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Poll Results: How often do you change your toothbrush?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (1)
    Change the toothbrushes?
  • 80% (37)
    every2-6 months
  • 8% (4)
    everytime we get sick
  • 8% (4)
    when the blue thing in the middle dissappears
46 Total Votes  
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I've been using WELEDA's Children's Tooth Gel on 20m ds' teeth. I don't see a list of ingredients on the tube, but it says: "formulated without fluoride, detergents, foaming agents, synthetic colors and flavors, or preservatives" I'd bank on it that this is free and clear of sls. The ingredients must have been listed on the box. (Has a nice anise taste to it.)
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I can't remember the name of the brand my daughter likes- it is totally herbal and organic, chemical free. The label is green striped with an aligator on it. It is from Germany, but I bought it at our local health store. I will write the name when I remember. I know that most Waleda toothpastes are sls free, and I am currently trying Dr. Burt's (of Burt's Bees) lavender mint toothpaste- also sls free. If there is not flouride or sls in it, I imagine it is okay for babes to use, but you never want to put much on their toothbrush anyway.
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THanks for the replies. Will check these out. It just burns me that we can get it for adults, but not kids. Doesn't make sense!

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Burt's Bees Lavender Mint has no SLS, artificial sweetener, or flouride, so it;d kid safe I think...but it's not a "kid flavor".
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that was the other question I was going to ask - can she use "adult" toothpaste. My problem there is that the child doesn't like mint, so I am still looking...

Thanks everyone!
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We just bought a tube of the Weleda Calendula toothpaste (I think it is Calendula anyway). It is an 'adult' one. Has no sls and no mint. It is flavoured with anise and is pretty mild. So far dd likes it - the mint one's we tried before were a bit strong for her I think. I like it too.
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What about a flouride toothpaste--adult or child--with out sls. That's what I"ve been looking for and can''t seem to find.
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making moutrhwash?

I did check the dental archives and found the recipe for toothpaste , but I didn't see any info about mixing up your own mouthwash- seems like it woul d be easy enough. Anyone ever see it or know of a recipe?
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Well, I don't know if this counts as making your own mouthwash, but I put one drop of neat tea tree oil into a small amount of water & use that for mouthwash.
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how often do you change the toothbrushes in your house?

I buy a new toothbrush at least every 3 months.More if any of us have been sick.I was just wondering what you all do?
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I like to change them at least every 3 months. A good way to keep track is to buy new brushes on the "official" change of the seasons, i.e. March 21, June 21, Sept.21 and Dec.21.
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Not to get all gross here but

After reading about airborne germs in the bathroom & the close proximity of toliets, I cover our toothbrushes & change them every month.
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Mine about every 2 months, dh likes to keep his up to 6 months, and dd gets a new one about every two weeks because she likes to chew on them and "suck the toothpaste out" (just a little bit though). That's expensive, because she likes the nice soft ones with little characters on the end, but I guess it still beats dentist bills
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Is it unhealthy for my DD to share my toothbrush?

My DD will be 2 next month and I'm getting more educated about her oral hygiene (strep mutans, carbs affecting teeth, mouth breathing, etc). To help her have a more enjoyable assoc w/brushing, I've let her put her toothbrush in my mouth and then back into hers. Now I'm wondering if that's a bad idea.

I've always had good oral hygiene habits (brushing after meals, flossing every day); nevertheless I had gum surgery one yr ago for some recession. My mother has a history of periodontal disease and losing teeth early...I had problems as a child as well as braces.

So now I'm terrified that my DD will inherit these problems and concerned about the incidence of strep. mutans. I'm assuming this is not a normal part of mouth flora and wondering if dentists can test for this.

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Are you letting her brush your teeth or just putting it in there? I think its ok a couple of times but recently I had some teeth problems and I read in a health book not to share toothbrushes because plaque and other germs can be transmitted to someones mouth from your toothbrush. Thats one reason why its important to get a new toothbrush regularly because plaque can live in your brush and keep being put back in your mouth. Just sharing what I read about this.
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I have read that definititely yes, we can colonize them. Often from eating/drinking not just toothbrushes, though that's the easiest. Its kind of unavoidable. I share food sometimes, drinks a lot, and not toothbrushes. Apparantly they are developing a vaccine...it's probably once I would actually consider before all those others I've turned down! I got DD her own toothbrush that a lot prettier/brighter than mine, plus I keep mine high up, but she's younger. Maybe she could "pretend brush" at your mouth with her brush? Or brush her dollies or her stuffed animals too?
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I would be a bit warey (Sp?) of sharing a tooth brush.
From what I read, it is how often you introduce the bacteria into your little ones mouth. So at first, they can fight it off, but eventually they wont.

We used to let our daughter do the same- it also became a battle just in that she would brush our teeth, and then refuse to brush her own.

I suggest putting names on toothbrushes, and letting her use Your toothbrush to brush yours, hers to brush dollys, etc. She is begining a phase of awareness of whats hers and whats not- so you may be able to capatilize on that.

Once a week, I put all of our toothbrushes into our own cups with hydrogen peroxide. It doesnt kill the strep mutans, but I figure it gets rid of some of the bacteria. They sit over night, and I wash them out. You can use preoxide as a mouth wash, so I figure it is not a bad toothbrush cleaner.

Anyhow- good luck.
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Confused about ingredients in toothpastes

My DD is almost 2 and we're just starting to use toothpaste on her (w/o fluoride). Right now I'm using Weleda's and it contains glycerin. Is glycerin cariogenic (sp?). I'm shocked to see how most toothpastes contain some form of sugar (sorbitol for example) or artificial sweeteners such as sodium saccharin.

Any recommendations on what is healthy for my DD's teeth? The last thing I want to do is a use a toothpaste that will *cause* decay?!

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We use TOms of Maine, they have a kids toothpaste and I dont think it has sugar.......I looked, it has glycerin also, which I thought was a type of soap
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I don't know about glycerin, but sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryth sulfate, even if sourced from coconut oil, are both unprocessable by our bodies. They end up like junk, sticking to our molecules and causing ill health. They are especially bad in the brain and I first heard about them as neurotoxins.
Toms has it, Weleda doesn't. In fact weleda is one of the only that doesn't. It's what we use.
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