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tips for back-carry?

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I can't seem to get the back carry to work for us very well. I tried with woven fabric today too and it feels like I'm off-balance to the rear even when she's snug and high on my back. It's like I have to bend forward slightly to get our center of gravity over my legs, but bending forward a little hurts my back and feels wrong to me. Maybe I just have such bad posture muscles I need to work on it before trying again. Any tips? Amy- I noticed you said the back carry works well for you - any tips!!? I'm fine with the front carry but realize there'd be times I'd like to back-carry too, like while cooking. I tried the ruck-sack position and also the same wrap I do on my front but around on the back.
I forgot to add - she's 22lbs and about 31inches tall.
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Hmmm... so it feels off balance even when you have it tight? I only feel off balance if the edge that goes under her armpits isn't tight enough. It might just be that you are not used to having 22 pounds hanging off your back. I find that I tend to lean forward a bit when she's on my back... bad posture too, I guess.

I would email Tracy from Mamatoto, she has helped me anytime I have an issue to tweak.

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Originally Posted by Sheena
It might just be that you are not used to having 22 pounds hanging off your back.
I think this might me it!! I'll try a bit longer and see if I get used to it.
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