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Poll Results: How often do you change your toothbrush?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (1)
    Change the toothbrushes?
  • 80% (37)
    every2-6 months
  • 8% (4)
    everytime we get sick
  • 8% (4)
    when the blue thing in the middle dissappears
46 Total Votes  
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I was also wondering about the spin brushes.I have a 15 month old who loves my spin brush,but my concern is if it would hurt her developing enamel.
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Wow, yes, it's hard to even approach this one. Yes, your son is eating the toothpaste, which contains saccharin, which is a carcinogen and a poison. Exactly how much poison is he comfortable with your son eating?!

There are so many things that are nearly impossible to avoid, noxious air, poison in the water, bacteria in food, artificial colors, fats, etc, etc that it seems like anything that is easy to avoid, like this, is well worth the effort.

You could always tell him that I am a dentist, and I won't let my children touch the stuff. I also don't like it for myself, since I'm not sure how much gets absorbed through the mucosa (that is, after all, how pharmaceutical "patches" work, as well as nitroglycerin) and I'm not even swallowing it.

Good luck.
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We just got one of these for ds (23 mo) and he has all kinds of dental problems. He does not like brushing and we hoped this would help. At first he just kept saying "NO, NO, NO!" Then we tried anyway, no I think it kind of tickles him and he likes that. Not the brushing, but the tickling. I like it because I think it helps me to get a little more brushing action in there, and we definately need that! The noise distracts him, he's so worried about the noise that he doesn't notice the brushing so much! We'll keep trying, maybe he'll come to love it?!
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so as far as I understand from your posts, out of all the toothpastes you know you would only recommend tom's of maine?
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Oh, no, I wouldn't go that far. I have actually 4 that we use every day;

My main criteria are that they have fluoride, are gentle, and contain no toxic ingredients. There are a lot out there, probably some I haven't even seen, that meet those criteria.

My personal ones include taste, too. Tom's is a little too mild for me some days.

To each her own!
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He will, sandbox.

Did you see the thread about games to help them enjoy brushing? Maybe something there might help, too. Maybe since he likes sounds, a cavity bug song might work ...
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Hi, Smilemamma! Just an update here--I'm loving the gum and tooth tonic. I've been using it about a week and a half. I had a root canal and temporary crown put on about that long ago too, and the gum had been very tender in that area, but is MUCH better now. I'm looking forward to seeing more great results--perio scaling on the bottom teeth this week, so that will help even more. Thanks again for the info!
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Isn't it awesome? I am amazed every day by what it can do, and a big NYAHH NYAHH to periodontists who insist on using chemicals that don't work as well as just all natural oils.

It's pretty powerful stuff! Thank you for coming back to give us the update, I'm glad it's doing so well for you! I'll bet your dentist is amazed too!
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Isn't fluoride a toxic ingredient? I think its poison!
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Everything's toxic in excess, even pure water.

There is a lot of info right here on the boards about fluoride, your search button should turn them up.
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GM mouthwash

I was reading the news on the bbc website & came across this article :


It's about how they've genetically modified the bacterium that causes tooth decay. They reckon they will be able to give you a one off mouth wash costing less than $100 which will last a lifetime. Interesting reading, but I'm still a bit suss about GM. Thoughts anyone ?
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Hi Smilemamma--here's an update

I had the lower and upper left quadrants of my gums scaled last week--it was really no big deal--I was totally numb. I really appreciated the hygenist who did the work--she explained everything to me and was impressed by how much I'd informed myself via the internet on gum disease. Anyway, my pockets weren't too bad. Most were not more than 3mm, a few teeth didn't have pockets at all. I'm wondering if the tonic already has helped, after 2 weeks of use. I didn't bother saying anything to her about it, although maybe I will next time. She gave me that perio rinse stuff to use--the one you mentioned, the chemical stuff, but I'm not going to use it,. I trust what you say about the effectiveness of the dental herb product, and why would I want to stain my teeth anyway? Also, I got some prescription strength flouride gel for the soft white spots on my teeth--haven't used flouride toothpaste for years, but will be from now on. It feels so good to be finally taking care of all this. Again, I am soo happy to have found out about a natural product that works so well--thanks again, Smilemamma--you rule!!
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YAY! That is so cool! Thank you for the !

to boobykinmama
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Hmm this was kinda my feelings but I am always scared my "fear" of GM stuff could be founded on ignorance. The article I've read says they've been working on it for 25 years. I doubt they no the result of reducing a new bacteria, I would even doubt they've considered it other than short term implications.
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I know something about the dangers of GM. The provblem is that there is ignorance about what it is. In the case of the bacterium, it really does depend upon the methodss employed. "Crossing" plant and animal DNA is one of the biggest dangers. But crossing bacterium to bacterium. . .

Well that can occur naturally in most cases anyway, so that is not such a problem for me.

The point brought out by Smilemomma is imporrtant. These things do interact in unexpected ways that do not become apparent until it has gone wrong.

Parasitic worms and eczema is one example of the results of "cleaning" our boddies.

The diet pill? Hmm. Now that's a thought! Think of the ice-cream

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Smile Momma do you know....

I have a question and I don't know who to ask. I use a tartar control toothpaste, but after I finish the inside of my cheeks sloughs off ,sort of like a snake skin, it's slimy and just comes off with running my tongue around my mouth. My question is this, what agent in the toothpaste is causing it?
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Thank you Smilemomma, I don't know if the brand I use has triclosan (seems to happen whatever the tartar control brand). At the moment and probably forevermore I'm using Sensodyne so it's got to be the sodium laureth(lauryl) sulfate. I'm getting off the tartar control version.
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Peelu powder/homemade pastes?

Has anyone used peelu powder or paste ,and noticed a difference?Any good sources for the powder at a decent price?
I plan on getting the peelu sticks for myself(MISWAK in arab countries),but I know that isn't a good option for dd yet since she is only 3.Usually I just brush with weleda/toms of maine,final rinse with GSE,and sometimes clean the teeth with one of those scrape tools.
I have read that xylitol is also good for teeth.Anyone make their own tooth powders/paste?
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This isn't exacty in response to your ?, but I did buy a peelu toothpaste at the healthfood store. I'm still using it, but IMHO it tastes terrible. :yuck Too expensive to just throw away and I know no one else in the family will use it, so I'm stuck with it for awhile.
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Did you get the plain?
Could you mix in something to make it taste better like mint,cinnomen(sp),or perhaps even xylitol?

I read the sticks (miswak not the flavored ones) are bitter,but for me it does not matter much.If I can handle myrrh or grapefruit seed extract I don't think peelu will be a problem.
It just costs so darn much!I saw this homemade recipe and might give it a whirl(without the myrhh as dd would hate that stuff).I will probably switch the stevia with xylitol too since stevia reminds me of sweet and low.

Natures Own Toothpaste
½ oz peelu powder
1 oz baking soda (aluminum free)
½ oz propolis powder
½ oz green stevia powder

Shake in a jar and you are ready to brush. Make into a paste by stirring in several ounces of vegetable glycerine and flavor with peppermint oil or powder. Myrrh oil may be added to increase the astringent and bacteriocidal properties of the paste.
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