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all quite true about the men...just wanted to add that my problem continued even after partner was treated....though for most women I'm sure that would solve the problem. The washing element was the key...I think it had something to so with the semen disrupting the PH of me...triggering a yeast. Dietary changes might have helped make me less sensitive to that perhaps!
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And today is day 5 for me with NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!

I was also wondering about treatment for men.

I also bought a new kind of acidophilus that I'm hoping will work better. We'll see. I have heard that I could insert that if it is made of something that will dissolve...is that safe? It's freeze dried with a gelatin capsule on the outside...

If I wanted to try the vinegar/water idea, how much vineger to how much water? And should I just splash? I'm kinda nervous putting anything on the inside since I'm pregnant...I know the baby is all sealed up tight in there, but it worries me. The last think I want to do is go rushing to the emergency room and have to explain why I have something weird stuck in me...

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When I feel one coming on I take a short bath then add maybe 1/2 c vinegar to the water right up next to my yoni, swish then get out immediately. I also use my blowdrier to get rid of any moisture.

I've never tried the garlic myself but I think the recommendation is to insert it at bedtime and leave it in overnight. Hope you feel better!
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Here is my BEST remedy. Homeopathic Sepia at 12x 3 times daily gets it gone and keeps it gone, safe for men too! And the BEST PART - NO SQUISHY STUFF UP THERE! Sepia is taken orally and has worked for me for years - recently worked for a very good friend of mine who has a chronic problem with it too.
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Try goldenseal if nothing else is working. It can be used both internally and externally and heals numerous wounds. It is a very powerful herb so all you need is a pinch of the goldenseal powder in a nondisposable douche(with water of course). Try this for only a few days, as I mentioned it is very strong. I recommended this once for a friend of mine who was sick with an ecoli infection and could not rid herself of it. Like you she had tried everything. This worked for her. Good luck.
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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. My next MW appt, is a week from Monday. So, I guess I'll find out then if anything is working. I bought The Yeast Connection...it came in the mail today. Hopefully I will learn something from it. Unfortunately, I'm no good at not eating sugar. I think I lasted about 4-5 days...
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This is probably obvious to everyone, but:
DON'T USE ANY SOAP to wash your crotch (sorry, that's the word I use :]) or your pubic hair or even your bum.
That was the key for me... unfortunately, I wasn't thinking when I took a shower 1 1/2 weeks ago, and scrubbed myself all over --> presto! yeast infection.... doh!

On the subject of post-coital washing... my DH has to wash every time after sex, so that he doesn't develop one.
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there's a great natural product called "yeast free" that you can get at www.moonmaidbotanicals.com . it should help!
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I made a dr. appt. for DH to see if he's the cause...they say guys can have it with no symptoms...he's such a good sport. :-)
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