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Originally Posted by Caroline248
I have to make sure you have a sticky baby there....you are in my prayers and I have to make sure that my prayers are being listened too!!!

Awww shucks
I'll do my best to make sure the little bean stays in this time--my ob has put alot of restrictions on my life that she said she wouldn't normally do but doesn't want to take any chances with me
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Oh yeah, I check on Adina all the time!
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ohhhh noooo.... I hadn't been checking this cycle. Good thing you gals reminded me.

: :
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Waiting for today's update...
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Me, too....
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It's updated!
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Good Grief! :LOL

temp a little bit down today - started getting cramps yesterday, and then more this morning - wondering if I wasn't just wrong about my O date....

If I was wrong about my O date - af should show tomorrow.
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those damn cramps!!! I'll be keeping the faith over here though! (while madly cleaning the house for my in-laws who will be here in a few hours - ACK!! wish me luck!)
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Ahh, I say it's going triphasic and will jump up tomorrow.
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Waitin' for the update today!
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Erika - you win! Temp up today!

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: : :
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Oooh, how exciting. I came across this thread this morning, oh the excitement, the thrills!

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Woooohoooooooooo!!! I just knew it.

Now, you are 17 DPO, pleeeeeeeeease test today!

: :

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Your Chart is AWESOME!!!

Are you going to test today???
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Oh my....can it be????????????????????

Adina I'm thinking of you this weekend sister!!!!

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Lookin good! : :
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Not testing....I just can't bring myself to do it yet. I have this superstition that if I buy a pregnancy test, I won't be pregnant. :LOL Stupid I know...but I am waiting for a little bit longer.

Alright all you chart stalkers....tell me when you think I o'ed. I don't think it could have been later than cd 16 and no earlier than cd 14....If I o'ed on cd 14, I am 17 dpo. If I o'ed on cd 16, I am 15 dpo. Either way a temp of 98.6 is good today.

Those missing temps are killing me!
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Definately between that timeframe, I'd say. Sure the hell long enough ago to get a BFP now.

*Sigh* I suppose I can wait until when? Tomorrow? Monday? Those temps are just gorgeous and you've never had this long of a luteal phase have you? Ohhh, I just can't wait! :
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