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June 13-19

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I guess I'm up first this week so I'll start the thread!

Congrats to Tanibani on the birth your dd. I can't wait to hear your birthstory!

We're still hanging in here. This baby has really dropped in the last 36 hours and I know have room to eat and I'm constantly STARVING!!! I guess that's just my bodies way of getting ready for the main event!

How's everyone else doing? How are all the new mommies and babies? I can't believe how close we are all getting!
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I'm up! I just posted in last week's thread! :LOL

I'll just paste it in here...

Congratulations Brooke!! Welcome Braden!

Yay Tanibani ~ congrats on your baby girl!!!

Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom
I have been having so much pressure "down there". It gets so uncomfortable. My bum has been hurting like crazy for the last couple days. I told dh that I feel like the baby is coming out. He seems so low that I've actually thought that when he's ready he just might fall right out! I'm sure I won't be that lucky though!
:LOL I have been saying that for weeks -- she's just going to FALL right out! Yesterday I was at my mom and dad's and my mom and I walked for hours (shopping) and I kept telling her that I feel like the baby is going to come out of my bum. There is SOOO MUCH pressure.

Originally Posted by mattjule
where is everyone?
I've been chasing my around and : with my DH about what we are going to do about it.

He keeps insisting on "shoring up" the existing fence and I keep telling him that is not going to work...we've been doing that for two weeks now and they've gotten out every day.

I thought when I called him at work crying Friday morning and told him that he *HAS* to help me build a fence this weekend so that I can labor and birth in peace he actually listened....but apparently it took the sheep escaping on him three times this weekend for him to finally....reluctantly...agree to put up a new fence today.

My DH is VERY ummm.....thrifty. He HATES spending money. Sometimes I really appreciate it because he comes up with some VERY creative ways to resolve things around the house but this time he's making me so mad.

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Well I looked and they don't have a relieved smilie. For a while there I thought everyone was having babies at the same time!

congrats, Brooke, I had just been wondering when you were going to have your baby!

Congrats Tanibani, can't wait to find out what you are going to name her!

I am going to see if I can go visit Mamadosa today. It's such a toss-up with people's personalities. Some ppl don't like visitors at all, some (like me) got really lonely after the baby was born and the guests were gone. I hope she feels I am a good enough friend that she can tell me no if she isn't up to it. Dh went to work at 6 am today and doesn't get home until around 9pm tonight. It is unusual, but we are really grateful-his summer schedule is pretty sad. Well, I have a toddler to get going and myself to get dressed and fed. I'll post later tonight. Have a great day!
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Yay Brooke and Tanibani! Congrats! I love hearing that new babies are here! I have been thinking so much about mine and just wondering what he will look like. Will he have lots of hair or no hair? Will he look like dh or like me? Will he be huge or average sized? I just can't stop thinking about him. I seem to think about these things when I'm taking a bath or shower. Weird. Since dd is just a spitting image of dh, I'm kind of hoping that ds will look a little like me! Is that bad?

I've been feeling pretty good this weekend, but I don't feel like labor will start anytime soon. That's ok though, because I'm just 39 weeks. I'm resolved to the fact that I could actually be having a 4th of July baby!
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Hi, All!

Just a quick note to let you know that Victoria Elizabeth has joined us on June 12! The short story: Labor started around 7:30pm or so and after 5 hrs of intense back labor and only 3 huge pushes, Victoria was born in her caul under water in our living room! It was an amazing experience! Present were dh, my mom, our neighbor, and our mw. Ds was sound asleep.

I'm grateful to have had that support system, since I really didn't think that I could do it (once labor started). My team was fantastic!

Here's Victoria's stats: 7.8 lbs, 20.5 inches. Head circ: 13.5in And as beautiful as a baby can be!

I got to fly! Someone wants to nurse!

Love to all!
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Argh, I'm going to lose my mind if I don't get the computer back soon!!!!

I too have overwhelming pressure down below, and feel like I'm going to ...um, poop the baby out. :LOL Still, I don't feel like that will happen anytime soon.
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Yay Tricia! It sounds like a wonderful birth! I'm sure your daughter is just beautiful! Congrats.

I too have overwhelming pressure down below, and feel like I'm going to ...um, poop the baby out. Still, I don't feel like that will happen anytime soon.
Rynna, I am sooo with you!
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I guess I am the only one with a baby still floating away...no pressure whatsoever, but my reflux more than makes up for it, IMO.

Congrats Tricia! Those short labors are really intense, I am glad you had a good support system in place.

So I am a little worried-I keep envisioning a pain-free labor and delivery. I did this w/ds at about this time in the pregnancy and the result was that I felt really out of control and unprepared when the intensity of active labor hit. At the same time, I don't want to focus on the possibility/likelihood of pain b/c I don't want to start that whole fear cycle. Is there a middle ground I just don't see? What do you do about upcoming labor pain?

I, too, am thinking about the possibility of a 4th of July baby. On the one hand it could potentially suck for birthday parties if all his friends' families have 4th of July traditions and on the other hand, how cool is it to get fireworks on your birthday EVERY YEAR! Not to mention the day off from work...
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I'm still pregnant -- 40 weeks today (technically tomorrow but that is because the leap year messed up the dating somehow I think). I am sooo ready to deliver!

Congrats to all you with new babies already!

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Congrats Tricia!! : Victoria! Wow the babies are coming fast now!

I finally got the baby's room organized enough that I can change diapers in it. Although I don't have a diaper pail in there yet. Where is that extra one??? hmmm.

Anyone else constantly hungary?????? I think that I could eat 24/7 and I can really pack it away! I think dh's afraid I might eat one of the kids I've been so hungary! :LOL
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Hi all!! I'm just sending a quickie note, as I am supposed to be sleeping. I've only had a chance to skim the posts but huge congrats to all the new mommas and babies!

I hope to have the birth story written out in the next couple of weeks, depending on when I can finally stop driving to the NICU. For now the basics are I woke up needing to pee but it turned out to be a 5 minute contraction that had me already feeling the need to push. A couple more normal contrax (30 sec - 1 min) about 5 minutes apart, then 3 min, then 2, then I thought I needed to poo, but turned out I was complete, with the water bag bursting out into my hand and all over the bathroom. Then it was the next hour or so trying not to push as the paramedics (who were SO freaked out!!) whisked me out of the bathroom and off to the ER. I really was bearing down through most of the hour, cause I couldn't stop it, my body just took over, but in the end it was just one push from the ring of fire and he came flying out, 15" head and all. Thank goodness the paramedics choose the hospital farther away and for the cocky OB intern on his last day who took a chance (not like he had much choice, there was no stopping this babe!!) My MW actually said she was gonna call Ina May!! (oh, yeah, they're friends)

Anyway, Kieran is still in the NICU with pneumonia. They thought it might just be some fluid that didn't get squeezed out in delivery, but that would have been gone by now. He is steadily getting better, stayed on each breast for at least 25 minutes today without needing the oxygen turned up whereas yesterday he had to unlatch every couple of minutes to rest. He isn't very "sick", just breathes really fast sometimes and has to be on oxygen levels about 2 - 10 % more than room quality air. We did choose to have a feeding tube put in last night so that I could come home for a few hours to sleep. We could have let them use a bottle but I would prefer not to even flirt with nipple confusion, plus it gives his body a rest from the work of eating. We've got 2 more days of antibx and beyond that it is just up to his body to get well enough to come home.

Anyhow, I have to go pump and head back to the hospital. I'll try to post more updates when we have them. labor vibes, belly rubs and baby kisses to all!!
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Congratulations Tricia! Welcome baby Victoria!!!!!

Congrats Tanya too! A sweet little girl for you!

Julie, I felt the same way as you. I decided to tell myself "I decide to keep my focus on reality at all times." I would tell myself it could be easy, it could be hard, but I wouldn't know until the reality was here. I would also let myself think about how things could possibly turn out, and then let it go. As it was, I expected and dreamed about having the baby in the deep of night, just dh and I and all the kids asleep. Not exactly how it turned out.
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Thanks for posting Robin! I am sending quick healing vibes to little (big??) Kieran. I hope he is home soon!!!
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Congratulations Tricia...welcome Victoria!!

Robin ~ Wow!! What a week you've had. Sending lots of good energy to Kieran....hope he will be home with you soon!!!

Rynna ~ I miss your internet connection too! It's been too quiet around here! :LOL

Well....DH and I put up 250' of box-wire fence today. It was exhausting (and really he did most of the work) but it's DONE!!! My little sheepies are so happy to have lots-o-grass to munch on and I'm so happy that they I won't wake up to find them on my front deck again.

Now I'm ready for labor to begin (well maybe not tonight...DH is going to be snoozing hard after all the work he did ). :LOL

So I am a little worried-I keep envisioning a pain-free labor and delivery. I did this w/ds at about this time in the pregnancy and the result was that I felt really out of control and unprepared when the intensity of active labor hit. At the same time, I don't want to focus on the possibility/likelihood of pain b/c I don't want to start that whole fear cycle. Is there a middle ground I just don't see? What do you do about upcoming labor pain?
I tend to visualize my labor pain-free but I think it's just because I can't even begin to comprehend what labor pain (or just labor in general) will be like.

I've had some REALLY strong BH-contrax the last couple of nights so I'm beginning to get *some* sense of what contractions feel like but I really have no clue what I'm in for...

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Healing vibes to Kieran, and big to you, Robin. My cousin's three babies were all in the NICU, and it's really hard even when you know they are going to be OK, eh?

Anybody who wants to send healing vibes to my nipple should feel free. This is my second day pumping on that side, and I'm not too impressed with the progress of the healing.
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Hi mommies! Im just checking in to see how everyone is holding up.
Im sorry bout your computer rhynna, I hope its up soon, and I hope Eli is 100% soon too!
Congrats to you Robin!! You showed them!! I hope you and baby are home and resting comfortably. I am just amazed a 10 pound breech with 1 push!! You are amazing!!
Congrats to mamadosa and Tricia and Donna and anyone else I missed... I read through the second half of last weeks thread finally, but I was NAK and distracted. I know Im missing someone.
I hope all the new mommies are doing well!!
I updated our family pages to include some pics of the new arrival. www.family.mother-birth.com I dont have any birth photos up yet, but I'm hoping those will come soon.

As for the mommies still in waiting, I had zero BH that I ever felt with Kimber, with Zack I had tons of BH, but no real pre-labor-y contx. This time around I had tons of BH from the first trimester and a few days of pre-labor contx (which was frustrating!)
it took two days of pre-labor ish contactions to get me going this time.
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Great pictures Brooke!!!! Your family is SO beautiful!!

((((( Healing vibes to Smithie's nipple!! )))))
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Healing vibes to smithie and to little Kieran. Hope you are able to get some good sleep, Robin, it must be really trying. this is a time when I really wish Rynna's computer was working b/c I know Eli spent a lot of time in the NICU and I am sure she would have something comforting to say.
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Omigod Brooke, James has that exact same blue baby-bag thingie! And they both look so cute in it!

I'm going back to nursing on both sides today. I'll just slather on the Lansinoh and hope for the best.
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