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Hello all! I've been lurking for a few days, and I just introduced myself over in "cannot believe I am finally here" - but here I am! This is my first pregnancy (I got the day before my 31st birthday!) and I am thrilled.

I copied Joy and made a baby webpage, too! It's a little early, but what the heck. This is the first grandchild in both of our families, so we have many aunts and grandmas all over the US who want to know every detail.

Our baby webpage

I just wanted to say that I didn't post earlier as well because I haven't had numerous tests for HCG or beta yet, and my symptoms have been very mild. My breasts are out of control, and I've had slight nausea, but no vomiting. I'm not really fatigued (a bit sluggish though), but I have had those stretching cramps. It's a relief to know that so many others have those as well.

My first visit to the OB/midwife is on June 30th so I'm assuming they will let me know my levels and then I can bust out with all of the cool numbers y'all have been using (and have a better idea of what they mean).

Being early pregnant is weird though; I am doing everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy, and it was a planned conception, but it's hard not to wonder if everything is OK. But I also know that if it doesn't stick, it's because of something fundamentally wrong with the fetus, so I think on a cognitive level, I am OK with that. Truthfully, though, I hate even thinking that way.

I just wanted to send out my vibes to everyone in limbo, and congrats to ALL! This is going to be a wonderous 9 months.
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amy, my appt. is that day too! LOL. at 3p. i won't have any #'s but hopefully an u/s with a beautiful heartbeat. great pix btw!!!

so i got a couple of packages in the mail today the clothes are lovely
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Denise, you and I are on almost exactly the same schedule. How fun!
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Hey LAdies,

Amy - great picture on your webpage.

Shannon - Hope you're blissfully married now

Heveasoul - how neat you have a cool obgyn.

So evidently today was our tell the world day. Not quite sure how it happened, but we told MIL, and my Mom and several friends. MIL's first response was to volunteer herself to go to the hospital when we go (we aren't going to mention the homebirth..... she'll find out after the fact). My mom was suprisingly supportive of homebirth, and i found out lots of neat stuff about when she was pregnant, that i'd never known before.

I won't be on much this weekend due to houseguests, so ya'll have a great weekend

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Evening women. So...

I hesitate to even put this out there, but I want to let you know why I might not be on much this weekend.

I had a bit more spotting again today...very small amt., but it was red and I have been having cramps all day which at times have been pretty intense. I went in for another beta this afternoon. Someone will call me tomorrow with the results, but I am not too hopeful.

I actually feel surprisingly calm. I think I got alot of my freakout out of the way over the last week. I have instincively felt this was not working almost from the start, but it has taken me awhile to let go. I talked to the little bean alot today, and told her that it's really ok to go if that's what needs to happen. My greatest hope is that if I am going to m/c, my body can do it on it's own this time (required intervention last time).

Since I'm not really bleeding there is still a sliver of hope, but I am pretty sure of what is imminent.

Anyway, the timing sucks because today is dh's birthday and we have about 30 people coming over for a cookout tomorrow. I'm just trying to go about my business. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking vit. E, my prenatals and some extra iron.

So, to all you wonderful women.

I am hoping that maybe Shannon is offline until after the wedding because I don't want her to read something depressing this close to her big day.

I just wanted to let you all know why I might not post much over the next few days. I will surely lurk, and I will let you know if there is any dramatic news.
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jenny, you'll be in my thoughts and prayer! i hope a miracle is happening right now.
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Awww, Jenny
I'm not off line yet and don't worry about depressing me. Keep talking to the wee bean. I really do hope all works out well.
Heve, that's great that Dr. Val will keep you on for well woman checks. I just spoke to her now as she gave permission to remove the IV.
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Ohhh Jenny - my thoughts are with you and your little bean. Keep talking to it, and breathe and do what you need to do. We're here for you.
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You are in my thoughts. Please let us know what we can do to help.
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Oh Jenny - You and the bean are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Well, Shannon is on her honeymoon now (yay Shannon!) so is someone going to start the new thread? Me?
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(((hugs))) to you, Jenny.
Let us know how you are.
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OK, I do need to be added. I hadn't told my family, and I was afraid some of them might see it here before me telling.

Our EDD is Feb 8 according to LMP, but I ovulate late, so more like the 11th. I hate EDDs!

Can we just Say February?

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