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Originally Posted by allformyboys
we had 3 packages of kool-aid squeeze bottles (6 bottles each) in the fridge and a full (brand new box) of pop tarts, and a whole box of bob the builder cookies ALL were gone when I got home. That is 18 bottles of kool-aid the kids drank (not to mention the 1/2 gallon of hi-c we had left) an 12 pop tarts, and a whole box of cookies. I have 3 small kids! (well maybe their nutrition LOL).
Good Lord mama!!! That is outrageous! I have never heard of such a thing!!

I did get a chuckle out of the thought of your three wee ones stuffing themselves with pop tarts & kool aid like they had won the lottery!!! They must looooove when Auntie Whats Her Name comes over!:LOL
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JT did tell me that he told her she was gonna get in big trouble for cutting the cover, that was a BIG no no, wool is SPECIAL. (LOL good little hyena in training)
: : :

Sorry about the soaker
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Yikes!!!!! You would think that even if she wasnt bright enough to get the knot undone she could have just cut the drawstring! Not the whole soaker!!!!!! I am SO sorry!
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That is totally freaky weird. Even if you knew NOTHING about cloth, I cannot imagine cutting it off-it's not the ER. I am confused. If she is that dense, I would keep her away from the kiddos all together!
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Wow... I can't even imagine! I'm thinkin I'd be finding meself a new babysitter!

poor poor soaker

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Wow...your SIL really is dim isn't she? In what world is *cutting* clothing off anyone a solution? Thank goodness you can fix it! I'd actually be more po'd by the fact that she hid it...

So sorry about the soaker, but have to thank you and all the ladies who've posted for some good laughs. Really loved how you son told her wool is "special"


EDD 9/16 #1
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OMG!!! I'm glad it can be fixed but if she ever babysits again you'll have to hide the scissors and the sugar-filled treats!!!
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this isn't rocket science. you don't cut off a shirt, do you?

geesh. that sucks!
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Why couldn't she just cut the tie off?
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you must call the Cloth Diapering Police at once and have her hauled away!

Poor mama, sorry to hear about your beautiful soaker. I hope you're giving it lots of love to help it through its trauma.
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- I'm so sorry Mama!
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I'm sitting over here looking at Nathan playing in my favorite Mosaic Moon - I would be so incredibly heartbroken if anything happened to it! She has no sense at all!
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OMFG! I would have died and I would have asked for the money back, well only because I hate my IL's with a passion! But I would never ask my IL's to watch Braedon cause they are MUCH MUCH worse than your SIL, and I wouldnt trust them alone in a different room with him when I was there, so thats a different story! That is OS SO tragic! Im so sorry!
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heck-around here in "hillbilly" central-killing somebodies dog is grounds for getting yourself SHOT! IMO this is akin to that though-I would seriously consider violence against that horrid woman. Seriously though-I hope it is salvagable-but still.....................come on woman-SCISSORS on wool?????????????????
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good LORD! what was she *thinking*. poor soaker. poor marnie. sigh.
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Sorry about your soaker Marnie! Out of all the SIL stories I have heard this one is probably the oddest. LOL Cutting the string would have been so eay to do and to fix! Hiding it is pretty funny too. LOL

Wasnt she the one that had the box of cereal in the boys room?
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Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing sounds kind of passive-agressive? Maybe she's hoping that you'll leave sposies next time?
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Oh that's horrible. I hope that you can fix it. See now I can justify not wanting to have someone else take care of my ds.
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Ok I'm trying to get into your SIL head-it seems there is a lot of room there. So here is my conjecture on what transpired on this tragic day:

She didn't change your babe when he got up. There was too much going on with the Hi-C and the pop tarts. Time passes and everyone (including SIL) is a bit hyper from the snacks. She finally looks at the clock and it dawns on her that your dh is about to get home. There is your babe still in the same morning dipe w/soaker which is now completely saturated through and through. (Ok I don't have a wool soaker but I don't think any wool soaker could have gone that long.) Anyone ever tried to untie a wet knot??? She tries and tries. The clock is ticking. Boy will folks be pissed if this baby is still in the same diaper. Finally out of poor desperation she tries to use the scissors to undo the wet knot (risking life and limb) but it just won't budge. Adding to her mounting panic is you ds talking about the special wool. Finally, she just cuts your babe out of the soaker with only minutes to spare. She run and hides it. She knows you'll be mad but this will give her enough time to escape before the sh*** hits the fan. She figures you'll be mad but that it will wear off and just maybe you'll be so appreciative about her watching the kids that you'll let her slide a bit.

Obviously, I watch too much court tv.
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