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Originally Posted by curlygrrl
From a fellow curly, I'd love to encourage you to check out The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. I learned that low-maintenance is really the way to go with curls, I *never* comb it and only condition it every other day. I'd a lot less work and my curls are amazing! I cut my hair off before DS was born and really regretted it.
I've shaved it all off before, and I absolutely love it. My hair gets really really dry and I have to condition it every day, and I can't walk around with it on my neck in the heat because it gets on my nerves, so I put it up in a ponytail which requires a comb if I don't want to feel silly. When I've got a super-short, military style cut, however, I'm much more relaxed about it all. I don't need to condition it, and I use a lot less shampoo. It's definately the way to go.

It looks like our computer problems are bigger than we anticipated, and I'm going to lose all my data *again* . Not only that, but it's going to cost us at least another $550 to get it up and running again. We're spending $1000 every two years, and we're not even trying to maintain a cutting edge machine! It's just not right!!! I'm unbelieveably depressed about this!!! I'm also super pissed off that the Hanna I wanted to order, which was on sale all last week, is now completely sold out in the color I wanted. It wasn't sold out the last time I looked, but I didn't have a chance to order it then and now it's GONE and I'm absolutely LIVID about it. It's just not fair!!!! Why me?!

I'm so ready to be finished being pregnant. I can't stand this I'm just too tired and depressed and hormonal and miserable and nothing is right. Everything is super yucky!
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Rynna, maybe you'll have a full-term baby after all!

I've been having that diaper-buying addiction problem again. I've ventured off the TP and bought a new diaper from FMBG. I try not to buy any more dipes until the ones I've already ordered have arrived, and can't seem to stick to that! Every time I PM someone off the TP I regret it and hope that they tell me it's been sold, but it's almost always available, and then I buy it...I registered at naturalbabies so my family can buy newborn dipes but then I find stuff on the TP that isn't sold at NB...ack! I bought 6 diapers yesterday!
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop in and check on everyone. It sounds like everybody is doing just fine. Here is a link to some pics of Julian, dd, and me.
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Well...after 12 hours of strong contractions that culminated in them being 3 minutes apart, I went to the hospital at 4 this morning -- and was told that my cervix is still closed -- and that this just happens to some women. Argh! I am so fristrated.

Cervix opening thoughts please!!

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Oh Paula... be strong! It will happen very soon! And for godsake, SLEEP while you can!
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I would be so frustrated if I were you. Hang in there -- baby can't stay in forever!
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Paula, please don't be discouraged or start thinking induction... a closed cervix simply means it's not time yet. I have also had clients go from 2 to 10 in less than an hour, so don't fall into thinking "nothing's happening." Everything is happening exactly as it should.

Amniotic fluid can be really slimy. It also smells very fleshy, and a bit like semen.
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Mine was slimy, and smelled a little like urine.
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Hi there! I'm having my nightly pumping/'puter break before heading back to the hospital and thught I'd say hi. Kieran is doing well and is almost completely weaned off the extra oxygen so were hoping he'll get to come home on Monday. This has been the hardest 2 weeks of my life and I can't wait to have my baby home. Here's a pic we took Thursday nightKieran pic He looks so much like his brother that I keep calling him Benny

snuggles to all the new babes, belly rubs to those not ready for birthin' and labor vibes to those who are!!
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He's precious, Rubelin. Sending "go home quick" vibes his way.

For anyone interested, I posted my birth story and some pics in the announcement thread.
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Hi Ladies!

I just heard from Erin (Dharmama)'s hubby...her baby girl was born last night after a hard and beautiful (and IMO, short!) labor.

I want her to have the honor of announcing her name and stats and details, but she had asked me ahead of time to be in charge of keeping you all in the know. She has a great respect and love for her due date club mamas and it was important not to leave anyone hanging!

So Baby is here and everyone is doing great. I guess they are having lots of pampering at the hospital so they are going to take the 2nd day to relax and bond.


ETA: I just realized the baby was born almost exactly at the moment of the beginning of summer... a solstice baby!
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Yay Erin!!!
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Thanks for the encouraging words.

After hearing what induction involves (different from what I have read as our hospital uses a foley catheter to essentially strip the membranes first), I REALLY don't want to go there. I didn't befopre, but even more so now.

The good news is that baby looks really healthy -- they keep telling me.

The bummer is that our kids' nana left yesterday after a 10 day helpful stay -- with no baby to welcome and, after having nursed 3 babies herslf, no newborn help for me. Ah well.

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Congratulations Erin!!!!! Take care of yourslef, enjoy your little girl.....I can't wait to hear details! Welcome baby!!!!

Paula, we are here for you. I was overdue with my first 7 babies...I know all too well how discouraging it can be. Your body is perfect, your baby knows when to come. You will not be pregnant forever!

On another note, we finally decided on a name for our baby. His name is Landen Drayke. I am almost finished with my birth stroy, and I have been adding pictures to go along with it. Coming SOON!!!!!
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So, what has everyone else done with the placenta?

I took mine out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost it, and the bag leaked! I came home to a pool of HUMAN BLOOD in the fridge. It just missed our vegetables.
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Lilia Hope is here!!!

Well my Saturday morning goopiness was in fact a sign that something great was happening....

Lilia Hope (Lily) was born Sat. night @ 8:50 p.m. after about 8 hours of labor...almost 7 of which were at home.

Labor and birth were AMAZING....better than I ever dreamed.

Nursing was (still kind of is) a struggle for us. I have flat/inverted nipples and getting the first latch was INCREDIBLY frustrating for both of us. After hours of trying we decided to use a nipple shield and even had to sprinkle some formula on it to get Lily to even TRY to latch. The nurses and LC were VERY helpful and we finally got a latch.

By last night I was able to nurse one side w/out the shield and both sides w/out the formula tease...so...we're getting it slowly but surely.

Typing one-handed and does it hurt to sit so I'll have to keep this short...

Paula ~ Sending lots of cervix-opening thoughts. FWIW ~ I went for accupunture Fri. afternoon...I think it made a big difference!! Just a thought.


PS ~ Thanks for posting an update Mandy!
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someone put my placenta in the freezer before i had a chance to look at it, and i was rather annoyed. i saw it when it was delivered but wanted really to look at it before it was frozen...well, everyone was trying to be helpful and clean up and so on, so i shouldn't be annoyed. i was also annoyed that my neighbor, who has had seven babies and assisted at a few "unassisted" births, was there for my daughter and since my daughter was next to me at the very end, my friend was quietly watching from the hall. that would have been fine except after his enormous head was out and i was just lying there ecstatic and peaceful, she muttered something about delivering the shoulders. she was present at a shoulder dystocia with no mw or medical help, so i know it came from concern, but i am pissed that she said anything and loud enough for me to hear. i wasn't worried in the least and i had three excellent midwives caring for me. my midwife is also so skilled she never lets her clients know if she is concerned until she needs to take action; she maintains a really calm demeanor and environment. so i am a little peeved about my neighbor/friend and thinking, i knew better, i knew i didn't want anyone but the hired midwives...i had only asked her to be available "in case" but my poor daughter was really getting upset and i asked her if she wanted our friend's company without thinking it through too well. oh well. for my first birth i wanted to ask friends but thought better of it, and then wondered if i should have had them anyway. this time i asked her to come for my kid, and realized i should have hired a doula to be there for my daughter. if i am ever blessed to have more children (though we are in no way shape or form planning on any more-not that we planned these two) i will know i do not want friends there, except for two who live too far away.

it is interesting that after the fact one can start thinking in terms of how to have an even better time birthing the next baby, and forget it was really fabulous this time, despite the small, very small dissatisfactions. i am reminded of my cesarean-birthing clients- immediately after the birth everyone, in my experience, says they are so thrilled they don't care about the surgery. it is only later, if at all, that disappointment and depression set in. it is an interesting phenomenon that we are so focused on bonding we only deal with the birth later.
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for anyone who still has a cord stump to deal with, i must recommend goldenseal powder, or even better, cord care. i was dealing with a nasty inflamed cord stump last week (the one disadvantage to diaperaps is they are too unyielding to tuck under the cord) and got some diaper pins and left the covers off, which has made for a lot of laundry. i opened a goldenseal capsule and started using that, which had the most of the stump off in two days. then there was this weird little bit left. i was afraid it would stay and my fine new son would have the most horrible bellybutton in the world. the mw assured me that would come off too. it has taken a while. my friend gave me her leftover cord care powder, which is grape as well as goldenseal, and this bit has shrivelled in just two hours since applying it once. very cool!
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Hi erin!!!! I LOVE her name (not sure if you know, but my middle name is Hope) andI can't wait to meet her...

One note before I gracefully butt out of your thread...not sure if you noticed but I am sure 100 people told you...the lilies bloomed!!!!! On Sunday I noticed a few orange daylilies for the first time. ahhhhhhh. So poetic

If you need any bf'ing help or support, I am all over that. Don't be afraid to reach out - I am right here
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