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Would you breast feed someone elses child? - Page 12

Poll Results: Would you bf someone else's child?

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    Depends on who .... ie family, close friends
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I would nurse one of my friend's babies if I was babysitting and we ran out of milk, or if something happend to my friend and her baby needed to be fed. I would be more cautious about who I would let nurse my DS though. I would rather I be the only one who nurses him, but in certain situations I would let a trusted close friend nurse him.
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Yes I would and have. I have also happily had my baby nursed for two days by a friend when I was very sick and couldnt care for him.

With three of my babies I have used EBM from friends for the first two days before my milk came in. I have also given EBM to other midwife friends for their babies.
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would and have.
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I would love to be in an culture where kids were fed by all the lactating mamas. I'd feed different babies, and mine could be nourished by other moms. I think it's best for babies to get as many different nutrients and antibodies as they can.

I certainly would have my limits to that... If there's a drug-addicted mama, or something I wouldn't go for that.
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I would if someone asked me to.
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I would, though I've never nursed my own babies yet--they're due in June 07.

However, I did offer my breast to a baby I was babysitting for when I was about 14. The mother pumped milk and insisted that nothing more than the prepared bottle was to be given. The poor babe would scream unconsolably when the bottle was empty. I tried telling the mother this and she suggested
I simply let the baby cry.

Sucking on the empty bottle didn't soothe the poor baby and she would root at my chest sobbing. I couldn't bear to leave her alone crying. So I opened my shirt and let her suck. Although I obviously had no milk the baby would get calm and eventually fall asleep. At the time I was too embarrassed to tell the mother what I had done.

I hadn't really thought much about this experience until I recently became pregnant. I do agree with PPs that sharing the experience is best when all parties involved are comfortable and in agreement. Though I still don't feel sorry about comforting that baby.
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Can't remember if I've replied to this thread...yes, I would and have BF another person's baby.
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I would only do it with their permission...

In your situation--if you ever rand out, call "whoever you're supposed to call in an emergency" and say, "There is no more milk, what do you want me to do?" When they hesitate, you could casually mention that you would be willing to breastfeed them, if they were comfortable with that...
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absolutly i would if everyone would be comfortable with it...i think i would be ok with someone else nursing ds as long as i knew them well, i have no sibblings but that would be an ideal situation...my ds is bottle fed ebm at night while i am away at work and he hates the bottle all nipples and we have tried them all...he would rather not eat that get it from the bottle i would love it if someone could do that for him and me...i do wonder if anyone has ever nursed someone elses child whos mom was having trouble latching and did this help the babe to latch to own mom? my cousin is having trouble and i thought that it might help
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Sure. With permission from it's parents/guardians of course. And I would hope that some kind lady would do the same for my children if the need arose. Even if it was donated in a cup or bottle, it would be a wonderful, non-selfish thing. Really beautiful, I think.
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If it was necessary I would do it. I would prefer to not have someone else nurse my child, but again if necessary (an emergency) then yes better than them being hungry. Thankfully I've been blessed in that even with pumping I was able to nurse my children full time... this thread really made me think! I talked to a friend of mine and we agreed in an emergency only would we be ok with each other nursing the other's child.

I really think that for me and my best friend it has a lot to do with us not growing up with sisters or a lot of women. I grew up in a house full of boys and my mother was basically an only child and my friend the same only brothers. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but I know we both act differently than say my sister in laws who have sisters.
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I have bf'ed my neice and nephew. My oldest DD bf from auntie (my SIL).. it makes strong bonds, I think.

My aunties (who are sisters, but not the most AP/NFL people) switched their babies off on each other. They were the same age (the babies)... I'm sure they didn't bf long though, prob. till 3 months or something.
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Originally Posted by moondiapers View Post
as long as it was ok with the mother. As a daycare provider I have to tell you, anyone that feeds your baby regularly bonds with him/her even if using a bottle. As long as the person actually holds that baby anyway. They still look up at you with those trusting eyes. That's why I don't understand moms that'll let just about anybody give their baby a bottle.

Thats a very good point! - Becuase when this topic usally comes up, thats what a lot of people say...they dont like the idea of their baby bonding with someone else...which at least acknowledges that BF is good for bonding - but its true, if someone else is going to be holding or interacting in any way with your child, they are going to be bonding with them.

Which sometimes I feel others contradict themsleves - because they will argue that you can still bond just as well by bottle feeding. But they will also probably let other people bottle feed their baby - but if you asked them if they would have breastfed, if they would have let someone else BF their baby..they wouldnt for the bonding reasons...??? (or just because they think its 'nasty'...??? lol)

I really think its all down to how strongly you believe in BF over the use of forumla. I really think if more people were open to this idea nd it was something regularly done in our society - not just babies in the NICU getting donated milk - then the use of formula would be almost non exsistant! It just wouldnt be needed!!!

I would have had somone else BF my baby if need be and I would deffinatly BF someone elses child! Not sure I would feel comfortable with a complete stranger BF my child, but as long as I knew them.

And I will even say that my 'need be' isnt an emergency need either. I would still BF somones child if they wanted a night out with thier DH/DP because they just needed that few hours of breaktime together. I see that as a need either, not just the baby is going to die unless BF by someone else need!

I picture a society where everyone is close...where we all feed eachothers children and live in an open safe place...its lovely!
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To me nursing is such a personal thing with my baby that I don't think I could. I chose No but I guess I could feel comfortable if I had a sister or something but I don't so I don't think I would feel close enough to someone elses child to do that. Not to mention Lacy would probably try to beat them up for stealing her boob.
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I would under serious circumstances, and would hope that other mamas would do the same for my babe (I'm thinking like katrina,major illness etc.)
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