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Poll Results: How often do you change your toothbrush?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (1)
    Change the toothbrushes?
  • 80% (37)
    every2-6 months
  • 8% (4)
    everytime we get sick
  • 8% (4)
    when the blue thing in the middle dissappears
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Tea Trea Oil and other Mouth Washes

I read smilemomma's recommendation about using tea tree oil water to drip into a child's mouth after breastfeeding.
Well, since my daughter has turned obstinate lately- we have had her swish with tea tree oil water.

She doesnt digest any of it, but often after she swishes we nurse her to sleep. I realize it isnt a very effective method, but I was also wondering if that small amount she may be swollowing may be bad.

Aslo, does anyone know what the ingredients in mouth wash does. We use tom's of main- but does that witch hazel do anything? Is it mostly the swishing that gets some grit out? Anything with alcohol is too strong for our toddler, as well as a bit scary, but I dont really believe that Toms of Main does very much, either. What do you use?

Does anyone use the floride rinse with there 3 year old? Will they do it? Where do you get it>?

Thanks for your advice.
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I have a 3 year old dd and we use the Johnson&Johnson's ACT flouride rinse with her suggested here by Smilemomma. I either pour a little on her toothbruch and brush it on or put it on a cotton swab and rub it on her teeth that way. I don't know how good this is due to the fact that we don't spit anything out. She lets me do it easily. We found it at the drugstore, most of them have it. She has had cavities(eeek!) so I feel it necessary to use flouride at this point in time, just to keep the bad germies away.
Good luck!
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What do you mean by-
Well, since my daughter has turned obstinate lately- we have had her swish with tea tree oil water.
Do you mean obstinate about brushing?
I brush my son's teeth with a tea tree oil toothpaste because it works so well for me. It tastes odd, but since that's all he's had, he likes it.
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Burt's Bees new toothpaste?

Anyone know anything about Burt's Bees new toothpaste?
I got some and it is a cool color and tastes great. It does not have soduim laureth sulfate, like most other toothpastes. I do not think it has flouride either, but I'm not sure and the tube is in the bathroom off the bedroom where ds is aleep so I can't check now. :
I guess my REAL question is: what is the scoop on soduim laureth sulfate?
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Help-rinse mentioned?

I love this sight and want to thank Smilemomma for all the wonderful info..wish you were near me...wondering where you practice ( california??) as I would even travel! Some time ago I read about a rinse I think or something that Smilemomma recommended for prevention of gum disease.Said something like it was the best she knew of and that it had to be gotten from a dentist I believe.I wrote it down but I will be darn if I can find it or anything about it on the archives.I am a 50 year old mom nursing an 18 month old ( no typo! and tho I had my very first & ONLY pinpoint cavity at 36,They have been wanting to do peridontal surgery on me since I was 20 as I guess I have some of the worlds worst tartar.So far coq 10,sonicare and diet has reversed some of my pockets,but I am always interested in doing what I can to help as I am against the surgery and so far so good.I have been too busy with babe to do much until lately ( EXTREMELY active/hi needs one) ,but want to get back on the stick.So hoping smilemomma or someone else can tell me or lead me to the info.Thanks!!BTW I am the mom of that "squeaky" babe in earlier post that appears to be stumping all.Hope I get a little more input this time
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Hii there...think I might have found what you are looking for. In one of the archives Smilemomma mentions something called Tooth and Gum tonic from the Dental Herbal Company. It seemed to get rave reviews. I think it was under the thread, "Herbal or Essential Oils" or something like that. Hope this helps!
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Thanks,but I am not sure that is it.I don't know if it is my computer or what ( old mac & motem) ,but I have a heck of a time going anywhere on the archive site...just spent an hour and could not find the specific thread you mentioned tho I tired every possible combination.I did find a mention of the product tho under a baby brushing thread that came up.I am looking for product that was specifically for ADULT GUM DISEASE as that is my problem.I am sure also that she said it had to be ordered thru a dentist.Thanks again.
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New Oral-B tooth paste

It has no floride, does not foam and can be swallowed. It is there stage one toothpase. Oh, and it comprobly priced compared to regular tooth paste (a big bonus over the oragel stuff) DD seems to like it and I am pleased because she loves toothpaste and brushing her own teeth and now she can go to town.

However since I am a pesimist at heart I think this may all be too good to be true (doesn't come from a health food store of cost a wad of money). Anyone know anything about it good or bad?
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there was some sort of 'training toothpaste' for toddlers and it contained saccharin

i dont recall if it was this one or not
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This one does contain saccharin but I prefer a little of that to floride.
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What was the report on the fluoride?
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No, no flouride.
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Saccharin is a known, proven carcinogen, even admitted to by our own *government* (and you know how much it takes to get them to admit to anything) and you prefer that to fluoride, which at least has proven benefits as well?

Not trying to start trouble, just wondering your reasoning here.

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Without the fluoride, I personally wouldn't use it, but it sounds cool. I like Burt's Bees stuff.

Great to know they're branching out, I will look for it next time! Thanks! (and I love your name!)
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yeah, but all she gets a day is a pea size amount of tooth paste once a day (we just use water other times) which contains very little saccarin and she get floride every time she consumes water. Smoking causes lung cancer but I am not terribly concerned abpout her walking past someone who is smoking so long as she doesn't run over and take a puff. Truely, what she gets inher toothpase is all she ever gets of saccerin. It's not like I am giving her diet whatever all the time. Does that make a little more sence. I guess I shoud have explained, its not like I like saccarin it is just a prefer a little saccarin to a lot more floride.

If someone makes a 2 ounce tube of tooth paste without saccarin of florideq for $1.50 I'm there but untill them I have to pick my battles.
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Smilemomma, I am interested in getting some of the Tooth and Gum Tonic you mentioned. I have started using Listorine to help combat my plaque and beginning gum disease, but I don't like the way the alcohol in it makes my mouth go numb. Could you please e-mail me and let me know how I can buy some of the Tooth and Mouth Tonic. Thank you!
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Hi there...I'm trying to obtain some too! I called my family Dentist and while he wasn't opposed, he wanted more info and I have had trouble obtaining any? Any ideas? THANKS!
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tom's vs. tartar control

smilemomma, i did a search and didn't find this question asked before...

i love the lack of scraping at dentist appts that tartar control has afforded me over the years since it's come out. i don't seem to be sensitive to the ingredients that do it, either....

tom's doesn't advertise tartar control. if i use it everyday and abandon my colgate or crest or whatever, will i have to endure all that scraping every year again?

i like the fact that tom's doesn't contain saccharin...but i HATE scraping!!!!!

on the flip side, are the ingredients that prevent the tartar buildup suspected of causing something else yucky that hasn't been fully proven yet?
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Hi! Hope you don't mind if I ask this question for myself...I have terrible plaque in my bottom front teeth, is there anything I can do or do I have to visit the dds? thanks very much!
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kid's toothpaste w/o sls?

I looked thru the archives, couldn't find anything so if I missed it and this has been already asked and answered...sorry...

When I went shopping this week, I needed a new tube of toothpaste for my dd. Currently, she uses Tom's of Maine orange. Anyway, since I found and adult toothpaste without sodium laurel sulfate, I went looking for one for Leah too. No luck. Every single tube of kid's toothpaste at Whole foods and People's Market (read Wild Oats) had sls in it.

Does anyone know of a kids toothpaste that is a good one that doesn't?

Thanks, Denise
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