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Two-shoulder wrap carrier with newborn

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I have a Kozy and I really love the way you tie it on, and how it is over both shoulders. I found it to be really comfortable and I felt really secure with DD in it (a big deal for me, since when I used the sling (OTSBH) with her, I always felt I had to have one hand on her, I was never able to have both hands free). The Kozy is the only carrier, I felt really secure with. I also liked the way you tie it on, and thought it was really easy to use.

Our next babe is due in Oct. I am looking for a similiar style of carrier, but one you can use with a newborn and is easy to breastfeed in. So, far I have look at the hug-a-bug and the moby. I really liked the hug-a-bug (but I didn't like the price, am looking for something a little cheaper). The Moby looked "all right" but I didn't see anything on the website about breastfeeding in it, and it didn't look easy to breastfeed in to me. I plan on using this carrier A LOT, since I want to be able to hold the new babe and still interact and play with DD and chase her around playgroup and the playground and such. And, if this babe is anything like DD, he/she will want to nurse ALL THE TIME!

What other two-shoulder wraps are available besided to hug-a-bug and the Moby?

And, CAN you breastfeed in the Moby?

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Actually, the Kozy is VERY comfy with a newborn. You just keep their legs tucked up froggy-style until they are bigger. You could nurse in it but not hands free until later, probably. A Moby can do some awesome newborn cradle carries as well as upright, and you can definitely nurse in it.

Another option might be two mamaBaby slings. Wearing two crossed gives you a lot of the same positions as the Moby but without having to wrap it all around. Plus, you then have two unpadded ring slings, which all by themselves are awesome and great for hands-free nursing.
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