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3 years is my limit with Mila.

BUT, I have a few friends that have bf their 5 & 6 year olds, and I totally respect that--it's just not for me. BUT, then again, I'm not there yet, so we'll see.
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I think it would depend on the maturity of my child. 5 would probably be my limit, unless there was some extraordinary circumstance where mother's milk would be needed for an older child (like a stay in the hospital, or a long illness).

Dh grew up where people don't limit breastfeeding, at least not until the kids start school. But he was 5 when he weaned completely, and in his mom's experience, that was getting a little "old".
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Originally Posted by klothos
already he's showing awareness of sexuality and his own gender identity, and i personally think that's when breastfeeding should be cut off.
Humans are naturally sexual beings from birth, but confusing the breast as a sexual object (and expecting that your child will also) is giving in to the ignorance of our society towards breastfeeding.
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I think each mother-child relationship is different/unique, and as long as both are happy with the nursing relationship, it should continue. If one is not happy (after having nursed happily for quite some time) then weaning could be considered.

For me, the number would be some time in the third year (after ds has turned 3). Right now he's nine months old, exclusively breastfed, and we're both happy clams. Weaning is far, far from our minds
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When I was pregnant, I decided I wanted to nurse to age 2 because of the WHO and American Association of Family Physicians and other recommendations -- but I was kind of icked out at the idea of nursing a toddler.

When she was ~1, I planned to nurse her as long as she wanted.

Now she's 27 months and still nurses more than my friend's newborn (she eats lots of food too). I am not going to deny her "babboos", but I am thinking if she doesn't slow down on her own by her next birthday I will strongly encourage her to start weaning.
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2 would be my limit.

But for all the mothers that go past 2 All the Power to you.

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she mentioned in another thread that she would pump for her kiddos should the wean before age 2.
ah, that makes sense.

to whoever asked if a year was ok.... i think it's great.

there are so many mothers who don't even make it to the 6-week mark. a year is fabulous.

Humans are naturally sexual beings from birth, but confusing the breast as a sexual object (and expecting that your child will also) is giving in to the ignorance of our society towards breastfeeding.
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when ds was born, i thought 12 months-ish. then he hit 6 months and i'd starte to hear of more people nursing toddlers, so i figured maybe around 2. i got pregnant a few months before his bday and figured he'd wean when my milk dried up. that didn't happen, and i figured - maybe 3 was a good age. he's now almost 3.5 and i've been tandem nursing for almost a year. i guess i'll just say maybe around 4 :LOL. so the short answer is that i will breastfeed my kids for as long as it is a mutually enjoyable (or at least tolerable) experience.
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No age limit here, almost 5 years and counting. TN with an almost 2 year old.

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It's all theoretical at this point since DH and I are TTC #1 right now. But I'd like to get at *least* two or three years worth out of these puppies! I'm all for child-led weaning, so whatever happens, happens.
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I am tandem nursing my 3.5 yo and my 9 mo old.

I don't personally have an age limit. I know that is ds still wanted to nurse at 7 or 8, dh would likely cut him off.
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hmm. i would like to help dd gently wean by 3, but i don't care how long any other mama decides to nurse. i'm in a similar place as you, lotusdebi. my body is just all pinched and kicked and pulled out. my boobs are tired. i didnt start out thinking i'd nurse this long-add me to the list of those mamas were only going to try it for 6 weeks, 6 months, 9 months...now i think all babies should be nursed until age 2
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Originally Posted by mother_sunshine
Humans are naturally sexual beings from birth, but confusing the breast as a sexual object (and expecting that your child will also) is giving in to the ignorance of our society towards breastfeeding.
ITA! Anyone who thinks breasts are inherantly sexual objects has issues, IMO. They may be *common* issues in our society, but it's still not right. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act.
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My limit is 3 years, and it worked out perfect. DD weaned at 3 1/2, DS weaned on his 3rd birthday (and they tandem nursed for 1 1/2 years). DD will be 5 next week, and there is no way I could picture her climbing onto my lap for "nummies", or coming home from kindergarten and nursing. After age two it just started to feel funny when they nursed.

So we are all happy with age 3 here.

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I've never nursed a child older than 26 months, so I have no idea how I would feel about nursing a five or six or seven year old. But when ds was born, I never thought I'd be nursing a 15 month old, and now, here we are.

My ds nurses as much as a 6 month old, and there is no end in sight. He will self wean and I'm sure I will continue to adapt and be comfortable with our beautiful nursing relationship.

Ds says "mama, nurse make me feel better"
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my 2 cents here -
I thought my first child would be the longest nurser-he was colicky & a high need baby---well the second child actually passed him by 6 months (4 1/2).
Child #3 is still nursing 1 x a day at age 5.3 months (almost).

If I had another ---I would say 5-6 years but would be fine with 3ish.
I like to know they are getting antibodies to strengthen the immune system.
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Ya know you are right.. I may change my mind when a year gets here.. I so enjoy the time we get when nursing.. I hope I feel the same way a year or so from now.. All you mamas are AWESOME
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I don't have an actual age limit. Don't see the point. What makes the day they turn __ , any different than the day before? I do though limit nursing if I am uncomfortable(like now while pregnant), I will ask ds to wait a minute, or distract him...though he still nurses around 10 times a day though. My ds1 was helped to wean at 4, and dd weaned a month before her fifth birthday. I *never* imagined nursing that long when I had my first child...but the days just went by, and the needs changed, but were still there, so we still nursed.

Oh, and unless there is some sort of abuse going on, you CAN NOT force a child to nurse. There is no way. LOL
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Originally Posted by Jazmommie
I like to know they are getting antibodies to strengthen the immune system.
Me too... and isn't their immune system not completely mature until they are between 5 and 7 years old? That sort of ties in with the world average for breastfeeding - giving the child an imunity boost until their system is fully matured.
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Well, whatever the baby and mother feel are right, then that's the right time to do it.

If you're feeling pressured from society, parents, "friends" the TV, then that's probably not the right time.

You have to listen to your heart to know what's righ ton that subject.

Breastfeeding to me is the purest form of Motherly Love.

You know that Motherly sense us females have? It is completely fullfilled when Breastfeeding.

Nursing is not jsut for food, although kids who BF for longer years have a much higher IQ than those who do not BF for as long, that's been proven. 8 pts higher is only average, it can go as high as 36 points higher!!!!!

That might wipe out children who would otherwise be mentally challenged!

I've BF my dd till 5.

My ds till , well he's 5 now and I let him nurse just the other day after having a lull for about 3 months.

But they don't bf everyday, or even every week at that age, it's totally up to you on how often. You have to have a 4 or 5 yr old to understand that they are still babies in a sense.

my ds #2 is 15 mo, he will be our last baby, and I intend to nurse him until he decides to stop, maybe till he's 7 if he wants!!!! All the better for his future, and mine too.

My kids will still have that fond memory of nursing. Being the closest you can possibly be to another human being can not possibly be a bad thing. It is such a good thing, so good that they will want to reproduce that feeling in all their relationships. They will trust and love other humans in a way that a bottle fed baby cannot understand.

I have noticed my ds #1 attracted to breasts (on some raunchy video, he glimpsed for a second or so before I saw and turned it off) and the female body in a sexual way, that my dd never did when he was as young as 2 1/2

I've seen him staring much to hard at other similar things a few times since that, never at me or my body though. it's totally human to be attracted to the opposite sex.

He does stare at my exposed breasts sometimes, and I know he remembers nursing on them, an probably wants to be close again. That's not wrong or sexual, just love.

Read more on the benefits of extended BFing, it's more than you think.

There's a NA tribe where they BF each child until 9 or 10 yrs old. They also spaced their children apart that far. So each child that was born was a true blessing and miracle, and they devoted much, much time and energy into raising each one. They were a very well respected and wise tribe in the eyes of other tribes around them.

There is a lot we still do not know about our BFing history as humans. who's to say what's right, our dumb sex a phobic society, or our heart, minds and intuitions??

Trust is the key.

Trust yourself and your baby as to what;s right.
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