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I'm 38 weeks tomorrow too. I'm not too uncomfortable (the joys of being tall and living in Canada:LOL) Not feeling any definative contractions, but I get tired a lot more. I read that this is the time when the baby takes the "life force" out of you, to survive outside of the womb (according to Ayurveda). I can definately feel that!

Have to go feed my "baby"...
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I am 34 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty good. I've started having Braxton-Hicks (and a few of them have hurt, just to help me remeber what's in store :LOL !) I am paranoid about the bhx, since my ds was born at 34w5d. If I can just get past next Thursday, I think I'll relax. My NP/CNM has been doing internals since 32 weeks and I hate them b/c I can't help but think they'll stir something up, but if I want to avoid being shoved to an OB at kaiser, this is my only option. She promises that next week's will be the last time I have to take my pants off, unless I want to. My urine and b/p are fine, but I also gained 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks! Luckily my NP/CNM could care less about my weight!! (How does that happen??) I have to do the GBS next week, I was negative last time, so hope to be this time too, as it doesn't seem like I can refuse the test, though I can refuse the antibiotics in labor, if it becomes an issue.
I am fighting a yeast infection, and trying to use Boric Acid. the only Boric Acid I found has calendula and Oregon Grape root added. I can't find info on Oregon Grape root, but since it has similar properties to Goldenseal, I'm following those dosage guidelines (no more than one "00" Capsule, as a suppository, in a 24 hour period)from one of my Herbal pregnancy books (can't remeber if it's Weed or Gardner). If anyone knows anymore, I'd love to hear about it!

Have my Baby Blessing today and I am so excited!

I am so ready to read birth stories! I log on everytime wondering if there will be one!!!
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Hey Dalai Mama! I just realized that your ds and I share a birthday!

I just read through all the posts and I am REALLY excited to start seeing some babies born around here! Doesn't it seem like yesterday that we all started posting here? I guess this one has really flew by for me. I want birth stories!!

I have noticed that I am not as anxious to get this baby out as I was with #1. This is probably a good thing. I have so much more respect for the natural process this time. And I am looking forward to spontaneous labor too! My water was broken with DD for a day and a half before I had to be put on pit to get cntrx going (debatable, yes). I have no fear this time because I really trust my body, the baby and my midwife.

But I sure will be glad to be able to pick up toys at a quicker rate again! Bending down, getting off the floor, cutting fabric, getting in and out of the car...all very difficult these days.
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Hello all. I have not posted for a few months. Man, is anyone else just WAY hormonal and testy? I always get this way when I'm pregnant...but it seems so much worse wtih this pregnancy....and especially towards the end when I am SOOOOOOO tired!!! I am getting really anxious to meet this baby and begin life again! I think this baby is going to be smaller than my last (who was 9 lbs)....I'm guessing in the low 8 lb range. I have been nesting in MAJOR sorts of ways....we've rearranged furniture in every single room of the house and I've organized and reorganized bascially every room/closet/cupboard/shelf/etc in the house. My house has also been cleaner than I think I have every kept it in my whole life. Maybe it's a bit of nervous energy....my last birth was a bit traumatic for me (very painful and long....big baby with hand by her head and me working against my body) and so I am anxious about this labor and birth. I know things will go well and healthy....but I also know that a lot of how it goes as far as length and pain is up to me and how well I choose to work with my body and listen to my body and prompt those around me to help me take care of my needs. In my last birth I totally gave myself permission to COMPLAIN the WHOLE time....it was not the right move for me....it was awful. But I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of NOT complaining.....I just sort of have this feeling that I want people to know how much it hurts, etc....which is of course a selfish feeling and totally self-deafeting since it causes me to tense up and fight what my body knows how to do. Phew...thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I think what I may do is make sure my dh knows I am feeling this way so that he will know/assume that even though I am not complaining I am indeed in some pain, etc. ....hopefully that will make it a lot faster and less painful (like my wonderful second birth....) ANYWAY...happy birthing to you all! I also can't wait so start reading birth stories!
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hi i just found this thread.

technically i'm due july 10th but i really think (feel? hope? want to believe? :LOL) she'll come a little sooner.

i had a dr's appointment on the 11th and i was already dilated to almost 3 cm., and she's head down and "very low." (like i needed a dr to tell me that :LOL) i've been having hugs on and off since early in the morning (about 2 or 3 AM) on the 11th. i started having regular hugs that turned to very intense rushes a day or two after that... but then they ended up slowing down and stopping. talk about disappointment.

i'm pretty sure i lost my mucous plug... i lost *something* :LOL

but my hugs aren't regular at all. they start getting regular... then slow down and stop. they got very intense a couple of days ago again... then stopped. :: sigh :: (and DON'T tell me to visualize, ok? i've been visualizing my ass off, and walking, and sex, and tweaking my nipples every chance i get ~ which, might i add, has now caused them to become squirt guns ~ and it DOESN'T AFFECT THE HUGS AT ALL.)

i have no idea when this little sprite is going to come. i'm trying not to get impatient but it's still frustrating.

i tried to check my dilation the other night (after a whole day of 15-minute-apart hugs).... but couldn't find my cervix! i had felt it the other day but it's like it's moved ~ has anyone else experienced this?
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Hugs... I like that annalegy(sp?) You can find your cervix, just look in the front and the back. Can you feel the baby's head through the vaginal wall? I sure can.

When I get up from a nap, I feel like the head is squished between my muscles in there. Lots of stretching and pulling going on for me, but no contractions (hugs). Maybe the baby will just fall out of me:
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i'm pretty sure i lost my mucous plug... i lost *something*
Well we know it wasn't your virginity.
I have yet to have the experience of waiting and waiting, it sounds tough. Just remember that this baby will not still be in there when s/he's 5. :LOL

I had my Baby Blessing today and it was phenomenal. My friends made a birth altar, braided my hair with lavender flowers, washed my feet in lavender & rose water (washing away fears) and powdered them with cornmeal (to ground me), and made a belly cast. The cast is gorgeous, though I think it looks way smaller than I actually do! Each friend brought a special piece of fabric to add to the final layer, so it has a beautiful meaning. At the end we wove a web of string bracelets (organic, hand dyed cotton yard in rainbow colors!) which everyone will try to wear until baby is born.
This is so different from the level of support I had with ds, it can't help but positively impact the labor, birth, and post partum period for the whole family. I'm so blessed.
Hope everyone is finding the love and support they desire right now!
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I'm 36 weeks today!! This feels like the first BABY milestone. For me, all of the others up to this point have been pregnancy milestones. 36 weeks means that if labor started today, Lila would be just fine.

But I'm not ready yet. Our house is a wreck. And just in the last week, I've started feeling huge. I feel like I LUMBER now. That sitting to standing transition is just NOT fun.

Jen ~ Aren't hemorrhoids just the worst?? I had them with ds, too. When I was with my CNM, I asked her for the 2% hydrocortisone suppositories. But I didn't know the brand name and she hadn't heard of them. So she just prescribed a cream. It works OK, but the tiny tubes are annoying. And I only have enough left to last this month. I'm with a CPM now, so I don't know how I'll get prescription stuff.
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Ebethmom ~ I felt so confident that I was ready if the baby decided she wanted to come a bit early, but every day that passes I'm finding more and more things that need to get done, LOL.

I've got a wicked case of hemorroids and am getting something from my OB this week to alleviate it as much as possible before birth. I've tried stitz baths, pads, everything and nothing works.

I spent the better part of Saturday convinced I was in early labor. I'd lost part of my mucous plug Thursday night and spent most of Saturday with contractions that were fairly regular, albeit far apart. Luckily {or unluckily depending on one's POV} they tapered off. Since then I've felt great with a ton more energy than I had and, much to dh's relief, a much better mood. I may actually have the energy to take ds to playgroup today.
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Hello ladies
Feeling good, I will be 37 weeks on Friday. I am beginning to feel like it could be any time now, even though it is likely to be a couple weeks. I have been having lots of contractions which is very new for me. I had no braxton hicks with my first dd, and maybe a few with my second dd. With this one they are coming pretty regular. It makes me curious to see if anything is progressing from them or if they are truly practice ones. I can't seem to locate my cervix myself though. I might see my midwife this week and am debating on whether I am curious enough to ask her to check me or if I will just let things happen like last time. I am so much more anxious this time. I was much more laid back with my last dd. I am still really active, but definately lumber when I am tired! I had my first swelling of my feet after taking a long car trip this weekend. No more of those for me! Feeling like staying close to home and preparing my nest
I can't wait to start hearing birth stories!
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Brandi ~ my feet swelled last week, too. I taught all week at a Suzuki Institute, and was on my feet most of the day. I had preeclampsia with ds, so I've been careful to watch for swelling. The first night that my ankles were puffy, I was feeling almost panicked. I called dh and he reminded me that this kind of swelling is normal.

But I am staying close to home from this point on, too. My family invited us down for Father's Day, and I'm sure they'll expect to see us on July 4. But they all have cars! They could come see us!! (All except for Dad - we live outside the hour radius that he can travel.)

My ds has been so funny today! We have an ongoing discussion about whether babies can toot. He insists that babies don't toot!! Where this came from, I have no idea. We were outside today and I let one slip. I didn't think he had heard, but he laughed and asked "What was that? Did Lila toot?"

He has also been telling me that HE is going to help me push Lila out. And that I'm not going to say "OUCH!". He has been asking every day if Lila is ready to come out. Today he said "she's BIG! Now she can come out!" And when he tells me that he loves her, I just about melt.

I'm off to drink more water and lie down!
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Our cats are out of control (we have six Dkitties!) due to all of the work Dh and i are doing around the house. We've completely remodeled one room upstairs and the rest of the house has been like a construction site. They are fighting up a storm and it's really throwing off my center. I hate it when my fur-babies aren't getting along or are anxious. I hope we can finish all of this soon enough (will be done on Friday) and that they will have some time before baby comes to cool off and for each to stake out a new safe havens around the house.

I'm getting so excited and nervous about my approaching due date ... though I still have over 4 weeks to go (if babe goes to due date). You know, I haven't really felt any contractions and maybe not even BH (what exactly do those feel like?) -- I've had a bit of tightness when I overexert myself, poop or O', but nothing that would make me think "This is a (practice) contraction". Wonder if that means I'm nowhere near close to labor.

I had a very vivid dream last night of losing my mucus plus. In the dream I was very calm and excited and sure labor was coming. Call me naive (as a first timer) but I am not only excited about meeting my baby, but also excited about experiencing labor. I'm just soooo curious about it!

I've had some swelling on the hot days as well and my carpal tunnel has gotten much worse -- the pain is ridiculous and has really slowed down my nesting; plus now my fingertips are all numb. I think I have hemorroids but don't know for sure since i've never had them before. I'm trying to decipher the symptoms but am embarrased to ask doc or DH about it. :

AND FINALLY............ how incredibly excited are we all to learn of the very first July Mama's Baby be born! The wave of new life is definitely coming on!!! Happy and Healthy babies to us all.
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Hi, Everyone..
I'm so glad to see everyone is doing well despite the usual discomforts.
I finally have a midwife here (an LM from Sebastopol)! We have to pay out of pocket, but it's reasonable. Time seems to be dragging along...I thought I was 34 weeks two weeks ago, but actually, I'm 34 weeks now. Could this really go on for another 6 weeks?
Dalai Mama, your baby blessing sounded wonderful. I've never heard of those rituals before. Some people here are throwing a little 'shower' for me, at least, next week. But I wish I could have close friends annointing my feet with lavender.... Maybe I'll just have to annoint myself.

Happy Solstice everyone!
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I am nesting in the worst way! DH looked at me funny and said "you don't actually want me to set up the high chair now? He won't be using it til next year!" LOL, well at least I can laugh at myself :LOL

everything seems to be coming together..I keep cleaning and organizing and de-cluttering...trying to get it all feng shui...I love my house when the fountains are on, candles are luminating and there is no clutter in sight..just a rocking chair and a cup of tea ...ok enough rambling...

....now... where was that cross-stitch I was working on all those months ago?.... *wanders off*
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your home sounds lovely!

i wish i could find a place for all of our clutter. of course i'm sure it would be easier if i wasn't napping all day.....
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Hey guys!

Klothos, I love the hugs!

I am still getting contractions (on to 5.5 weeks of contractions) and still only 2 cm. My cervix hasn't moved forward enough to start labor. Head is really low and I get little butt brushes all day from Moo.

I am SO READY for labor. I made some bread yesterday, I cleaned, I rested, I just want to have my little moo with me!!!!!!

We got the bouncy chair down from the attic. Goo loved it and I hope Moo enjoys it. I think everything that we could possibly need is in the house. I sometimes sit in the room and just look at everything.

Goo has decided that she wants to help with baby, so we have told her that when baby cries (and that baby will cry) she can rub her arm or leg and we did some practices. She also wants to help with diaper changes and feeding. So I told her that she can help mommy with those things.

AUGH! I can't wait. I can't even llist all of my discomforts right now. I am so frustrated.....
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I can't believe that I'm almost 38 weeks!! I feel like there is so much left to do. Mainly, I just need to clean my filthy house. I have been letting the housework go for the last few weeks so I could rest and get thru my son's surgery but now that is over and I'm tired of the house being so dirty. Unfortunately, my dryer is broken until at least monday so laundry takes a little more planning than usual. It figures 'cause i just bought extra towels and sheets that need washing! Anyway, I gotta run and go to work. I can't wait for my leave to start!! And i can't wait to have non-swollen, skinny ankles again! Hope you are all feeling well!

Oh, and last night I was checking my cervix just for kicks and I felt the baby's head move while he moved around. So cool!! I can't wait to meet this babe!
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I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one whose home is in serious need of cleaning : I've been fearing that I'm already an unfit mother.... Just 2 more days and I think I'll be completely cleared out of my classroom and then I can refocus on home. Yeah!

I have a mw appt this am (actually I've gotta get up offa the computer and get out of here ) and I'm anxious to see if she has any prediction of how long it'll be until my baby makes his debut I'm so excited to meet him. But, I want at least another week to get ready....

{{{Blissful, bountiful pregnancy and birth vibes to all}}}
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I have a cold. (pout smilie) So I've got a copious mucous production happening. I want to get better before the labour and delivery. I can't breathe through my nose all that well. I've been taking cayenne and fenugreek to get the stuff flowing. Hope that works.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday. Ahhhhh. It feels so good. Every time I heard my back go CRUNCh, I went WOW. So I'm all aligned for giving birth. The chiro told me not to lift anything too heavy though, which is impossible with my 30 lb. 18 month-old constantly needing my assistance. It will be nice when I don't have to worry about picking her up hurting my back.
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I feel like such a failure. I've been working on getting my hemoglobin up. When my midwife checked two weeks ago, it was up to 10.7 from a 9.3. And then yesterday it was down to 8.2 .

I was out of town all last week, staying in a dorm and eating the food that the Institute provided. But I didn't think I did THAT badly!! I was still taking my Florodix and yellowdock/dandelion root/blackstrap molasses syrup and my chlorophyll. I didn't do as well with my prenatal, since I take that at a different time of day.

My midwife told me that she isn't terribly worried, just to keep working on it.

I'm visualizing 11! I'm trying to just do what I need to do. I have my grocery list all made out with lots of iron rich foods. But this really unnerves me.
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