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The baby I would do 18mos & older ds a 5.
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Aaahh! So glad Im back online in time for this Gotta LOVE that Fairy!
Ella is a 12-18mos and Gav is a 7/8
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Hunter is in 2T
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Oh, I just love that fairy!

Miss Jessica is in a 6-9 mo, but I've been getting 9-12 mo so she has some "budha belly room" And big sis is about a 3T.
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Boo wears a 2T
Bug is pretty little - as in yet-to-be-born little !!
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Gotta love that fairy!

Lexi wears a 12M and Kaylee is in a 4T
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The snuggly bug wears size 90 european, or 12-18 months American, but I've bought 2T and 3T (96-104 european) and after the cotton shrunk in the wash, they fit fine!
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What a neat and industrious fairy we have been blessed with. The girls wear girls size 16, size 4 and about a 6 month size. They love matching stuff! We TRIED to do bathing suits for the big ones and a matching hat for Abigail to no avail.
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i'm newer too but figured i would post...
6-9 months
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Ds wears 2t and a little one on the way (july or aug) who wears nothing yet!

But my name hasn't been added to the site list yet for some reason, even though I have been given fairy info for someone.
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an excellent idea diaper fairy ..... !

my Gabriel wears a 2T
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Lu wears a 3t!
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Cam is 19 months now and he usually wears size 3T (we like them a bit big though! he could get away with a 2T).

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Connor is in a 2T.
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Awww- I the diaper fairy! Ainsley is in a 6-9 mos., Brett is in a 6 boys, and Austin wears an adult small ( I can't believe my "baby" is getting so big)!
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My 27 month old Brittany is wearing 18 months, my 2 month old Allison probably 3-6.
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Ill play too.

William wears 18 months, and Aislyn wears 0-3 still, but we are buying clothes in the 3-6 month size now, since shes 8 weeks.
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