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So.... Who is stalking Adina's chart??? - Page 9

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I hate for you to feel like we are doing anything but pulling for you. We want for you to be pregnant because you want it, and because you've offered such great support for everyone else. Just know that you are loved, and you can't dissapoint anyone.

On the digital tests subject the sticks are the same configuration as the clear plan monitor test sticks, which always have two lines, I think the electronics read them, but also they just let you know whether you've used a stick or not.

I know the rollercoaster is not fun!
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Adina, there is NO WAY you can disappoint us, ok? Its just that we want it for you, and you are always there for US.
So, we are here no matter what, ok?
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Adina it is freaking impossible to let us down. We're rooting for you, if you're pg we'll keep rooting for you and if you're not we will too. The only way you could disappoint me is by not letting us be there for you no matter what happens.

hey ladies, please help me celebrate a plus with the : adina : smilie where you leave out the spaces so you type ;adina; but with colons instead of semicolons.

4 more hours...
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Good Moooooorning! Adina, thinking of you. Don't worry about us - we can handle whatever you come back with, k? We're all here for you (even if it is to help you accept that second line as proof that you're pregnant)!

Thanks everyone for the outpouring of cheers and well wishes! I'm still a nervous nellie over here...don't like that my temps aren't skyrocketing, and I've had a positive go away before...I'm trying to think positive thoughts, and make this baby feel welcome, but it's hard to shut out the fears...Breathe~whooooosh~Breathe~whooooosh~Breath e...I hope this does stick, and ushers in the wave of more BFPs...!!
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Adina is just about to wake up...

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Everyone else said it better than I could, but we're here for you no matter what, with love and hugs and all that good stuff!
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Awww, Adina, I agree everyone else has said it, but don't ever worry about letting us down sweetie. But I know how you feel, after the last miscarriage I so felt like I was letting everyone here down. But I was the only one who felt that way. I'm with Gonnabe on the digital test, I also heard they all got 2 lines--so as it stands--you haven't ever seen that extra line till now!!!
I'm up now though, so you can get up too.
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Oh, this thread caught my eye and I had to jump in. I remember how supportive and wonderful Adina was to me when I was on this board while ttc #2. That was over a year ago as my baby is now 4 months old. How wonderful if Adina gets a +! She celebrated with me and I'd love to celebrate with her.

Baby vibes to her!
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Chart is updated.

I'm so, so sorry.
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Oh SHIT SHIT SHIT Adina. I am sooo soo sorry

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Oh Adina. s So sorry.
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Aw Man. Adina, I'm so Sorry.
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Adina, I'm so sorry. s
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I'm sorry that you had to go through this. I hope we can help in some way. Sending you good thoughts.
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Aww I'm so sorry Adina.
Again, we're all here for you to lean on sweetie.
Anything we can do???
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I'm so sorry, what a cruel situation. You so absolutely do not deserve this rollercoaster. We're here for you...
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Never posted here before, but Adina, just wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you. I'm so, so sorry.
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