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DSO is off on paternity leave now. It's nice having him here, sitting and waiting with me. I have to have an ultrasound today because the midwife wasn't sure about which way the baby is presenting. I could use some "head down" vibes aimed my way. Oh and my iron is low, so I've been choking down some flouridix (yuck) and eating lots of lentils and spinach.

We still haven't talked much about names, though dso did mention he liked Serenity.
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Ceili ~ (((( )))) Serenity is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Gentle tailbone rubs to all the mommies who need them!!

seedling ~ I've heard that about broccoli from a few nursing mamas...which is a bummer because I broccoli.

Just got back from seeing my MW. I was pretty surprised by her reaction to me being "post date" (ay, ye, ye....I am ONE freakin' day past my ESTIMATED due date). I really both of my midwives but in reality they work for the hospital and whether they want to or not, they have to follow the hospital policies.

She asked if I was interested in being induced this week. I said we weren't unless it was medically necessary and if it just becomes an issue of time (hospital won't let you go past 42 weeks) we want to wait right up to the last possible day.

We scheduled a non-stress test for Monday morning and she said she'd like to do an internal exam at that point to determine how inducible I am (Bishop's score I assume ).

So...I'm open to anything...what could/should I be doing to get things going!???

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Hey Everyone Lillian Eliose arrived Tuesday June 15th at 3:07 am she weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and is 19 3/4 inches long. It was a great birth and Lily is eating and sleeping like a champ!! I'll post my birthstory when things settle down!!
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Congratulations Sandi and welcome to Lily!!! Great name!!!!

~Erin (who is patiently waiting for her Lily to arrive)
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Hello mommas and babies!
A couple pieces of advice for you mommas in waiting: DO NOT TAKE THE BABY OUT OF THE HOUSE BY YOURSELF for as long as possible!! And for you homebirthing mommas, know EXACTLY what you have to do for your newborn screen test BEFORE you have the baby.
On monday (braden's third day) I took him out, alone to the peds to do the newborn screen. DH had to work and babysitter was watching the older two children, but i figured it was just a quick appt, 45 min and I'd be home. HMPH.
They dont do the newborn screen at the peds, have to go to the lab... Again, ok. Heres the lab slip, its only a mile and we will only have to wait a couple minutes. I get there, the lab doesnt do them, they tell me to go to the hosp lab (25 min away). I consider going home instead on our way to the car. I call the hosp from the car, on hold for 15 minutes between two depts to find out that my ins doesnt specify coverage for this on outpatient basis. I have to have an authorization number. So I get the baby out of the car, walk back inside to the member services center- the door is locked, its 2 minutes after 5. Im about to cry. I tell the info person whats up, she says "why dont you use the docs upstairs?" So I go upstairs (elevator) and see whats there- urgent care, all the way at the end of a long hallway... shit. I go there, I tell them what is happening, they say okay, our docs get here in an hour- do you want to wait? HELL no, I want to go to bed. I should never have gotten out of bed! So I sit down to see if they can straighten it out. An hour and a half later Im told that the authorization number could take days and since the test is time-sensitive, I need to take him to a different hospital (50 minutes away) to have the test run!! Bullshit I said, Im going home. I was going to cry, my back and stomach hurt so bad from carrying around the goddamned baby bucket (too hot to leave it in the car), baby and bag. so i tell them i will find someone to go with me on Tuesday.
Tuesday I get a phone call from kaiser, telling me that I dont have to go to stockton, that I have to come back to the ped's office, cause they have the filter paper THERE. I have to pick that up and take it to the lab where they will do the test. I almost told them to shove it! I was SO pissed! SO SO PISSED. And in so much pain i could barely hobble down the hall. So yesterday my sis carried the baby and bucket everywhere so that we could get it done.
Today I still feel like hell. My stomach muscles are still hurting so bad it hurts to lean forward, get up, walk, etc. My bleeding is bright red again and Im feeling worse than the day after I gave birth.

And my tailbone is KILLING me. I had back labor and my back, pelvis and tailbone have been hurting badly ever since. Sitting in my computer chair is murder (why im not here much) and sitting on my couch nursing hurts too. I feel like I got hit by a truck. Im actually glad my mw is coming for our post check today, so she can give me some suggestions.
Smithie- you are not alone with your hurting nipples. And dont feel like you are doing something wrong. I am an experienced nursing mom, third time with a newborn with over 4 years under my belt and 6 months tandem, too! I have no skin left on my nipples. They arent bleeding much, but the front is completely raw. I know we have a good latch, but nursing is so painful its hard to believe hes not ripping my nipples off. I'm sending healing vibes, but Im keeping some for myself, LOL!

I can tell that Braden is already getting bigger. He looks different, feels different already. And last night he slept good!! He went to bed at 1:30, woke and nursed every two hours, and went right back to sleep afterwards. Also, since my milk came in we've been having problems with our side-laying nursing, but last night was fine, so I actually got to sleep most of 7 hours.
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Ugh! Glad my midwife came to my house to do the screen. With dd1 it was done in the hospital and then again at the ped's office. I hear Kaiser is a real hassle.
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Congratulations to new babies and families! Halfway through the month now!

I hate to say it but I feel fine and have since he was born. My husband had to go to work the next morning and my neighbor and midwife conspired that my neighbor would come into the house as soon as my husband left- at six am- and stay all day. I had to put a stop to that, I hope I did it politely. I called her to let her know I was alive but really, I just wanted to be alone with the baby and my daughter. It was fine. I stayed up all night after he was born, anyway. I was too excited to sleep. So I slept some during the day. On Thursday (he was born late Tuesday afternoon) I did some laundry and on Friday morning I went to the bank (drive-through) because my husband needed sleep more than I did (and still does!). I have actually been going out almost every day this week on at least one small errand. Trapped in the suburbs like this is awful. With my daughter I lived in nyc and at least could go out for a short walk and see signs of life and civilisation. Here one must drive for that. But it's been fine. And it was a lot more difficult a birth than I expected, with a long second stage and I felt really sore all over for a few days. People think we're insane for me to be up and around so much but for me, it's the best thing. Yesterday my husband had to work again and I didn't go out or have any visitors and by evening I was very lonely and having a bit of baby-blues crashing.
Husband has just called to say food's ready! This is my birthday brunch, at almost 4 pm, so must dash. Good luck to all those still waiting to hatch!
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((((((Brooke)))))) Sorry to hear you had such a tough day.

I just got back from ultrasound. Babe is head down (Yay!) and on my right side. The tech was nice and was pleasantly suprised when I told her I didn't want to know the gender. She said that most women ask before they're even laying down on the table.
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Had OB appt. today and I am still closed -- this after trying everything natural under the sun to get things to open up -- accupressure, sex, vacuuming (LOL). I was so upset I started to cry. Luckily, my OB knows my desires to not have pharmaceutical intervention and so said she would not suggest induction until late next week. I appreciate that.

Hope all with new babies are doing well!

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this is going to sound really pompous but my ankles are swollen today for the first time. It hurts my skin and I am pretty bummed about it. I am 38 weeks and really thought I had a chance of not swelling this time. I have been waiting for it to happen and when it never did I just sort of assumed I wouldn't have to bother with it.

LizD-when did you give birth? Just wondering b/c a lot of women (myself included) felt great right after the birth and do a lot of stuff and about 2 1/2 weeks pp crash. Tain was a sleeper the first week and a half, then started crying all night. Not saying this will happen to you, in fact I am very happy for you that you are feeling so good, just want you to be taking good care of yourself.

Brooke-that sounds aweful! My mw will do the newborn screening at her office. I am not taking the baby to a ped for anything. Kaiser is bad about giving you the runaround. That is ridiculous that they told you you had to go to Stockton! Modesto should have plenty of places to handle it. Beaurocracies are so stupid. Hope you are getting some rest now.

Congrats Sandi!!!!

Sending major birthing vibes to you Erin and Paula!!!

Mamadosa's baby is already changing. Her face is different than when I saw her last which was 2 days ago. So weird to see mamadosa without her pregnant belly, especially since we met when we were pregnant. I hold Elena and it still is hard to believe that we'll have one of those soon. That my belly is more than a big belly. That Rowan will be here and permanent. I know once he is born it will seem so natural, like he was always here, but in the meantime it is hard to imagine our family as more than just Matt, Tain and I.
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we had our girl!

Due to high BP and protein in my urine, we were set for an induction Tuesday morning. Monday he stripped my membranes hoping that would send me into labor on my own. It didn't...but by the time I got to the hospital Tues morning I was a 5 and 95% effaced.

They started the pit at a few minutes before 6am...and my OB did AROM at about 6:10am. I did not sleep at all Monday night and was totally exhausted and just could not cope My body doesn't do well with pit...(makes my contractions one on top of the other) and my OB had told me I would be confined to bed.... so when we got there we had decided to get the epidural...which I had been dead set against the whole time.

The epidural was placed at 6:30am. I started having some slight pressure around 6:40 and she checked me at 6:55 to find that I was 8 1/2.

During this time..we were listening to music and the kids were kind of dancing around the room to it...I tried...but I was in bed!

They set up the mirror for me and my OB got there at 7:00. He had to drain my bladder and as soon as he did I was complete and ready to push. All the kids gathered around as I started to push and the next thing I knew I looked up because I heard "there is her head!" from one of the kids. I continued the push and she was born after 15 seconds of total pushing at 7:07 am....just 1 hour and 10 min after labor started.

Noah backed out of cutting the cord at the last minute, so I got to do it! That was the neatest thing. We snuggled with her for awhile while my OB waited for the placenta. When I felt it start to come, I gave a little push to help it out. Well, it came out so fast then that blood splattered all over Noah's leg and foot and he totally freaked out and started to cry! I felt really bad.

The nurse left us right after that for some family time with baby and the nursery did not even come down to check her for about 1+hour after the birth. She latched on really good and nursed well. She had some blood sugar issues so they had to continue checking her every hour for awhile.

Dh told me today that when the dr got there, Alexis kept pushing in front of him at my feet so she could see better! LOL...all the kids love her and are handling things great!

It wasn't the birth I wanted.....but it turned out to be a very good experience.

Isabella Reese
June 15, 2004
7:07 am
8lb 5oz
22 inches long
(my largest baby by 1 pound and 2 inches!!!)

see photos here http://www.freewebs.com/jessicaandisabella/
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Congratulations Jessica!!! Welcome Isabella!!!!

Great pictures! I love the one of her nursing with her hair spiking out in all directions!!

Paula ~ Your OB sounds more hands off than my MW...which is for you but for me.

Julie ~ My ankles have been a little swollen (mainly at the end of the day) for a while but ya know what I just got last week (at 39 weeks)? Stretch marks! I've had them on my breasts for several months but none on my belly. Then all of the sudden last week I was getting in the shower and I noticed some lines on the sides of my belly (really low...more on the hip bones). Oh well...almost made it through without them.

Assuming I'm not in labor later today, I'm going to the movies tonight with one of my girlfriends (also a MDC mama). It's been HOT here this week so I'm psyched to go sit in an air conditioned theater and "escape" from waiting for labor for a couple of hours.

Oh want to know something crazy? Yesterday I was at the grocery store and the check-out person (teenage girl) said...so when are you due? I laughed and said...well actually I was "due" yesterday. She said...so are you going to just go for the c-section or wait it out?

I said oh no...actually I'm going to do everything I can to avoid surgery. We're just going to wait until she's ready.

I don't know why but that just hit me funny...especially after my MW apt in the morning...it's like BAM I've hit 40 weeks...time to get that baby OUT! I'm walking around mumbling to myself...ESTIMATED due date...it's an ESTIMATE people.

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My MIL keeps calling and asking for updates about when the baby's due. I'm letting dso take those calls now. I don't know why she thinks the date will change. We both keep saying "the baby when come when it's ready", but I guess that doesn't fit into her day planner so it's not a "real" answer.
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Ceili ~ I've totally stopped answering the phone. Too annoying. Everyone is calling for the same reason...to find out if I'm in labor or if we've had the baby...or if anything has "changed" (not exactly sure what that means).

Yesterday I called my mom to get a recipe and she was all excited when she answered (caller ID) then it was immediately... a recipe? Ugh...I thought you were calling to tell me you are in labor.

I was like um no...I just want to know what's in your twice-baked potatoes. :LOL

BTW ~ Glad to hear your baby is head down!!

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Congrats Jessica!

Erin & Ceili, I feel for you both. I HATE those phone calls and I've never even gone over my due date. My Mom literally was calling me every single stinking day for two weeks before my due date. Just let the machine get the calls. It's too frustrating to keep telling people "no, nothing's happening". I hope I always remember the frustration of those calls and never subject another mommy in waiting to the same thing.

I'm trying my first solo outing today. I'm taking the girls to the LLL meeting. Wish me luck!
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Just popping in to say we've decided on a name... Caitlin Heather. She's wonderful! I can't beleive how smoothly thing have gone so far!
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Congrats Jessica!!

Well, dh and I had sex for the first time in MONTHS this morning. It was wonderful, but ever since I have been having ctx. I don't think they are labor ctx, they aren't regular and have been the same intensity all day, but they are starting to be a drag. Maybe I'll take a bath and see if that helps.

No one calls me, though I do get the occasional e-mail. I try to update everyone every few days to stem it off-letting everyone know my mw doesn't think I will go any time soon and that I don't want to until my labor support gets here, that kind of stuff. Seems to be working. That or people aren't that interested anyway, LOL.

Yeah, Harriet! Glad things are going well for you and little Caitlin has a name!

Isn't there someone else floating around without a name?
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Isn't there someone else floating around without a name?
Donna's little Crush is still nameless (well...as far as we know).
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Congrats Jessica and Sandi!

Julian Baker was born at 12:19p.m. yesterday! I had a tremendously easy labor, but delivery was quite tough. I was lucky enough to not go through a transition phase. I was having mild contractions between 3 and 8 minutes apart for about 7 hours, then suddenly I felt the urge to push. For the first twenty minutes they were very gentle pushes, then the urge to really push came on. I continued pushing for about twenty more minutes and finally he came out! It took about five minutes for me to get his head completely out. That was no fun. Anyway, he was 8lbs. 13oz. and 22 1/2 inches long. He is a champion nurser too! Oh, and I did tear a little. 4 stitches in my labia.
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