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Knit vs. Crochet - wool soakers

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Let me preface this by saying I don't know a thing about knitting, crocheting, or even sewing. However, my mom does. She's not an expert but has experience with all of the above things...she does crocheting most frequently.

So today I hit her up about making some wook soakers plus teaching me how to knit. She hasn't knitted in a while so would prefer to start out with crochet soakers. What is the difference between the two (knit and crochet) when it comes to soakers?

She also asked about embroidering them. Is there something special that needs to be done or can embroidery just be done through the outermost layer of the soaker (to prevent wicking)?

I read through the archives and found some information about patterns but couldn't find the answers to these questions. If they're out there and I just missed them, links would be great (as well as just answers to my questions hehe).

Thank you!!
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I'm using wool yarn for my embroidery so it shouldn't be an issue of wicking....

I like knitted for trimness and stretchiness.... but I also like crocheted stuff...

I currently have one of each in the works
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I don't have answers for you, but I just started crocheting my first wool soaker today (bb #2 due in one month!) I am a pretty novice crocheter, but some of the patterns are really simple, so I thought I'd give it a go. So I just wanted to say good luck, and I hope they turn out nicely!

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Thanks you two.
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I would think knitted would be tighter than crochet. Like, have less gaps. I hope that makes sense :LOL There are ppl that sell crocheted soakers, so I would think they would have to work for ppl to keep buying them Now me thinks I'll have to try crocheting a soaker when I finish the soakers I'm knitting for ppl now...lol. I'd love to find out how well the crocheted soaker works for you when your Mom does it.
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Danica - I'll definitely post back when she finishes one. She's behind on the blankets for her grandbabies but she said she was up for a change of pace so I think she'll enjoy the soaker. I found a crochet pattern for her, now I just need to corner her!
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I've made both knit and crochet soakers, and I think they work equally well. Good luck with your projects!
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Lots of free patterns and support over on the yahoo group wool_soaker_group. Sheesh, they should pay me a salary over there!
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