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Smithie, I hope that nipple heals quickly. The lanolin is a good idea. They WILL heal even if they're being nursed on. When dd was 6 months, we got thrush. Both of my nipples had deep, bloody gashes on the undersides. I nursed through it and they finally healed with the help of prescription meds of course! I know how excruciating it is to nurse with sore nipples. When I was going through that I could definitely sympathize with those who gave up nursing due to cracked and sore nipples. Fortunatley, I was dedicated enough to keep going and it was most certainly worth it.
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Smithie- I'm sending you healing vibes. Also I'm sure you have heard this already but your breastmilk has incredible healing properties. If you can after a feeding express some and spreaad it around and let your nipples air dry. Going topless also helps becasue then nothing will rub against them. Good Luck!!
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We have that blue nightgown too!

Susan-that sounds aweful! So glad we have not yet had that experience. Nursing while pregnant has been painful enough, especially since he has a mouth full of teeth.

Sandi-was it you that made the comment about your dh worrying that you are going to eat one of the children? I was laughing about that all day today!

I find that I am hungry all the time. I crave food even when my tummy is packed full. I don't get it. At least it is the end instead of all the way through...

I hate it when I can't remember what I wanted to say, I know it will come to me the minute I post this...

Anyone else having dreams of their biggest parenting fears? I had this before Tain was born too, I dream that I forget them somewhere-like leave them in the car and go shopping at the mall for hours (in one of those ones my dh picked me up and we left my car, with baby inside, at the mall for a day!), or lose them and can't pick them out of a room full of lost babies. Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to Rowan, put him in his crib and forgot that he had been born for 3 days. Then I couldn't remember where I had put him. When I finally remembered where he was, his diaper was soaked through (obviously) and he was just lying there, starved and dazed. He didn't cry in the intervening days, BTW. It is such an irrational, bizarre fear. I have never come close to forgetting my baby anywhere, hell, we don't even own a crib. I always wake up feeling yucky, like a horrible mother. I honestly thought that after having Tain I wouldn't have dreams like that seeing as I obviously never forgot/lost him anywhere.
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I have what one of my best friends calls "daymares" about SIDS. That I will wake up next to James and he will be cold and blue. I try really hard not to indulge this thought, though, as it will sabotage our cosleeping if I let it.
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HEy ladies send me some birthing vibes! I have been having suregs most of the afternoon and lost my plug around 2:30. My surges are now around 5 - 7 minutes apart. I think I'm going to eat dinner and call my midwife. Wish me luck!
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YEEHAH! Birthing vibes sent! Get that baby out!

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Sandi, birthing vibes are coming your way! ~~~~~

Julie, those dreams sound just horrible. Fortunately, I have never had bad dreams involving my kid(s). Well, I did have one that I caught my sister with my dd in her car without a carseat! That was bad enough. If I had dreams like you describe, I would probably dread going to sleep. I have been pretty darn hungry too, but just about all I can eat is fresh, cold fruit. I don't want anything hot at all.

Smithie, I think your daymares are common. Dd is 27 mos. and I still wake up at night, look at her, panic, and check her breathing!
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(((((( Sandi ~ Peaceful, healthy birthing vibes ))))))

I've had some unsettling dreams lately involving the baby, my DH, my sister...basically dreams of "bad things" happening to the people I love most. Very disturbing but I think normal...pregnancy, parenthood it's all a very vulnerable experience.

Anyone else planning to use a sitz bath (or already used one)? I bought some herbs yesterday - comfrey, slippery elm, yarrow and witch hazel - and made a tea to soak some prefolds in. I put them in the freezer, which I've heard is very soothing for the postpartum perinium.

As far as the bath itself...my basin isn't um large enough to accomodate my so I think I'll just use the dipes and my peri bottle with the tea in it. Not sure.

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well, looks like tomorrow is my day

well--I thought we would be able to do this naturally...but I've got high protein in my urine and my BP is significantly higher than last week...last week I was 112/75 and now I am up to 132/92. :

He stripped my membranes (at my request) even though I am not normally a big proponent of it at all....I figured if there was a chance of having it hapen on my own and could avoid a pit induction tomorrow that would be worth it.

Dr told me to go home and have sex! : dh started cheering when I told him! :

3 1/2 cm but can stretch more and 85% effaced.

Looks like i get to meet my little one tomorrow!!!!
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Hopefully, we'll get the computer back later this week .

All day yesterday and all last night I had regular contractions. Nothing painful at all, just regular. I thought it was pretty funny, but Mike was totally hoping that I'd have the baby so he wouldn't have to go to work today. I found that pretty amusing. At any rate, I had a sudden, intense craving for Krispy Kreme's ( : ) so when I went to Turkey Hill to indulge it, I bought a lottery ticket thinking "if I win anything, I'm in labor, and if not then I'm not." I scratched it off and went home to tell Mike that we weren't having the baby today. :LOL

Eli is feeling much much better. He only coughed a few times today, although he did throw up this morning (I thin,k that it was just because he drank his milkmilk too quickly and forgot to stop and breathe. Silly boy!)

I've been nesting. I put all the winter clothing away and then took Eli to Wal-Mart to buy some storage thingies for the rest of the clothing that we won't be wearing for a while. I've been feeling an overpowering urge to clean, so strong that it surpasses my desire to sit around on my ass. :LOL Freaky!

Best wishes for healthy nipples and speedy labors to all! I can't say I've been envisioning a pain free delivery, but I've been trying to psych myself up for agony like I had with Eli and I just can't wrap my head around it. I don't think it will work that way. Hopefully, it won't!
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Ouch...those who have had babies, does your tailbone hurt?! Mine sure does. I think I made it worse by riding my bike 2 days in a row. The midwife said my tailbone curved inward a lot more than other tailbones she has known, and that she really had to shove it out of the way, and that it was probably sprained. But not broken, or no way would I have been able to ride a bike.
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No, my tailbone doesn't hurt this time, but this was not one of my bigger babies. I did break mine when I had baby #4....he was 10lb 4oz and was a shoulder dystocia. The pain was pretty bad too. I am sorry you are having a tough time.

Sandi, sending easy labor vibes to you!!!!

Rynna, I sure hope you get your computer back soon! I miss your posts! Btw, what is "TBP"? (I think that is what it says in your sig line.) Good to hear Eli is doing better.

Crunchywannabe, good luck tomorrow. I hope all goes smoothly and safely and that your labor is easy.

Erin, I also have herbs on hand for my peri bottle and pads. I made a few frozenpads this time but never used them. I didn't tear or have any stitches or bruising, so I really didn't need them. However, the last time I tore (baby #4), the herbs were wonderful. It helped to pour it over while I was peeing to reduce the sting.

Dreams.....I don't exactly have dreams,just weird fears that spring up. One of my fears is of falling while I am carrying the baby, or dropping him on the ground. Ugh....
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I had my baby today!! It's a GIRL!! I was sooo sure I was having another boy. She's AMAZING... she's got her daddies' chin dimple & brown hair (lots of it!) I started contractions last night after supper, but they hadn't really gotten going by bedtime, so I went to bed. I got up at 1:30 & milled about for a while, then decided it wasn't time yet & went back to bed... at 4am I woke up with contractions 3 minutes apart. They got more & more intense as the day went on. My first labour was *much* easier. One of my sisters actually came over!! The baby came out with her hand over her face... OWIE! I had her at 12:35... and then it was LUNCHTIME!!! She nursed right off the bat!!! We had birthday cake & then Roland went to his Grandmas for dinner (she was here for the birth, too & just took him home with her) She brought him back bathed, in his PJ's fast asleep... so we've had some restful time this afternoon/evening. right now, I'm waiting on the midwife to call me back to answer a few questions, then I'll be tucking myself in again. It's really hard to stop looking at her, close my eyes, and take a nap.
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HomebirthHarriett ~ YAY!!! Congratulations and welcome to your baby girl!!!! Wishing you a blissful babymoon!

Welp...today is my "due date." I've been trying SO hard not to focus on it but EVERYONE else is. : Yesterday my phone did NOT stop ringing with "check in" calls. I let them all go to voicemail. I just can't deal with people right now.
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Yay Harriet! Girls rock!

I'm thinking of you today, Jessica. Can't wait to hear how it plays out!

James is back to nursing on both sides, and I had to suffer through engorgement again yesterday as my body tried to figure out what the hell I wanted from it But the fever is gone today and I really think I'm gonna live.

My dad and brother got here last night, and I can tell that while the house will be more cluttered, the extra arms and the familiar rhythm of my home life will be very soothing.
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lots of good birthing vibes to Sandi and Jessica...

Congrats Harriet!!!! A girl, how exciting!

With Tain, I didn't use a sitz bath or herbs, just betadine and warm water in the peri bottle. I agree that using the bottle WHILE peeing makes a big difference. For me, my 2 small tears didn't hurt at all but my skid marks stung so badly when I peed so I used it liberally. also, the temp of the water made a difference, too. When it was warm it worked better.

Went to see Mamadosa yesterday. Tain got to be introduced to Elena for the first time. Actually, I thought he would be too busy playing to notice I was holding her, but he made a beeline for her, looking at her, soaking her in. He pointed out her eyes and every other body part he knows, all without actually touching her (I didn't have to prevent any 2 yo poking!). Then he really wanted to hold her. He just cuddled her on his lap and gave her lots and lots of kisses. Later, when we were leaving, he insisted on giving her a hug, then made sure I gave her a hug when we left. It was so awesome. I can't wait for him to meet his brother, it was very reassuring. Of course, who knows what will happen when the newness wears off, but at least I know he will be wonderful in the beginning.

Well, I need to get going... I have playgroup today. Give all those gorgeous babies kisses and lots of belly rubs and birthing vibes to everyone else!!
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HBH, Congrats on your little girl! Yes, little girls do RULE! I'm excited to find out just how much little boys rule too!

Julie, how sweet of Tain to hug and kiss the baby like that. He will be a great big brother. I hope dd is like that with her new little brother.

I also reccomend using the peri bottle. It helped very much to use it while peeing. I didn't do sitz baths on the toilet, but a couple of times each day I would sit in the bathtub for about 20 minutes.

Jessica and Sandi, I hope you are now holding your healthy babies in your arms!

I started really swelling up on Sunday. Just in my feet and hands. Today my face is swollen and I keep catching glimpses of my nose out of the corners of my eyes! I told dh that I don't want to leave the house until it's time to have the baby. I feel very self-conscious for some reason. I started to swell about 4 days before dd was born, so I may have a baby by the end of the week!
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Never have much time to post lately, but wanted to extend congrats to all the other new mommies:
mamadosa, LizD, rubelin (you story was soo amazing, hope kieran recovers soon!),
ksjhwkr, Tanibani, Modesto Doula, jaredsmom, and HomebirthHarriett!

I'm having a great time with my precious little girl and I think she's nursing well. Greaseball, yes my tailbone is killing me! I couldn't figure out if it's residue from pregnancy or from sitting on my butt nursing all the time. A heating pad sometimes helps!

((hugs)) to everyone! Jessica, hope everything went well today!!

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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Ouch...those who have had babies, does your tailbone hurt?! Mine sure does.
Yep! You were riding a bike??? I can barely sit.. of course I TORE like the dickens!
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Congrats to all the new mommies! Welcome new babies!

I've been reading but have had my arms too full to post. I think my little girl can't tolerate brocolli. I spent the past two nights walking, bouncing, slinging, crying, nursing, nursing, nursing, nursing her till daylight. She's actually sleeping in daddy's arms right now so maybe tonight will be better. Of course I took a big nap from 4-7 so I'm not sleepy right now. I feel so out of whack. It's funny b/c last week I felt like I kind of had it together and was so surprised that I felt so calm and collected. This week all I can do is hold Flora...she freaks the second she realizes she's not being held. The sling is working to keep her happy but I've not quite figured out how to accomplish stuff with her in it yet.

Well, got to go. Best of luck to everyone yet to have their babies. And peaceful slumber to all the babies already here.
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