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Jenny, it needs to double every 48 to 72 hours, it's close, don't give up yet!!
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Jenny, here is a very interesting link on Hcg numbers. They say that 85% of normal pregnancies only double every 3 days.

I'm sick and tired, so I'm gonna lay down for a bit.
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Hugs for all of us. Honestly, my vote is that the first 8 weeks of pregnancy are the hardest. All the guessing and wondering has me going insane. How many others are rushing to the bathroom every 20 minutes to check their underwear for spotting? I seem to be having more cm than I remember with #1 and it is making me nuts. I can't wait to see a little heartbeat -- then I will relax a bit.
Here's wishing a wonderful week to us all. And for those like me with few symptoms, I hope we all feel awful really soon. :LOL
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kristin, i was feeling moist yesterday so did a lot of checking. i keep hearing everyone talk about cm and i don't rally have any so that makes me wonder LOL.

but ita about 8 weeks being the hardest. with my first i was blissfully unaware and now i'm on the other side. it's not so great to have all this worry. i know i'll be in panic mode at my first u/s.
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Man, I go away for two days, and the forum just exploded! Ya'll are a bunch of chatty cathys! It's taken me an hour to catch up. I dread what will be waiting for me when I get back from my bro. wedding next Monday.
Anyway, had to have the talk with dh about how I am really preg. even though just five weeks. That there aren't degrees of preg.! Ds just woke up, and woke up cranky! Gotta go!
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Ok, I'm getting worried about going away. First I'm in at the fertility clinic picking up more progesterone since they keep increasing the stupid dose adn I tell the nurse I am concerned about getting the progesterone finally settled as we are going away next week so won't be able to have blood tests for a week. She brushes me off saying "Oh I'm sure they'll all be settled this week" and asks where I'm going. So I tell her we are flying out to Calgary and then camping in the icefields. She gets this look on her face and tells me I really shouldn't be far from a hospital..... Ummmm, there will be a hospital within an hour and a half from us, if I miscarry, last I checked there was nothing they could do once it started anyway--and even if you look at worst case scenario, I'm not gonna bleed out in 90 minutes. I mean, we've cancelled our plans of an ATV tour because of the bouncing, otherwise, we're gonna be doing some hiking and chilling out in the mountains--what would the big deal be?????
My girlfriend who we'll be staying with while in Calgary talked to me today and did encourage me to wait until tuesday to go into Banff and that made sense, afterall, this weekend is going to be crazy, it would be nice to have a day to just relax and put our feet up, maybe have a nap.
Should I be worried??? Does anyone else hear my plans adn go, "Oh I wouldn't be doing that!!"?
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Shannon: FWIW, I don't think your plan sounds crazy at all. I know my history was different than yours, but I went backpacking in Utah when I was 9 weeks pg with dd. If the babe is going to stick (which of course it is ) I don't see how what you are planning will change anything. You should go and enjoy your honeymoon.

I have calmed down a bit. I got the blood drawn this afternoon. Thanks for the link, Shannon. I had actually read that too. I am going to remain completely open to what ever happens. I think that's all I can do.

I really don't want to bring this thread down or inject stress into the pregnancies of others...I am wondering if I should stop posting this stuff here, or maybe put it in another thread? Or maybe go over to Preg After BL? What do you all think? Part of me just want everyone to chat about m/s and maternity clothes and leave all this stress and negativity out. Another part of me thinks that all aspects of pg belong here. Any opinions?

On a totally unrelated note, we need to get Ekblad over here...oh Ekblad...come out and join us!
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IMO, you are totally welcome and encouraged to post wherever you want to and wherever you get the support you need. many people here are pg after a loss, and many are worried because of lack of symptoms (me among them) or other reasons. I think we're all going to be worried a little for the next 6-8 weeks. I don't see you as bringing the thread down. If anything were to happen, I'm sure you would be in a great place to get all the love and empathy you deserve (but nothing is going to happen, it is going to be okay).

Shannon, enjoy your honeymoon! I wouldn't change my plans because of what one inconsiderate nurse said. what has your OB said on the subject? What do you and dh feel in your hearts?
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Jenny, I'm with Lesley on this. Post where you feel comfortable. After my last miscarriage I slunk back to TTC feeling all weird about bringing that board down, but honestly, I couldn't have gotten the nerve to even try again without them. A rather large number of us have been there and we all understand, I don't think any of us should feel guilty about posting anything we are feeling, it's all part of pregnancy. Some of us know nothing about pregnancy, some of us know nothing about parenting, some of us know nothing about miscarriage. We all have things to bring to the table.
Lesley, glad to see you back.
As for symptoms, I was fairly lacking until today. At this point I've kept down 1/2 a can of gingerale for the day. I forced myself not to puke up dinner for a 1/2 hour in hopes of at least having some of it absorbed. So how long not keeping anything down can I go before I worry?? My OB has said in the past, no big deal, call her, meet her in emerg and she'll put me on fluids for the night and release me in the morning, but as you may be able to tell..... this week is not exactly "good"!!
Lesley, as for my honeymoon plans, the only thing my OB said was "So what, all the nice sandy beaches were booked???" She did tell me not to go on the ATV tour and cautioned me on having sex--I think that if it were not for it being our honeymoon, she may have said NO to sex, instead she said any pain or spotting and stop.
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Shannon, I think you should take your trip as planned. You'll have such a great time, and just being in a new enviroment, will take your mind off your worries.

Your comment about bleeding out over 90 minutes reminded me of my pregnancy with my son. I had a subchorianic hematoma -- basically a blood clot in the uterus which ultimately caused no harm. BUT I hemmoraged every couple weeks during my first trimester. You know how they tell you to go to the hospital if you go through a pad an hour? I would go through a huge pad every 15 minutes. Neither my midwives or the er docs ever seemed too concerned -- after each ultrasound to determine that my baby was okay, I'd ask, "but am I going to bleed to death?!?" My bleeding always slowed to a trickle after two hours or less, so I guess that's why it was okay. ?

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Thanks for the responses you all. You guys are the best...yet another reason that I hope to hang around here for a bit longer !

Shannon, that nurse didn't know what she was talking about (and since I'm a nurse I'm allowed to say that!).

I have to go on a work-related trip for the morning and there is no way it will be cancelled the way today's was.

I can't believe I am going to miss Adina's BFP!!!!

Please someone tell her that I will add her to the list when I got home tomorrow afternoon!!!

Night all!
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Jenny, I'm thinking good thoughts for you. I'm really glad you brought up the subject of posting "downer" info. I've been off the boards the last couple days for that reason. I had some very faint brownish cf on the tp Sat. night, some bright red spotting Sunday afternoon, and now really nothing, just occasional very faint brownish dot or two on tp if you are really looking for it. Had a blood draw and will get results tomorrow. Strangely calm about the whole thing. I've been praying if it is not meant to be, it just is over with quickly, not drawn out with maybe it will, maybe it won't. I went thought that with first prenancy and it was sheer hell. I think having Carrie and being busy with her has really made it so much easier for me. A high spirited three-year old keeps you on your toes! The nurse at my dr's office was optimistic based on my tendency to spot in the past and the small amount, but as it's been said here before, once you've been through a m/c, your innocence is gone forvever and any color is cause for concern.
I'm at a calm place right now and hoping I can stay that way come what may. Ladies, I wish all of you the best and I will post tomorrow if it looks like I will be leaving.
Oh, and how wonderful is Adina's chart
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fairyma and ellies ma praying for you!!!

shannon do what feels comfortable to you. i'm sure if you don't overdue it you'll be fine and have a wonderful memorable honeymoon. i hope you wedding is spectacular!

i worry about bringing everyone down with my incessent worries as well. there's so many unknowns and i don't feel there's ever a safe part of pg until your baby is safely in your arms. i hope we can feel free to come with any concerns to be uplift just like on the ttc one thread. we can all worry together

so here it is 3 am and i'm up eating. this is unheard of. but i just couldn't go back to sleep. hopefully i can now casue i'm very tired. i'm gonna finish my fish crackers and go back to bed!
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I am so glad I joined you ladies here. I am getting really anxious about our move next week, about knowing hardly anyone, and no one with kids or preg. But, even when I move to another state, here you will be!
My ds has started sleeping only every other night, so I don't know if I am exhausted because I'm preg, or because I don't sleep!LOL Does anyone else struggle with a dh that can't seem to wrap his brain around having a preg wife? I shared with him some symtoms I was having--more hungry, more emotional, sore boobs--and he responded with "you aren't that pregnant." As though there are degrees of being preg! Sigh. Encouragement anyone?

Shannon, I'll add my encouragement: go, have a good time on your honeymoon! Enjoy being together, just the two of you, savor every moment. Leave your worries at the church door. and prayers
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Damn, no church!!!!!!!!!!
but we do have a minister! :
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Morning Ladies.

I've got interviews set up with 3 midwives for next Tuesday, and the my family doc for next Thurs. Need to talk to the doc about my thyroid management. She's going to be mightily suprised that i won't be going to an OB. So that should be an interesting conversation....

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My dh is the same way. He thinks because we just found out that the symptoms shoudn't be here all ready And I've been preg before! You would think he'd know. Silly men!!
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Mine was worried that I wasn't sicker yet, until yesterday, then it all hit him!
I go in this afternoon for my first U/S at 2:00 so everyone send good vibes please!!! Not sure how much they can see, I'm only 5 weeks 4 days (not that I'm counting)
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Please don't feel you need to post elsewhere - there are a whole lot of us in this group that have suffered a loss so we understand your worry and concern and want to be here for each other.
You take your trip and have a blast honey!!!! You need to have some nice relaxation time at this early stage in pregnancy so I think it's a great time to kick back on a vaca.

I've been soooooooooo sickly lately. All day sickly and blah feeling plus super tired. Next Thursday my oldest is graduating from middle school and we are taking him (me, DH and my SIL and BIL and neice) to an Aerosmith concert. I was really looking forward to it before but now I'm thinking "OMG, how am I going to make it through?????"

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Originally Posted by shannon0218
I go in this afternoon for my first U/S at 2:00 so everyone send good vibes please!!! Not sure how much they can see, I'm only 5 weeks 4 days (not that I'm counting)
I'm jealous that you get your first u/s already!!!!!! Hope you get a good pic of your little bean Good vibes, good vibes!!!!!

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