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baby carrier raffle for Levi and Samuel

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Check out:


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How awesome!
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- it's nice to see a babywearing company participate. The fluffy WAHM's are going full force with auctions and raffles
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I'm #9!
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I am all over that. Maybe I buy all raffles, get lavendar mei tei?? Yumyumyumyum....
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You know, my son's name is Samuel Levi.
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Originally Posted by kofduke
I'm #9!
How do you know what number you are?
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April Dawn is my middle name and dd's middle name combined.

What beautiful slings, and a great idea for these families. Sending out prayers for these children and their families
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Originally Posted by pamelamama
How do you know what number you are?
Stacee replied to my paypal payment: Thank you for your donation. Your ticket # is 4. We will be holding the drawing on June 15 and the winner will be notified by email.
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Oh, and there is a WONDERFUL update on Samuel's page from yesterday...

Just a quick update. There is no leukemia in Samuel's CNS. Praise
God! Thank you to those who prayed for us so fervently. We could
not be more thankful as we know that Samuel still has a chance at a
normal life. Another piece of news is that there is no trace of
brain damage according to the levels checked in the CNS. He is
better today but it will take a few days to regain normal functions.
Our Onc is unsure of the cause of his ondition as the levels are
normal and there is no bacteria in the fluid. But if you ask me, we
got a miracle from God. Most miracles hapen and leave all doctors
baffled. I believe we got a miracle today. We will be going back
to the regular floor and even getting our Executive Suite back as
well. We are thrilled, overjoyed and thankful to God. Thank you
all, more than you know for your renewed efforts in prayer and
intercession for us. Please continue to keep Samuel in your
prayers. We want NO MORE trips to surgery or ICU>
Love and hugs to all.
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i am #29! that is my wedding anniversary day

come on 29!!

You know, my son's name is Samuel Levi.
Wow, I didnt know that ... must tug at your heartstrings a little differently.
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Thanks for posting the link, I never would've found it on my one and buying raffle tickets to these auctions the least I can do.

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Is there a place to just donate money??? I only have 2 dollars in my paypal so I can't do the raffle but would love to give what I have.
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i can send you a dollar and you can enter
PM your paypal addy
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wild, you are too sweet thank you. off to send you a pm
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just to let more mammas know about it, so can buy tickets
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Does anyone know how Samuel is doing?

I noticed that Jennifer hadn't had time to post and was wondering if anyone had an update? My heart breaks every time I read about them.
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Winners are up at the site!

*sigh* So close! I was #56...
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I haven't heard about Samuel lately, but Levi's surgery today went well! The tumor was not in his brain, but rather pressing on it, and they were able to remove it completely!!


ETA link: http://www.nocauctions.com/leviupdate.html
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glad to hear the news about the baby.

as for the raffle... I have only one word to explain why I did not win:


jus' kiddin
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