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Wow. I guess if you're meant to have more children eh?
Dh is scheduled for a V in less than 2 wks.
I'm nervous now. I've been holding off sex, and he is going crazy. But I so don't want to get pg...I've been in bedrest both times,and don't think I can handle it again!!!
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Quee, any news?
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Originally Posted by jadegirl553
Ok, what's with the doubting husbands. I'd be pissed if my DH ever doubted the paternity of his children. Seriously. It would become a HUGE issue.
So would I! :

I just had my tubes totally removed in February. I heard all the horror stories, but was having a scheduled c-section and wasn't going to leave birth control options up to my husband so went through with the tubal. The doc who did mine TOTALLY removed the tubes though. So far, so good.
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Dh didn't want 3 (notice in my siggy that I am expecting our 3rd) so he wants to get a vas. asap. I'm curious to know what happens for QTB. Its also interesting to know the younger the man the higher falure rate.
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I only know of one post vas baby. Dh got his in January, and got the all clear. Actually, I had been talking about getting my tubes tied, and mentioned the possible side effects, and he basically forbade me to, and made his appt. quickly!!
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My DH got snipped last summer at the ripe old age of 29. He had to really emphatically assert to the urologist that we do not want more children! DH wanted to get one when he was ~26 (we weren't planning on having a child) but he got the run around on the insurance referral and then we moved cross country anyway (and got pregnant a few weeks later :LOL).

He did go back for the follow-up visit and got the all clear but we had a paranoid moment. This will probably have an unbelievable "friend-of-a-friend" sound to it but I was late this past winter and my best friend's husband told me his best friend had the V and his wife got pregnant. They were having marriage issues anyway so his friend was convinced the wife was cheating and got DNA testing once the baby was born. It was his.

I told the story to DH and he asked (which seems so painfully obvious now) why the friend didn't go in for a sperm count once he heard his DW was pg? I mean, if the swimmers are there then there's a good likelihood the fellow is responsible for impregnanting his wife! :LOL

Anyway, AF eventually showed for me, and I'm hoping she continues to. I occasionally freak myself out worrying about a possible failure but DH says he was shown how much tube was removed and then they were knotted and burned so I'm thinking it's just not going to happen. *whew*
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dh had the big v in december, six months after the birth of our 3rd and last child . But he never went in for the two post-procedure sperm counts. Just couldn't bring himself to put the sample in the cup and drive it to the lab. He figures if we were to get pregnant despite the Vasectomy then G-d woudl be trying to tell us something and we'd be blessed with another child.

He's 43 ftr and its been almsot six months since the procedure and AF has been back a while and shows up on time every month.
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Still waiting. :

I'm on cycle day 38--normally I am like 28 or 29 days.

For the record, DH is 40 & he went back for abour 4 follow-ups--there kept being 1 or 2 sperm, so the doc made him keep coming (pardon the pun) until it was all clear.

I have out of town family here. If AF doesn't show up by Tuesday, when they leave, I will do a preg. test.

Oh, and I am defintitely NOT cheating on him!!!
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Day 40 and nothing happening. I am so sad and scared and confused.

My company is still here and I don't want to test until they go.

DH is being weird about it--we just don't even know what to say to each other.

I found one statistic that gave a failure rate of 1 in 2000 vasectomies. So, it can happen, I suppose, but DH was vigilant about getting tested & the doctor said he was fine.

I am also freaking out bec. I had an x ray and an MRI done on my foot in the past month.

Have never wanted AF so much as I do right now.
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Quee - stress CAN keep you from ovulating. Just FWIW. When we were ttc dd, I didn't O for six months; there was LOTS of extra stress in our lives just then. I had a bunch of long, anovulatory cycles. One was over fifty days. I bet even the stress of having an MRI and an X ray, and the problem with your foot, could delay or stop ovulation.

Hugs on this. It's no fun to be where you're at!
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Somehow it will all be all right!

It must be so hard to go through something like that, especially with other people there. You are one polite and patient Mama for not telling them to get the heck out!

Anything happening other than no AF? Any other signs or symptoms?
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Dh got a V 3 yrs ago. Last month I had the longest cycle of my life! 7 weeks!!!!! Ive never ever been late more than a couple days. I was completely freakin, even though dh had 2 sperm checks, got his V from a urologist........but it came. Im 46, and I think its one of those things to be expected from perimenopause.

I hope yours comes soon. I never did do a preg test, just bc I knew I wasnt. But I was sweatin' it there for awhile!
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Oh Man I really hope you get your MOON soon!!!!

MY DH got a VAS about a month ago, and he's been not worried at all about getting me PG, I've been a lot more careful, but you never know!!!!!!!!

EEEEgads, we already have 3, I don't know how insane I'd be with 4!!!!!

GOOOOOOOD LUCK and Please Keep us posted!
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Sarahbaby--- you are way braver than I! Both times we got pg w/in one month so we *know* we would be pg if we just let it go to the wind.

DH got his V in early March and it has SUCKED so far.

He gets to test again this Friday to see if he has any swimmers. We thought it would only take a few weeks (some of which I would be out of town) so we just weren't taking ANY chances (read:no sex) til he was all clear. Its been three months!!! I've got some action but I think DH is getting tiiiiired.

How young is young (when you're talking about reversion)? DH is 28 and we are happy w/2. I also plan on him getting tested at least every couple years, though. I don't want a surprise (though I know we would be thrilled if we got one).
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My mom has a friend who got pregnant years after her dh got sniped. He didn't want to doubt his wife, but wasn't sure it was his until after the birth and they had a dna test.
Had to add. I think that would do major bad things in our relationship. DH has a friend w/four children: all have been birth control babies (multiple forms) the last after his vascectomy. He has NEVER questioned his wife. HOnestly, if we got pg after the V, I think DH would be like, "BOW before me, for I am King Potent Seed."
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Originally Posted by TiredX2
"BOW before me, for I am King Potent Seed."

OMG...that is HILARIOUS and I can totally see that coming out my dh's mouth
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I think DH would high five his "member" if I got pg post v.

He'd be like "Hey buddy! Good job! I knew ya had it in ya!"

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(((hugs)))) Vanna's mom

Sorry you're having such a horrible time with you TL. I told my husband he needed to get done because I couldn't parent anymore children than the three we already had, if I wanted to parent gently, that is. He said "no way, no how." So it was either get my tubes done, risk another pregnancy, or hormonal BC. Even after reading all the risks associated with the procedure, he wouldn't budge. So far, I've been lucky; my cycles are heavier, but not longer or painful. But that may be yet to come, and I don't consider myself "off the hook". I *hated* to have to take the step of voluntarily ending my fertility.

To the OP, I think the failure rate is higher the younger it is done, same as a TL. The body tries to repair itself, and breaks down the scar tissue, allowing the sperm to get through, although this is probably a rare occurance. The method used would also play a factor.

*******Just so you know, you and your husband should read the pros and cons of the V, as there are men (albeit rarely) who suffer side effects when it comes to testicular pain, and erection function.

DUH!!! just realized your hubby already had it done........scratch the above advice. :
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s Que, it will be ok. Maybe it's just stress of company being there and then you worrying that is holding it off? Let us know ok.
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I am relieved, but also, that 1% sadness you feel whenever you get a negative test.

Still nothing happening--very very unusual for me, but I guess it is normal, based on what everyone has said.

Thanks for your concern, everyone.

Now, off to worry about more problems . . .
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