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Hey Ladies!
Geeeeeshhhhhhh! We all must be getting nervous, excited OR BOTH! So much to catch up on. Now it seems that things are changing for all of us day to day...

Everything here is fine. We are officially nesting. I don't think I've started my maniacal nesting phase just yet, but DH and I together are doing a TON of house stuff. We have an old place that we moved into about 1 year ago. Doesn't NEED a ton of anything, but there's some smaller projects that have just been on the backburner. DH and I really need a small fire under our a$%#$ to get everything done sometimes, so the baby and DH's going back to work are helping in this department.

So funny how some of you are experiencing hiccups. DS#1 hiccupped ALL THE TIME. It almost seemed constant at one point during the pregnancy and NOW this little guy is doing it, too! With DS, it used to just reverberate against my cervix, and it actually was an odd sensation. With this one, I feel it low (good sign for head position, I guess) but it's not annoying or constant.

Spent most of the morning out by myself doing some errands. Just little things, but things that will help me feel that we have everything we need when #2 comes.

Christeeny-It's so cool to know exactly where your baby is. I can never feel it like the doc can. Also, don't stress yourself out too much about the party. I did that for DS's first. And then for his 2nd we were all very, very sick so we had to cancel. Don't get me wrong, I wish we are hadn't been sick. But prepping for a party is tough. You want it to be perfect for them. It's such a milestone-especially for MAMA! Oh, and I would *think* that the thermacare things are just fine for back pain. I believe it's just the heat that radiates.

Mealy-Perhps this little radish for you is sitting right on your cervix?? That was my issue with #1. Still so cool to feel the different sensations they are no making.

Liza & JL-You're both reminding me to call about installing our infant seat. In fact, I hadn't even THOUGHT of this before you guys started discussing it! Our local police station can come out and check and install. I will be taking them up on this again this time.

kimberly-I'm impressed that you've done so much (and so nicely, I might add) and you're so new at this. I am a very slooooooow learner with many things in life and this has been one of them for me, too. Thanks for the link! So glad that your BP has been cooperating.

Katje-I am the cook and the baker in the family (DH actually enjoys cooking and can do it well, but no baking). So I am a little jealous to hear of your DH making all those wonderful sounding treats!

Jilly-Thank you-I'll let ya'll know how things go on Monday.

So, the BFW book that AP has mentioned (and I believe is taking classes in) is really helping me stay positive about this birth. After a bad birth experience with #1, I need to have my head in the right place. And my heart, and oh, yeah, my bod. But I can't control everytihng, right??

Hey, anyone, regardless of your financial situation wanting to spend $$$ lately?? I've suddenly gotten this urge to just buy EVERYTHING we need NOW. And you all know we've not been in the best place financially lately. DH says, "So THIS is why I'm going back to F/T work?".

Okay, that's it for me .Gotta go. Really planning on getting into bed at a decent time tonight. But the computer in front of me doesn't help!

to all of you great mamas...
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Originally Posted by christeenybeany
DS received SO many toys--I don't know what we're going to do with them all.
Take them back to toyrus and exchange them for baby stuff:LOL
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I've read BFW too and really enjoyed it. I have tried to read books about different natural birthing techniques to get ideas to put together for myself. For instance I read a Bradley method book and really enjoyed the parts about how the muscles are working and visualizing it during the contractions. I also found the stuff about transition very helpful.

I got a huge pick-me-up yesterday. I was standing in line at Home Depot waiting to get some paint mixed for our kitchen and a lady asked when I was due. I said my usual "oh, july or august" and she said "WOW! You're so small! I looked like that when I was 3 months along!" It so funny how different people percieve a preggos size so differently! I've had some people think I was huge. A month and a half ago I came across a woman who was sure I must be at the end. Of course my MIL always has to share how huge she thinks I am b/c of course she only gained X pounds and NEVER had any swelling!

Anyway, Happy father's day to all the daddies! Not they they actually read this if they're are anything like my dh! Dh leaves tommorow and they've extended his trip a little longer Oh well, it should hopefully be his last trip until after the baby is here (fingers crossed)
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I am a huge lazy bones today! I did get up with 4 yo, made breakfast and it was ready when DH got up. Then I went straight to the couch! The little boys are playing quietly, occassionally on me and the big kids and DH are playing soccer on the playstation downstairs. Everyone seems pretty happy, lol!

DH commented again on how lopsided my belly is this time. I did voice my concerns with him about positioning and he said we still have time and there are things we can do to move the baby if we need to. I do lol about the hic-ups- they are left to right, left to right shaking the whole baby!

Back to the couch- I have no energy to be up!
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hi mamas, i agree w/ whoever said we must be chatty b/c there's so much going on and things constantly changing at this point...it's such an exciting time for us!
dh had a show last night and i ate too much fair food :Puke - spent half the night up w/ an upset tummy and some bh's that were rather uncomfortable...feeling better now though!
lena-girl, wish somebody would tell me i look small - everyone here is already on the "you're still pregnant? you haven't had that baby yet?" kick...sigh...i figured it was coming but not so soon! i'm feeling huge though anyways and since i'm still so unsure of my dates and i'm measuring ahead, i'm not sure what to think! i don't go back to the OB till the 12th of july...
here's a pic i took this morning - a 31wk belly http://pic10.picturetrail.com/VOL308...2/57314860.jpg
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I skipped some pages to jump in and say hi. Will keep reading though to see how you are all doing.

I am tired, kids didn't sleep well on vacation, but I am home and ready for bed.

My indulgence - if I upset any of you sorry - was a margarita with lots of salt and lime. That's all I can think of now and plan on getting loaded on them very soon.

Had a period where I thought we were going to need to come home because the contractions were out of control - in my back, couldn't walk, couldn't catch my breath with accompanying nausea. Got off my feet and downed the water and am doing better. Then evenings are pretty tough and long walks bring on a lot of active BH. Everyone is telling me how big I am this time around - I'm just done with it. I am trying to tell myself I have 7 weeks instead of 5 but I'm hoping to meet this munchkin sooner rather than later.

My DH will be out of town the 3rd week of July. After that I won't let him travel anymore. Until then whatever. My feeling is if I keep him around I won't have the baby!

Have an appt tomorrow so we will decide if I am going to one weeks or stick with two for the moment.

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Well, my poor husband... that's all I can say...

I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. with contractions 3 minutes apart. I was seriously in pain and had him start packing a bag... soon after, I started having the most horrible diarrhea... which has continued, ever 15 minutes or so, alll stinking day long (literally stinking). DD has also been pooping up a storm.

I can't take any of the anti-labor drugs, so I was really debating when /if I should go in. And honestly, gosh, I had contractions like that at least once/week with Libby from 32 weeks on... and was all of a fingertip dilated when I was induced for pre-e at 38 1/2 weeks.... so it's hard for me to take ctx seriously.... But then my ob insists he doesn't want me laboring at ALL because of my abruption with Libby.

But then that wicked part of me still longs to show up at the hospital at 9cm and get my vaginal birth anyway! Hehe.

As it turns out, the contractions are wayyyy better now (bp was fine through all of it! ) but man, my husband spent the whole day changing poopy diapers and taking care of me as I went back and forth from toilet to bed. Yuck!! OH, and I have the NASTIEST burps that taste like bile. YUCK.

I hope this is just some 24 hour junk.... blech!

I go to the ob at 9 a.m. tomorrow

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and can I just say wow....!!!!

This is soo crazy..... all these posts!
But exciting nevertheless....we are getting close girlies and I too am getting excited!
I am just going to do a quickie since there were so many posts from my last....

Glad some of you have found or know of Birthing From Within..It is a wonderful way to prepare for our births...I wish we all could take the sessions together..that would be soo cool It can be very healing from our past birth experiences...Bears/others you have to try the ice cube Pain Coping Practice...awesome....hard at first but the more you do it the easier it gets... I also like the little cut and copy cards in the back of the book for us to give to DH.
I would of never found BFW if it weren't for Naturegirl she mentioned it waaaay back when we were in the 1st-tri I think.

Ugh-ate tooo many beans today..gasey.... :

My pubic shear is doing better as long as I am wearing my hip brace(oh and FWIW-it is not a metal bar type brace-when I told DH over the phone at work that they have me wearing a brace, he said he pictured me in iron castings....lol...so just to be clear here too...it is just a huge circle piece of elastic with velcro strips on it to tighten). Nigthtime is the worst but I cannot see wearing the brace at night and having to pull it up and down and re-adjust 1000x a night for me to go pee..... if I do not go pee that makes the pubic pain worse...No worries you guys..it is just like the two bones have slipped and are uneven causing my tailbone and sciatica grief along with it and no tearing of the matter that holds them together. It will get better. Pianful yes...but it will get better..I am determined to enjoy my last 6 weeks!!!!

6 weeks did I say 6 weeks????...YES I DID!!!

Kimberlibby....ohmi!! You poor thing!!! Let us know how your OB appt goes....

Great pic Heather!

Magemom....what I wouldn't do for a lazy day....hope you enjoyed you rest time!!!

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Hi Ladies,
Kimberly-I am SOOO sorry you had such a rough night/day. You have not had it easy at all, huh? You deserve an ice cream-filled, health-problem FREE pregnancy this time around and I'm sorry you aren't getting what you need this time. Please keep us posted. I can completely understand that you would desperately want to show up at the hospital and have the birth be what you truly want. All I can give you are my

Lena-Sorry your DH is going away. How long will he be gone? Oh and I've gotten the same business from my DH's grandmother about how SHE never gained as much weight as me, yadda, yadda, yadda. She is also in her nineties-I take it all with a grain of salt.

magemom-YES, that babe of yours still has PLENTY of time to MOVE his or her little behind into a better position!

Frog-I love your new pic! GREAT BELLY!

Ketilave-Glad you're back from vacation safe and sound. Vacations can be rough on the 'ol sleep schedules. I know DS's was a little off while we were away last month and even for a few days after we came home. Sounds like you're having LOTS of activity-even activity that you don't welcome-like the BHs. I still have not had one BH, but I do have other low cramping-just not the belly-tightening kind.

Hey AP! I'm sorry you're still in pain-and amazed that you (and Kimberly and everyone else going thru some painful stuff right now) are managing to keep being so positive! AND YES! You did say 6 WEEKS!!!! : Okay, I had to indulge in the freaked-out smilies! I say it EVERY time I'm on here, but I really can't believe it. Just can't FATHOM some days that our little 3 member family will be 4 so soon. I am just now under the 7 week mark (6 weeks to go as of this Thursday). Still trying to read BFW a little every night...

Well, as for me, things are fine. Had a GREAT father's day here. ILs had us over in the morning and the boys (DH, FIL, and DS) just had a blast together as usual. My MIL told me this morning that she didn't think I was that HUGE. That she remembers me clearly at my shower that was about 4 weeks before DS was born last time and she said I was sort of "pointy" all out in front. This time I'm round and kinda low and flat, if that makes any sense.

We are maniacally getting things done around here. Just bought a few new things today for the baby (a new Boppy, for one-which I used a lot the first time b/c I sat on the couch a lot!). This time, not sure if it will come in as handy as the first time. I just started getting my list of things to do more organized. It's a looong one...

So, DH starts back up full time in a week. And then a week later he is, in fact, going to London for 4 days. I will be 36 weeks. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and another the day before he leaves. If there are any problems, he won't go. But barring anything bad, he will be leaving me : Okay, I'm not really irked, but I'm just getting NERVOUS.

Okay, promised myself I'd be in bed by 11pm tonight. I've had some trouble sleeping lately-wild dreams, insomnia, and of course, I just can't find the right position anymore. So, the earlier the better.

Sleep well, friends...
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Good grief Kimberly, it has sucked to be you the past day or so I am so so sorry!!! Hopefully you can stop pooping so much and having that yucky biley thing going on

I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday; and my power shopper mode kicked in. I went for a maternity swimsuit ONLY, and ended up walking for 3 hrs. When I got home, I had non stop BH contx. Is this something for me to be concerned about? They've let up a lot, but they're still coming pretty strong, and in the same place over and over and over. Why is that? How come they don't occur all over? My right lower side is getting quite sore. Moral of this story is, AVOID the mall at all costs!!!!
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Hey everyone!
Terri, my BH's are always the same muscle group over and over again too. All I can figure it that those particular muscles need extra practice. This pregnancy, I'm carrying much different than with DD. Bears, I'm the opposite of you. This time around I'm pretty "pointy." My new stretch marks are actually cross-hatching my old ones b/c my skin is stretching in new ways. Quite odd to look at. And these are on top of DD's stretch marks that both my mw's and my mother delcared to be perhaps the most dramatic they've ever seen! These new ones will really give them something to comment on.

Speaking of stretch marks, FRogs, your belly looks beautifully smooth. Is it your skin-type, or do you have a secret weapon? You know, I wish we could display stretch marks like battle scars, instead of having to hide them. I wonder if there ever was a race of warrior women who proudly showed their's off?

Bears! He's going to London? Is he the sort of guy to bring you back a memoir from the trip?

KImberly, hope the bug has run it's course. You sure didn't need that......
It's times like that when you really put the DH thru his paces, isn't it?

AP, is the brace sort of like a girdle? I've talked to women who swore by girdles in pregnancy 30 years ago.

Just talked to DD on the phone at my folk's place. Wow. The kiddo never missed a beat. Obviously going away means much less to her than it does to me and her dad. Can't believe she's there and not here. DH and I and even the dog slept pretty terrible last night mostly b/c she isn't here. Meanwhile, my mom slept terrible b/c she woke up every time DD sneezed.

HOpe you all have great days!

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Originally Posted by foxytocin

AP, is the brace sort of like a girdle? I've talked to women who swore by girdles in pregnancy 30 years ago.

Maybe not quite as big as a girdle...it is about 3 inches wide..so same concept yes...Those women are not kidding I cannot believe how it helps....
Wish I had it sooner..I can hide it easily under my shirts too so it is not a big eye catcher either..kwim?
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I admit I can't really keep up with all this chatter - by the time I get all the new posts read, I've forgotten who said what

That girdle type thing sounds wonderful though !
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christeeny: Re: Thermacare Patches
No, these are not harmful durring pregnancy. However, I prefer the Bengay Patches better. They seem to last longer and be more effective. I think they cost less too. 1 box w/5 patches is $4.99 at Target here. I keep a box of them in my Doula Bag of Tricks. They have proved to be very helpful durring active labor.

We had a descent fathers day. I have to be at church at 9:00am on Sundays to practice with the ensemble. So I got up at 6am in attemts to have time to make my hubby a good breakfast. I got showered and fixed my hair, then woke up DD and fed her then gave her a bath. Then I tried to get dressed myself and : NOTHING FIT!!! I quickly stepped on the scale to find that I had only put on an extra two pounds. It must have been the delicious Pizza Hut pizza we enjoyed the night before. URGH!!! I must have tried on 5 different outfits before finding something that didn't squeeze the life out of my belly.
After church we spent the after noon with my DH's Dads side of the family. First thing they did when i walked in the door was exclaim how big I was and surely I only had a few days remaining. : I wanted to scream. I already don't really care for that side of his family and I really hate talking to them about the birth. They are a group of people that believe birth is a medical process and not a natural event. It drives me crazy!! After a few hours with them I was exhausted, cranky, and had a huge headache. So we went home, we all took naps and skipped evening church services.
I woke up this morning, still with that nasty headache and hoping it will just disapear soon. I will lay down and nap at the same time as my DD and day care kids if it isn't gone by then.
to all of you, and sorry if I didn't respond to everyone. BTW, Kimberlibby, sure hope your doing better. Can't wait to hear an update from your apt. today.
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oh kimberly, bless your heart! i'd sure hoped that things would be smooth-sailing for you the rest of your pg - and your bp's have been so good lately! sucks that you've gotta be icky-sick right now! hope you're feeling better today!

terri, i kwym about the bh's picking up after walking - i have to watch my dh's mall trips now. he shops worse than any woman so i can't go too long w/o stopping for a rest and a big glass of water...then a pee break five mins later yk? lol...

leah/foxytocin - i've got a road map for sure, but my belly is smooth as butter - i swear by some body butters i make myself. my favorite lately has just been a lavendar EO scented one, but i was using all sorts of scents in 'em before the smells got to be too much for me. the lavendar EO seems to be uplifting/relaxing to me too, so bonus there!
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Home from the OB....

Blood Pressure: 124/90
Protein: NONE
Weight: LOST 3.5 lb in 5 days!!
Swelling: NONE

Diagnosis for my icky weekend.... gall bladder. Blech. He won't take it out during my c/s, either, cause he says that's too much to recover from when establishing nursing, because the baby lays right on top of that incision when bf'ing. I agree, though, so it's okay. I think I overdid it on the chocolate ice cream and macaroni and cheese But it's SO good! My husband makes the BEST homemade mac'n'cheese.

So I'm being a good girl and eating my veggie sub for lunch....

Still on bedrest, just hanging in here It was a good appt though! I like to hear GOOD numbers for bp!! Maybe she will meet MY goal of 38 weeks??


P.S. Terri: I hear ya on the BH. At about 20 weeks I was still walking 10-15 miles/week on the treadmill, but around, gosh 24? 26? weeks, I had WAY too many bh, so I had to slow waaay down and eventually had to just stop. I would be walking at 1.5mph and have ctx every 2 minutes!! Crazy!
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Originally Posted by girlfactory
I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday; and my power shopper mode kicked in. I went for a maternity swimsuit ONLY, and ended up walking for 3 hrs. When I got home, I had non stop BH contx. Is this something for me to be concerned about?

If it were me, I would assume I over did it both walking, not resting and not drinking enough water. BTDT!

I gooefed off more Sunday too. I can get used to this! My sister sent me a maternity suit so I am set there as well.
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Kimberly, way to go on the stats!
Gee, I can't imagine where the weight loss came from

I have had many friends with gall bladder issues; and it seems what always sets off the episodes is eating things high in carbs/fat/sugar. It just overpowers the gb and makes everything else all wonky. I've heard that you also can have severe back pain from a gb attack, so thank goodness you didn't suffer that as well.

I'm catching up on my water intake, and not trying to over do the sewing and standing to cut out diapers and such. Let's face it gals, we're in the homestretch and it's time to take it easy!!

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Is it normal to be having contractions?

Is it normal to be having contractions?

They don't feel like BH. Although they come with that usual painless tightening in the belly, these really hit me in the hip/low back, just like early labor with DD #1. This baby is also in posterior position so this is what I'm expecting early labor to feel like if she doesn't turn. But could I just be feeling this because of her position? Could the BH contractions just be exacerbating the normal low-back pain that comes from her being poorly positioned?
Right now she's kind of diagonal, head down to the left side, face pointed outward to my belly button, butt up to the right. My SI joint on the left side where her head is pops in and out of place all day long (yuck : )... that's been going on for a few months.
They're really not that strong but they're definitely uncomfortable and more than anything, kind of scary. I'm only 30+ weeks along...
I'm only having them a few times a day so my OB told me to take it easy and come in at the end of the week or if they become stronger/more regular.
I didn't have contractions at all before labor with Olivia, not even BH... so this is all new to me. I was surprised to read posts by several women who have been having contractions for weeks and no baby, so I guess that's reassuring. But what's the deal? Has anyone here had contrax so early and what's the scoop?
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Originally Posted by mealymama
Is it normal to be having contractions?
But what's the deal? Has anyone here had contrax so early and what's the scoop?

Last time they started at 16 weeks. Really. Earlier and earlier with each pregnancy.
This time since baby is transverse/posterior I think what I am feeling more than anything is movement- rolling, almost like baby is trying to stand.

I have had way fewer b/h this time around. They were 4 an hour for days last time. Slow down, drink more water, rest. Very hard advice for me to follow.
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