rainbow~when you have the time , could you pm me the cake recipe? I know I don't need it buit it sounds so !
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no, I didn't have a few things for the chocolate banana cake that was in Vegetarian Times- but it sounded so good that I looked up a recipe online.
Chocolate Banana Cake
1/2 cup margarine, softened
1 1/4 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
3 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 cups mashed, ripe bananas
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Cream margarine and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. Beat thoroughly after each. Stir in the cooled melted chocolate. Sift dry ingredients together and add to the batter alternately with the mashed bananas; stir in vanilla. Pour into 2 greased and floured 9-inch layer cake pans. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes, until cake tests done. Frost with a fluffy white frosting.

The site has pop ups so I copied and pasted for those who don't want to mess with it. I realize it is far from healthy- but it was good I replaced the flour with whole wheat flour.
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We always throw the banana's that are getting to ripe into the freezer so I have TONS of them in my freezer. Always looking for banana stuff to bake. It was really good the first night, but it was a little dry the 2nd day- I think because of the whole wheat flour. I make everything with it- cookies and all. But it tends to makes things a bit different than white flour.
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Well, I went and saw my new apartment today, and was still happy with it, which is good, because we're moving on Saturday! A little ot, I know, sorry.
So a few stories about veggie kids. On the last thread I remember some of you saying that you should tell kids what they really are eating, instead of hamburger say cow, etc. Well, dd only eats fish, chx, and tky, and I've never had to tell her that they are really animals. When she wants tky or chx, she says cock-a-doodle-dooo. It's kind of funny, but in a way grosses me out, but hey, at least the kid knows what she's eating. And I do take her to the fish market so she can see the whole fish that she eats. I guess I assume she will choose veg when she gets old enough.
My friend is raising her dd veg, her dh eats meat, but not in the house. She was out to eat with her dad the other night, and her dd saw her grandpa's sausage. She said, that's rice and I want to eat it. Her mom said, no honey that's sausage. They went back and forth for a while. Then her mom told her they don't eat sausage because they're veg which means they eat vegetables. Her dd responded, cute little baby vegetables? I thought it was great. She said it's much harder to explain to people that they don't watch tv than it is to explain they don't eat meat.
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We're moving saturday to I'm so excited!!
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Bananas in your freezer...

We keep bananas as well as strawberries in the freezer just for smoothies. It makes them chilled to perfection without becoming watery from adding ice! We like them thick and smoooooooth!
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have you tried freezing blueberries? This is like the best treat for being outside in teh cold- frozen blueberries. Like popsicles I guess.

They are also great added in a smoothie. my kids love blueberry banana smoothies.
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Hello mamas.

As I explained here we are trying to redirect many of the tribe threads that have been placed here for purposes of discussion that belong on the existing forums for that topic. So I am moving this thread to Nutrition Good Eating and asking that no new threads be started that are for the purpose of discussing topics that are normally hosted on existing forums. If your topic falls into other areas beyond food and nutrition then feel free to post on another of the forums that would suitable host your topic.


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I know you are all trying your best to remedy a problem Cynthia, and I don't mean this disrespectfully of you at all...

but this bites
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If I dare go out on a limb, I would say that most of us are vegetarian for moral reasons, rather than nutritional reasons, although I do feel that a vegetarian diet is a good nutritional choice. Given the unpleasant tone that most threads even mentioning the word "vegetarian" take on this particular board, I, for one, am not likely to post to any vegetarian threads that are posted here.

I find it unfortunate that this otherwise informative & friendly discussion may be curtailed because those of us who are vegetarian are tired of defending our choices to those who feel that it is their duty to warn us of the "dangers" of our diets.

I know that this has been asked before, but I do feel that a vegetarian board would be a reasonable addition to the MDC boards given the number of vegetarians here. I have generally found that vegi-bashers are less inclined toward bashing & being rude to vegetarians on boards that are dedicated to vegetarianism.

At this point, I am just going to sit back & see what happens to this & other vegetarian threads. I will not be posting here anymore, but I'll monitor :
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this definately sucks... its not all about food darn it.. its a place to come and chit chat with fellow veggies, look for support regarding various reasons, etc... which does not fit too well in good eating....

let the bashing begin again... sheesh...
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I've gotta say I'm a little disapointed by the move here, but I will be even more disapointed if it ends this thread! Let's keep it up mama's, it's my favorite place here
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While I am also disappointed that it got moved, I do not think that we should end it. Maybe if bashers do come on, we could let the mods know that there is a reason this thread was put in FYT. We could also PM Cynthia and request a Vegetarian Board. Come on mamas, this has been a great thread to talk on........let's not let the "location" of it bring us down!
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I refuse to leave this thread cuz its been moved... it sucks that it has been moved but cant do nothin bout it...

so how is everyone doing this week???
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I went exploring around because my usual thread was moved and I found you guys. I notice you were moved too. My 12 yr old dd and I keep vegetarian and try to stay away from other animal products. (We did eat eggs recently because a friend payed us in eggs from their chickens for babysitting.) My dh likes meat but he only eats it at his mom's house. His cholesterol has gone way down.

I was vegi years ago and recently went back to it for health and ethical reasons. Dd was converted to it after doing an animal rights project at summer school last year. She found the PETA web site and was hooked. Actually she began with the Legally Blonde movie and went from there. She thought it was something she discovered herself and was surprised when I jumped on it and said, "ok, lets go vegan." I knew about vegetarian nutrition, but had to learn a bit about being vegan.

So, there I am and I hope I'm welcome.
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MOVING??? MOVING!!!?? You mean, now if I ask someone their favorite way to prepare tofu, I gotta hear from someone *else* the great *soy debate* AGAIN???........ :
Not so much a happy camper.
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Welcome Amanda! You've got my name and I grew up in Concord :LOL. Wonder if I know you....
Anyone else feeling lethargic this week or is it just me? I am so tired......think it must be the heat. I hate the heat!!!!!!!!!! Also maybe my way of not dealing with moving this week, although I have been quite productive today.
Annie, how was your dinner, I'm curious how it turned out.
Has anyone else made the baby wipe solution from How it all Vegan? I made it last night and it came out really soapy? I know I could ask on their board, but I'm asking here, cuz I love my mamas!
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One of the reasons I feel that this belongs in FYT is that many of us are vegan - at which point, this no longer is an eating or nutrition issue but a lifestyle issue. My veganism affects many parts of my life that are not related to eating - clothing, pets, makeup, household cleaners, furniture, photographs, you name it.

Obviously I can't post a question to you other veggies in a topic in good eating about finding some non-leather shoes.

But I vote that at least at the moment, we continue to use this thread and discuss anything that we want related to vegetarianism or veganism whether it pertains to food or not. That way we can continue to support each other as a tribe.

On that note - I wanted to make a recommendation to anyone whose DP (or perhaps you) have been craving a nice biker wallet (you know the kind with the chain and 2 snaps). Pangea vegan company has a really nice looking one. My husband has worn it daily for 2 years and it still looks new. I was just looking at it on the floor and wanted to share.

We also have a couch with washable covers - which is easy to clean, like a leather one, but without..the leather!
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The luncheon will be in July. Now I'm told I need to make it a Picnic theme. So far, these are a few of the ideas I'm kicking around:

*not* pigs in a blanket (GARDEN OF VEGAN p.105)
Using the Easy Biscuits from (HOW IT ALL VEGAN)

veggie & chip tray with french onion dip

fruit kabobs (sticking out of an upside down watermelon half)

Brushcetta (GOV p.104) With finger sized French loaf slices

potato salad (what's a picnic without it?)

mini corn on the cobs

baked beans (I think cold...picnic)

cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic, marinade in Italian drs.

apple crumble (GOV p. 192)

chocolate cupcakes (stacked flat to flat...then iced...stick a twizzler lace from the center...voila...firecrackers...{thinking 4th of July picnic}).

I will cover the serving table with red and white checkered cloth & have sand pails/shovels, sunglasses, mini beach balls, frizbees, and some diving toys for decoration (to be given as drawing door prizes) . I will put the Plates, napkins, and plastic flatware in my big picnic basket at the start of the buffet, and a cooler with iced bottled water on the other end.
What do you think?
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