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Hey Bears! I'm betting it's got to do with needing to slow down a bit in all this heat If it's any consolation, my ankles just started to swell in the last few days all of a sudden like and my belly too looks completely different every time I lift my shirt up. This all happened in the last few days.

Anyway, hope that helps you feel better! Protein in the urine is the ultimate signal, I think.

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oh, my! you guys have just been writing novels lately!

this heat is so hard... bears and everyone, stay hydrated and slow down. besides the external heat, we have these little internal heaters making it hard for our systems to keep our cool.

bears, if those headaches really get sharp, or you start seeing flashes of light, don't wait for monday, OK? call and get looked at... you don't want to wait too long on this kind of thing. i'll be thinking of you...

i just got my birth supplies box... all the stuff we need to do the birth at home. well, we really don't NEED any of it, but it makes life less messy. still, it's a little sobering to look at all the chux pads and maternity napkins, knowing i'll be using them in just a few weeks. i think i might just be in a tiny bit of denial about this birth!

all my kids will be off to california tomorrow. i've got a few things to get straightened up here, and my big project will be to have the carpets cleaned (darn that puppy!). then i'm going to spend the next four weeks puttering, looking at thrift stores for gender-neutral baby clothes and diaper supplies.

madrone, we got a "realistic" baby doll for ds1 when dd was coming. he left that doll all over the place, and it startled lots of visitors who thought it was the real baby! especially when he was dragging it around by the heels...

anybody heard from kimberly? i wonder how she's doing...

busy, busy baby in there. last night s/he had hiccups when i went to sleep, and again this morning when i woke up! it seems all i have to do is put my hand on my belly and a bunch of kicks manifest instantly.

finished off my lemon sorbet finally. now i'm eyeing those peaches....

take care, ladies!

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I was wondering about kimberly, too. We have been super chatty. I know for me it's like lately I just have been struck by how close I really am. I am 34 weeks today and I just can't believe how fast the pregnancy has been going for me. Of course now these last couple of weeks will probably drag...

Can someone volunteer to set up the two new threads that know what they are doing? I really just don't know how to set up a sticky thread or anything.

So I was wondering if you ladies have a date in mind that you want to have everything ready by? I was thinking by 36 weeks, but that seems to early. I don't want to wait until the last minute esp. for something like the carseat which involves climbing in the car and practically sitting on it myself to install super duper tightly. So when will you be ready? I *think* I am much more likely to have this babe in July (38-40 wks) than in Aug (40-42 wks) but I couls always be thrown for a loop. Women in my family usually have their babes around 38 weeks, my first was born at 38w 1 d. We'll see I guess. That's only 4 weeks from now!

to everyone. I hope you don't have pre-e, Bears. Make sure you take care of yourself (as if you didn't already know that).

Well, I'm off to drink more water... All I do anymore is drink and pee. (Sorry for tmi)
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Anyone else having troubles moving around now ?

Some mornings I swear I can barely get out of bed, let alone try to keep up with my son. I really need to inform the powers that be that my pubic bone is NOT a wish bone !

30 weeks today - 10 weeks to go, give or take a couple. So - 8 to 12 weeks, and with my personal and family histories, I'm putting my money on closer to 8 weeks (Boo was born at 38w+1).

I've already gained as much weight NOW as I did with my entire pregnancy with Boo - I know I shouldn't focus on that, but I am really unhappy with that for some reason. Yet, this time I'm nursing a toddler at least 3 or 4 times a day - that's got to require extra calories.

I wonder if my body knows it is gearing up to nourish 2 children ?

Off to start a load of diaper laundry . . .
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Hey Lena all you have to do is start a new thread on our Aug due date club then pm the mod and tell them that you want the two threads to be stickys and they will do the rest..that is it!

Q: What do you guys think of a light green, yellow and cream as a neutral color outfit for my baby? Are those colors neutral or do you still see girly colors there?
I found a cute outfit on sale at baby Gap to bring the baby home in but not sure of the color combo...I do not know what we are having so it makes it kinda hard...
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Originally Posted by apmamma
Q: What do you guys think of a light green, yellow and cream as a neutral color outfit for my baby? Are those colors neutral or do you still see girly colors there?
I found a cute outfit on sale at baby Gap to bring the baby home in but not sure of the color combo...I do not know what we are having so it makes it kinda hard...

That sounds adorable - good for a baby boy or a baby girl !
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Okay ladies, I made the threads and pm'd a mod. Now hopefully they will just sit the empty for a while!!!
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hello all!

wow we've been super chatty lately! I think we are getting excited about how close we are getting! At least I am!

Bears: I really hope you don't have pre-e. Let us know how your doc. appt. goes, I'll be thinking of you.

I'm wondering how Kimberly is doing too, I keep thinking about how hard it must be to deal with what she's going through. to you if you are reading this!

I think the two separte threads are a great idea! I am just a little shocked that we need them already! So exciting!

I had a mw appt. yesterday. 32 weeks today. I am feeling great and really nothing to complain about. Hmmm, wonder if my labor will be as easy as this pregnancy has been! I can hope right? Anyone writing out a birth plan yet? They want me to have one at my next appt. Mostly just what comfort measures I want in labor and I guess whatever procedures we do/don't want to be done to the baby.
Thanks for weighing in on the baby shower thing everyone. I think I've decided to maybe just get all the family together at a restaurant for brunch or something sometime next month. I like idea of a welcoming party after the baby arrives but I don't know if i'll have the energy for all that. We'll see!

Re: getting things ready. Well I decided that at 32 weeks I wanted to start doing things, gathering, shopping, cleaning, etc. I think 36 weeks sounds like a good time to be ready, especially if you think you'll be going early. I, however, think I'll be late so I'm not in a huge rush. I think I'll get started on shopping, then organizing, and save cleaning and washing clothes and dipes for last. Wow I must be nesting b/c I am so not organized like this usually!
I'm even writing to-do lists!

Jl: great pics and what a cutie!

ap: I think that color combo is perfect for either, too. Sounds cute! I think my babe's going home outfit will be a way cute AIO with chili peppers on it and a red or yellow t-shirt. I just have to buy some white t-shirts and dye!

We are going to look at mini-vans today! I have a little nissan sentra and it is so cramped with just one carseat and assorted two-year-old junk it is just impossible with two kids. (we used to watch a friend's baby and it was not fun in that tiny car) Kina scary, but exciting. Dh is also up for a big promotion at work (he works for whole foods) so lots of major exciting things going on here! Its a little overwhelming... But I feel really good about everything. Like we are at one of those major cross-roads in life. (I am 24 so I haven't had many!)

well I blabbed on enough for today. Talk to ya'll soon!
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Hey guys!

I'm here!

Actually, since going on bedrest, my bp has gotten SOOOOOO much better. Sitting, I am keeping it at 140/90 and laying down it is 120/80-ish. If we can keep these levels, we can go another month!

*MY* goal is 38 weeks. My ob's goal is 34 weeks. I say, WHY SETTLE? I want a big fat baby.... so that's what I'll strive for! I don't want to settle for 34 weeks!! I want to go the distance!

I'm 33 weeks today.

I'm knitting like an insane-o woman. Libby's going to have a bazillion soakers. But I don't like knitting newborn stuff, cause I have no clue if it will fit... I think I'll just wait till she's here?? I don't know. She has 4 soakers right now in nb/small, so maybe she's okay anyway? Course you can NEVER have too many cute soakers!!!

Here's to a happy, healthy day for all of us!
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I'm so glad to hear from you Kimberly - it sounds like you're doing well.

I wish I had the stamina for knitting - I've got so many little things started, but it just doesn't hold my interest the way sewing does.

Hoping you get your 38 weeks in - only 5 more to go !!
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jillybean: we LOVE our minivan. We have a Town and Country. It holds soooo many kiddos Between my 2sisters and my sil, we have had 10 kids in less than 4 years!! It is constantly filled with a variety of kiddos

AP: I like the colors you chose! Definitely neutral

Oh, and please don't feel bad for me! I had 4 months of bedrest with my daughter (bled heavily from a partially abrupted placenta) so this pregnancy has been a true breeeeeze compared to her! I've enjoyed the simplicity of a nice, normal pg this time!! Well, normal for me!! Hehe.

Oh, and Lizabear: I am obsessive with knitting.... even under normal circumstances I'm a craftaholic... having dh home for summer break (he's a teacher) and being on bedrest has just been a perfect kick in the pants to knit harder!

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ahhh Kimberlibby..glad you are doing better whew....
Thanks Lena for getting us set up!

Thanks too you guys for the advice on the colors..cool.....I will order today..

I have to go to my OB today as I am suffering from pubic seperation and it is really uncomfortable for me so she wants me to come in so she can do a cranial. I thought that it was from the baby's head engaging but after I researched and read into it, I am definatley suffering from pubic shear....
I got a link from Kmom on it(thanks to my post on I'm pg) and would you believe that Kmom actually knows my OB!!! and she discusses how my OB treats pubic shear the best way(cranials) as opposed to the general medical community that wants you on bed rest and how they say it is only hormonal and will go away after you deliver the baby :....now I know for sure I am at the right place for this birth and have the best OB...amazing.....I cannot believe Kmom mentions my OB!
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Good luck with that, Traci. I'll have to check out your other thread. It is very freaky that someone mentioned your OB in reference to your condition (which, by the way, I had never heard of).

I had an upsetting day yesterday. At my pre-natal, I learned that midwives in my province are in a catch-22 situation where they have the legal right to attend homebirths but not the insurance. In the meantime, the Order of midwives has taken a hard stance against alegal homebirths, preferring to wait until midwives have full rights and protection. What this means is that my midwife will not attend a homebirth unless the insurance question has been rectified -- no fudging of the records to say that I had a precipitous birth.

It was a very hot day yesterday and my mw's office isn't air-conditioned. I was sweating like a pig and crying throughout the whole appt., which was humiliating.

When we discussed the unappealing -- to me -- possibility of birthing at the birthing centre, I said that I would, in that case, want to labour at home as long as possible. To my horror, she said that she couldn't support that, that, I, as a second-time mom who had had a straighforward although long, painful labour with my daughter, could go straight from mild contractions here and there to a rapid pushing stage. She said that too many of her clients have ended up giving birth in the parking lot.

Then she couldn't tell which position the baby was in. Either it's in perfect position, or it's feet first. And she wants to do an internal to find out. I was hoping on avoiding any kind of internal exam. Now I'm unsure as to what I will do the next appt. if the baby's position is not yet obvious.

Anyway, I remember experiencing this kind of drama at this point in my first pregnancy, only at that time it was my mw trying to prepare me for the possibility of a hospital birth because I had put on a lot of weight, was very swollen, and had one instance of protein in my urine.

So, once again, I don't know where I will be giving birth, which, at this stage, is very unsettling. I feel very depleted.
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apmamma, that sounds SO painful. I don't know what it is, but shearing is something I do to FABRIC, not my pubic area, so I'm in pain for ya. OUCH. So what is this mysterious cranial they're doing to you? I hope it's a yummy massage or something and not something painful.

Oh no Dodo!!! I hope it all gets worked out before you give birth. Surely there must be some glitch somewhere in some system and you can get the birth you want!!! That would really suck to have that kind of stuff up in the air right now!!!


Kimberly **134/72!!!!! at last SITTING UP reading**
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kimberly, what cute soakers! i love what you've done with the colors and stripes. i'm working with the LTK pattern, so i don't have "legs" on mine, but it's been so fun making something for the baby. i did a newborn size, and it looks like a 2T, then i did a preemie and it's WAAAY dinky! sheesh... maybe i tightened up my stitches in the learning process? i might try another newborn size...

i'm sooo glad you're feeling better! i don't know who among us is going to go first, but i don't want it to be a pre-e emergency. how many of us are there? i might be one of the first, being 34w4d (and technically a July momma, but you all are so cool i had to hang out here!)...

lena, thanks for getting those other threads started.

ap, i haven't heard of pubic shearing or cranial treatments, but they sound brutal! let us know how it goes... and if you feel like telling us more about them, i know i'd like to learn... and i can't wait to see a pic of your baby in that outfit! it sure is hard to find gender neutral stuff, isn't it? i'm going with lots of bright, tie-dye colors. i think the trend to find out the baby's sex has really driven the neutral stuff out the door. too bad!

dodo, you poor thing! can you hire a doula who can hang out at home with you, to help you decide when to transport? i've done that a few times (as the doula), and sometimes having another pair of eyes and an unaddled brain around can help avoid those parking-lot births (out of 30 labors, i've never had a lady deliver before she got into her room... but maybe four or five times, she's delivered within half an hour of getting there! i LOVE it when that happens!). it's mostly a case of listening to the momma... she'll make some pretty good noises to clue you into the fact that it's time to go now... good luck and let us know how it works out...

jilly, i have a honda odyssey, and i love it. the only drawback is that it only seats six (our previous van seated 7) and sometimes it's crowded. but i bet the newer ones seat 7... we have the 95, which was the first year it was made, so i'm sure the new ones are better. have fun!

bears, how are you doing?

i'm a little cranky because my boys are dragging their feet, and we have sooo much to get done before they get on the plane tonight (they're going off to CA to visit their father for a month). i'm grumpy because they're not getting stuff done, they're just goofing off and laughing, and then i feel guilty cus i'm not gonna see them for a month and i want to enjoy this last bit of time as much as i can, and then i get stressed cus there's still this pile of laundry to fold and pack and on and on! grumble grumble. so here i am online!!! well, we're waiting for the last load to dry, so that's ok for the moment...

so humid here. it stormed again last night, and the ground is saturated, so the cracks in the basement are squirting up water all over. the house smells like a terrarium... nothing is drying out. how did people survive here before a/c?

i sure sound like a sourpuss, don't i? ok, focus on the good stuff... other than insomnia and RLS, i don't really have any complaints about my pregnancy right now! baby's happy, squirmy and BIG. tomorrow is dh's birthday, so i get to go out to dinner, yay! and i get to hang out with my girlfriends tonight, drink lemonade and knit and gab... life is good!

ok, time to start being nag-mom again. nice to "see" you all!

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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
: I push and poke around all the time too. I figure she is very well protected by the amniotic fluid. Some of my girl friends w/o children gasp when they see me poke around. It just makes me laugh.

Last night my 4 year old was very upset I was poking the baby! lol
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Dodo, if it helps, I don't know where I am giving birth yet either. I have really let go. Someone at work jsut stopped by my desk and asked if I knew yet. Nope. Homebirths are ILLegal here (one of only 2 states-joy) so I am still thinking a solo birth is my option. I like my OB, but she is only part time and I do not like the docs in her practice. My FP delivered my last is not delivering anymore and the midwife practice is not covered. I figure it will happen how it is supposed ot, I jsut don't know what that is yet.

Kimberly, glad to hear from you. Let's cook that babe a little longer.

As for me, this week has sucked on so many levels. $$ Stress, coworker diagnosed with leukemia, kids, life BUT my grandmother's tumor is shrinking and since it was inoperable that is awesome news.

I am finding myself in full MDC addition right now- even at work!!

I got my first baby item yesterday. A coworker gave me her changing table. So now at the minimum, I have a spot for this baby's clothes and blankets!! I was thinking of moving the little boys to booster car seats so I can get the covertable ones for this baby. Maybe I will just give in a buy an infant seat, but my kids are so big those only last a few months. Coming home outfit is the same outfit for all my kids. So really the car seat is all I have to get ready other than a load of diapers and a load of clothes. I won't start getting that together till at least 36 weeks, if not 38. I have NEVER gone early. (There is a first for everything, isn't there??)
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OK, so I read ap'ps posts on pubic shearing and followed the wonderful link to the plus-size pregnancy site and read Kmom's info. My pelvic area has been so out of whack this pregnancy! I fully understand that being very pregnant is not supposed to be a comfortable experience. But why be more uncomfortable than you need to be?
I went to see my chiropractor this afternoon (the pubic shearing info bolstered me.....everything seemed to fall in place with the nature of my discomfort.) Asked the chiro about it and he says he's never heard of it. Asked him if he thought my continuing discomfort could be due to a cracked tailbone, then (my OB thinks perhaps)? I also asked him that if it's just a matter of my hip being out of alignment, what are the chances that birthing this next babe could pop things back in place? A very noncommittal and perhaps unwise man, he said I've asked him too many questions and he has no answers for me. Poor man. He must be out of practice communicating with very uncomfortable, very hot and very cranky very pregnant women. Just as I was getting riled up, he popped my lower back and I could feel this huge release of tension travel up my spine. And I strode out of the office that I had slowly waddled into just minutes before.

I wonder what Naturegirl has to say about all this?

Dodo, I think Samurai's doula suggestion sounds great! Sorry you had such a lousy visit to the mw. Is there anyone else who practices with her that you can check out?

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here is a link on cranial sacrals:


like chiro care but gentler....

I am back from the appt and feeling some relief, but also now wearing a hip brace to hold my hips and pubic bone together and no pilates for a week....The inflammation is bad but they got it back together so we will see where I am by the end of next week...

Thanks for all your well wishes and concerns!
I love our group....

Leah glad you got some relief from you chiro visit today..does wonders.....sorry your chiro did not have a clue about the SPD...that's weird....

Dodo... I am so sorry about your birthing situation........

Good reading there Kimberlibby!
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Dodo - I'm sorry to hear about your birthing situation. How rude of the midwife to tell you that you had to come in so early
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