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So.... Who is stalking Adina's chart??? - Page 5

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KHA!!!! I have my : and my toes.
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Rooting for you Adina!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok, ok, me too. I'm here, and I watch for updates. I too, am convinced you're pregnant, because you've never had a LP this long. I think, that after two years, you deserve it. for you

I shouldn't even BE here! :
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adina, just wanted to let you know i'm keeping my : for you! you've got me on the edge of my seat........heck, even my dh is asking if there's any news yet!
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Adina! I so hope this is it for you!

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I'm KHA for you Adina....and : for you....
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I still think you o'ed on cd13, and also that the chart has your base temp too low bc you didn't temp very much, and the temps you're having now are waaaaay up there compared to the other charts (but it does't look that way bc your base temp is too high since a few post-o days are included). 98.4 is just very high, but it's not so obvious between those even-higher days.

bending and crossing like a plate of spaghetti here :
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: :
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I stalk her chart, too and I'm not even TTC. I want nothing more than for Adina to see a BFP soon.
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ya'll are so sweet!

Nothing new to reoprt - other than an evil headache. :LOL

Still having some cramp -big ol mean ouchy ones. But no period.

I went back and looked at the HPT about two hours after I took it (I know, I know - throw it away after the time is up!!) and the line that was there was pink - but I don't know - that could mean anything.

so we will see - if my temp stays up - I will retest on Tuesday. (Of couse we will see that happens - i may cave in the morning)
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quietly sending caving vibes to Adina. ~~~~~~~~~
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: The suspense is killing me. I don't know how you can sit there and post so calmly, Adina!
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: Oh please...oh please....oh please....I SO want you to be pregnant Adina!!! :

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Add me to your fan list!!

I am praying for the highest good for you & hubby.

Will check in tomorrow !
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Adina - I am not a prayer, but I will pray for you tonight!! Sleep well, sweet dreams, and may your temp be high, high, high tomorrow morning!
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Where's Gary these days anyway??? Surely he is stalking her now too
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I am definitely KHA here for you!! my "it's not really a line unless I look at it sideways and in the right light" is turning 3 on next wednesday.

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I am only calm because I am totally convinced it can't happen. :LOL

And because I have a headache that is making me want to cut my head off.

And I don't think I have any pain killer that I could take if I am pregnant.
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Ok, I'm new here - and I gotta say I'm on the edge of my seat routing for you. Also, my really faint not really there must be a kind of a shadow but, hmm..havn't seen that before is sleeping soundly right now... sooo....nighty nite! I know I'll be tuning in tomorrow.
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