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OMG! It took forever to catch up on all the posts, and I was on last night.

Kimber: so good to hear from you and glad that resting is helping.

Lena:about putting in the carseat. I discovered a little invention called the "Mighty Tighty" So much easier than those little flat metal triangle things to keep it in tight. The Mighty Tighty slips over the seat belt after buckled and then you crank it until tight enough that the seat doesn't move. To take it off you just lift a button on the side of the device and so simple! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000056JHP/qid=1087603261/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-2995930-8915354?v=glance&s=baby

Today I decided to get up off my lazy butt and clean the kitchen and living room. I also got my DD's room picked up. She had pulled out almost all her toys. URGH!!! My hubby will be happy. I am also making dinner. Smoked Sausage, baked potatos, and Peach cobbler for desert. An extra sruprise for my DH. I should probably take it easy tomorrow though. I have had atleast 7 or 8 BH's contrax in the last hour. The baby is moving a lot though and I can talk through them so I'm not really concerned. Probably just overheated from being out and about and I could also use some tall glasses of water.

Well just wanted to check in. I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

edited to add link to Mighty Tite
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re: birth plans...yes i've done mine and will take it in to my next appt...i tried to remember that not everything is worth the battle imo when you're having a hosp birth, so i only mentioned the things that are most important to *ME*...i think it's earthmamaangelbaby.com where i found a template for one, but it is like 10pages printed lol, so i compiled all my requests to one simple page. i think the nurses will be more likely to read it if it's short and sweet lol

does anyone here measure fundal heighth themselves? i've done it for awhile now, at the last two appts i've been right on with what the nurses got so it surprised me! if i'm measuring correctly i'm measuring about 32.5-33 wks, and am only 31wks supposedly. i've been measuring about 1-1.5wks ahead these last few appts so we'll see if i actually make it to the end of august - we weren't sure of my dates anyways lol...
kimberly, i'm glad you're hanging in there! i hope you're able to hold off a few more weeks!
apmama, you have truly had a rough pg! i hope that you get the easiest birth of us all, you deserve it!
well, i'm off to bed early tonight...try not to get too chatty tonite gals! lol
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
Lena:about putting in the carseat. I discovered a little invention called the "Mighty Tighty" So much easier than those little flat metal triangle things to keep it in tight. The Mighty Tighty slips over the seat belt after buckled and then you crank it until tight enough that the seat doesn't move. To take it off you just lift a button on the side of the device and so simple!
I appreciate that, but we use the LATCH system which is wonderful, but for my convertable carseat to first install it I have to put my knee in the carseat and pull up on the strap at the right angle to get it really tight. Once it's there it's good forever!

Man, we are super chatty! That's great though. Add me to the list of people that this group. I am actually a July momma too (July 29th or 30th) but couldn't stand to leave this group once I figured that out I still usually say Aug 1st though b/c I got used to saying that during my first 2 or 3 months. The nurse at my OB accidently miscalculated.

Sorry for all the aches and pains I have had the pubic pain since my last pregnancy. I believe my pubic bone was damaged b/c of the 12 weeks of contractions. I actually believe that I have been misdiagnosed as a probable case of endometriosis when it was actually PSD. Luckily it actually seems to be better lately. Before I was pregnant sometimes it would be so bad I couldn't stand up. I still get the pain of course though, but somehow I think the weight of the baby in late pregnancy has helped it somehow.

ANyway, have a good night ladies. I'll be enjoying my weekend with DH before he leaves again on Monday.
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Hi Ladies :

Well, I'm feeling MUCH better today. I think I *may* have started to think the WORST yesterday. I have my appointment on Monday and I will certainly describe my symptoms to her, but I am not feeling all gloom and doom about the pre-e anymore. Blood pressure and urine sample are the first things they do at my appointments so I'll know right off the bat if there is any indication of some of the worry I had yesteday.

Spent all morning outside again today (DUH, I know, but what do you do with a small child in this heat that doesn't make you and HIM go stir crazy??). And I didn't have any swelling really, when I got in. Also, I just drank GALLONS of water. We've been buying bottled water so I bring 1 or 2 with me in my bag almost every where I go now. Plus, if I need to buy some while out, I do so. Thanks so much for everyone's concerns and hugs yesterday. I will keep you all posted on my appointment on Monday.

Foxy & Katje-Thanks Katje-No strong headaches at all this week, just a slightly head-achey day in the begining of the week. I think it might have just been a regular old headache. We'll see.

Lena-I'm thinking July for me, too (EDD Aug.5). I've always felt that I would go early with this pregnacy. But WHO KNOWS!! Thanks, also for your support...

Liza-YES, I am having trouble moving. I have to lurch myself out of bed in the morning and getting up after sitting for some time is a problem. On the weight gain issue, I too, have struggled with a big weight gain during this pregnancy. Body image stuff is an issue for me anyway, so this has been tough. But UNLESS there's some sort of problem seen at Monday's appointment, then I will just have to take it in stride as I have been trying to this whole time. Keep trying to remind yourself that you are gestating a human being in there! Your body, whether it's big or not, is doing something miraculous!

Hi AP! I think the colors for your baby's coming home outfit are PERFECT! For DS (and we didn't know what sex for him, either), we had him in a celadon green button up sleeper with little butterflies around the top. It was HUGE on him, I remember. And I would let the new little one wear it, too, if it wasn't SUMMER! DS was a winter baby. Also, I'm so sorry about your pubic separation issues. Please excuse my ignorance, but I've never heard of this. Sounds EXTREMELY painful. I hope you keep getting some relief from your treatments.

Dodo-I'm so sorry about your lousy appointment. How disappointing. You don't need any drama right now. But these big things in life sometimes just come with drama. Is there someone else in the practice you can talk to?

Magemom-There's a first time for everything! You COULD go early!! Be ready for that babe!

Jilly-Ahh, the crossroads in our lives. Regardless of age, I think you can sometimes just feel it in your bones when your life is going to change. We are on the precipice (sp?) of big change. And our lives will never be the same. Amazing.

Kimberly-SO GLAD to hear that things are going better for you. And on a much less important note, do you by any chance have or know of an EASY soaker pattern for a beginner knitter like me???? I've only been knitting for about 6 months-off and on. And I had GRAND plans to finish a blanket for this little one, but I am thinking about scrapping that plan and doing something small and maybe doable!

JL! I am impressed with your dinner tonight. And perhaps a little hungry! Wow! Those BHs would have me thinking, too!

Anyway, ladies, Laurie is right-we're so lately. We are SOOOO close! I know we've all said this, but I am so BLOWN away that we are all now within about 8-10 weeks. I'm 33 + 1 day.... WOW!!! I can't wait to meet this baby...
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Oh dear, I'm getting the impression that many of you will in fact deliver in July, whereas I might not go until September. Hope I don't get snarky and resentful .

AP, I can't remember who said it, but I thought it was wonderful to wish you a simple birth after a complicated pregnancy.

Magemom, I had no idea that homebirth was illegal anywhere in the US. Does that mean that you will face more administrative challenges in securing a birth certificate if you do indeed go unassisted?

LizaBear, I find myself wishing I was in Ontario (I'm originally from Ottawa). Apparently that is the only province currently unaffected by this insurance business, because the midwives there cover part of the cost themselves, or some such thing.

For those of you who are birthing away from home, at what point do you plan to check yourselves in?
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Hey AP-Meant to mention to you that I bought the BFW book. It is helping me on my way to think about this birth in a different-more positive way. Thanks for talking about your classes on this thread-it kicked me in the butt to buy the book!
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Originally Posted by Dodo
Magemom, I had no idea that homebirth was illegal anywhere in the US. Does that mean that you will face more administrative challenges in securing a birth certificate if you do indeed go unassisted?
Depends on how we do it. The law states anyone practicing medicine with out a licence will be procecuted. So they could get on DH if he 'caught'. But if it 'happened so fast', then there isn't much they can do. I do not know anyone who has had a homebirth since the law changed. It used to be 'alegal' where a non CNM could deliver in a home. Alabama is the other state, AFAIK.

Some have talked about CPS, but I don't see how they would get involved. And, 911 is just a call away with the fire station being at the end of our road, if something goes wrong.

However, it is still done. I have a homebirth meet up next weekend and I will ask some questions about the b/c, etc. I asked the pedi what we should do if 'things happened so fast' and he said report to the hospital, but he didn't seem freaked about it. The baby would be required to stay for 24 hours. That is what I don't want most. I don't plan on telling till after the magic 24 hours. I know a midwife who is no longer practicing and she offered some of her stuff for me to borrow- like the scale.

My OB is planning on giving DH catching lessions the last 4 appointments because 5th babies rush out you know. I am keeping my mouth shut with her. That would be so nice to have one that isn't posterior and less than 10 pounds- it would probably fly out!

I am still working on the legalities side. Homebirthing attended or not isn't for everyone, but it shouldn't be for NO one. The hospitals want your insurance money and childbirth is easy money so they lobby like crazy. I loved my 4th birth but so far no one can promise me such an intervention free delivery so I have to look elsewhere. We will decide about switching providers next Thursday. Or, sticking with this one with absolutely no intentions of going in unless there is a problem.

Of course if this kid stays transverse, there isn't anything further to discuss, is there? :
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I cannot keep up! I have been reading every night, but by the time I'm all caught up, I'm too tired to post. I really have nothing exciting to say. I am nodding my head and agreeing and like someone else said, talking to the moniter, but I get pregnancy brain when it comes time to post.
I had a day of bh contractions every 30 minutes or so and swollen feet and other crampiness....I asked my ob about it today at my 30 week 4 days appointment and he said I was probably dehydrated. I totally agreed because that was the day I was outside with the kiddos alot and got really hot. I do try to drink water all the time but it seem slike it goes RIGHT through me. I am tired of being on the toilet all the time. I like the way my dr. put it, "when you think you've had enough water, drink one more glass." He also cautioned that if the BH's are closer than 15 minutes that it could be of concern, so I think it was Laurie, please take care of yourself! The dr. felt and found the head and but and back and it was so amazing to me. I never asked him to do that with my first baby so this was the first time anyone did that. When he put his hand around a lump and said, "this is the head" I actually felt it inside of me and it all made sense. When I got home I tried to do the same thing, but I only found feet and hands that kicked back at me. It was soooooo amazing. I had lost track of how many week far along I was. I thought it was like 28 or 29. Then when I got there the nurse told me it was close to 31. Wow! That means I don't have much time left. I started slightly panicking when I got home. I dealt with it by making a huge list of things we needed to do. When I panickedly read it outloud to dh, he reassured me that one big trip to walmart and one day of working around the house is all we needed, and he's right. Right now he's getting me some ice cream. I need it. I'm having a crappy weekend and it has only just begun. I'm stressing myself out because of my ds's 2 year old birthday party tomorrow! He's growing up so fast! Ahhh... If it weren't for this forum I wouldn't know what to do. I get so much reassurance and a variety of things to think about that I don't think I normally would. I love hearing about the concerns and funny stories of you all and sharing mine right back. Everyone take care.

PS I felt hiccups for the first time!! I am so happy.
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Yes! My little raddish has been having the hiccups on and off all week!
I remember how cute it seemed with Olivia, but this time it's kind of annoying. Last night I finally felt tired at a somewhat decent hour but I couldn't sleep because my whole torso was jiggling! I finally went and took a bath to lull her back to sleep, so I ended up being awake til 2 anyway.
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
I discovered a little invention called the "Mighty Tighty" So much easier than those little flat metal triangle things to keep it in tight. The Mighty Tighty slips over the seat belt after buckled and then you crank it until tight enough that the seat doesn't move. To take it off you just lift a button on the side of the device and so simple! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000056JHP/qid=1087603261/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-2995930-8915354?v=glance&s=baby
This product is actually seen as extrememly horrible by every car-seat tech I've talked to about it (I thought it would be great - I have no luck getting a seat in nearly tight enough). It puts way too much stress on the seat belt, and can cause minute tears in the fibers of the belt, causing it to rip and come apart in a crash.

You are much better off having a certified tech install and check your seat instead of using this product.

Actually - most techs recommend that you do not add anything that did not originally come with the car seat at all - down to the strap covers to stop the rubbing against the neck !

Reminds me that I have to call before too long to have our infant seat base installed and our toddler seat rechecked.
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Bearsmama: I'm glad your symptoms are leading to p-e. I really hope you *don't* end up with it!!! Oh, and ha, on my soaker patterns.... umm, I've been knitting for about 3 weeks now. I don't think you need my advice This is the pattern I've been using and modifying...

Dodo: Awww, we'll still stick around (and nak) to hear about your birth!! As for delivering away from home, yeah, I will have my c/s at the hospital (duh, hehe) and I will go when they tell me to go If by chance my water breaks or I go into labor, they'll do it immediately. I had an abruption with my daughter, so they are not letting me labor *at all*.

Jenn: Wow, sounds like you're doing all the research you can do. That would greatly irritate me if I was told by the gov't I **couldn't** do something like have my child in my own home!! Grr. I wanted a hbac, but umm, the midwives didn't like my medical history But let's say I *did* qualify, I'd be ROYALLY ticked if the gov't tried to interfere.

Christeenybeeny: So cool on feeling the diff body parts!! Her butt is in my ribs, so I know where it is sometimes I have to move her because she is in such an uncomfy position

I'm outie..... having a lazy morning (oh wait, every day is lazy ). Gonna go read a book dh picked up for me at the library

Kimberly (128/75 sitting up!!! HOLY COW, that is GOOOOD!!)
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Kimberly (128/75 sitting up!!! HOLY COW, that is GOOOOD!!)

Hey, and congrats momma on winning all those raffle prizes! Methinks someone is super lucky or went a little overboard in the whole raffle ticket buying thing Or maybe some of both...
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Welll, I think I bought a bit much on the raffles

We wanted to support the cause, and hey, it paid off

Thanks for the congrats on the bp! I go back to the ob Monday and I'm hoping I can wow him with my sexy (visible) ankle bones and low bp
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Magemom, I know one person IRL who had an unassisted birth. She had some trouble with the b/c, but that was mostly because she hadn't seen anyone for prenatal care. I know other women who used lay midwives and therefore had to claim to have had unassisted births and they didn't have the same issues, mainly because they had seen a care provider throughout the pregnancy who was able to vouch for them. So if your baby turns and you decide to go unassisted, you might not have too much trouble with the state given that you have a relationship with an OB, a pediatrician and a retired midwife.

Christeeny, I had also lost track of where I was in this pregnancy. When I learned that I was at thirty weeks, I flipped. I feel like there's so much to do.
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Again, it took me Forever to catch up on all the posts, but I like it. You give me something to look forward too.

Lizabear: Thank you for your post about the Mighty Tite. We only have one vehicle right now and most of the time my hubby needs his back seat so the carseat is taken in and out on a daily basis. But maybe after this babe is born and we hopefully get that van I've been wanting I can get a tech help with carseat installation and just leave them there. Thanks again.

Bears: So glad your feeling better and less worried.

Kimberlibby: Great blood pressure!

Birthplans? Yes i have one ready. Well I guess, I've had one done for quite some time. In fact, I took it to my very first apt. with the midwife. It was more of an interview and i wanted to see her reaction to my plans before choosing her as my care provider. It's a simple one page plan that covers so much info. Easy format for Doctors and Nurses. If any of you would like a copy of the format just PM me and give an email addy. It's in Microsoft word format, I dont know of any way for me to just post it here. If there is I welcome the "How To" info. Anyway it's the same birthplan format I use with all my doula clients.

BH's have slowed today! I just think I was not well hydrated yesterday. For the first time in over a month I have access to a vehicle on a Saturday, but Just My Luck, none of my friends are available to go out today. Oh BTW we are 33 weeks today I can't believe it. It is mind blowing how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. I expected it to just crawl by. I think that maybe being a part of this group has made it go by quicker. Love you all, so special.
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Anyone doing a hypnobirth? or has done a hypnobirth?

I have been considering this for such a long time. I just couldn't decide though. If I took the classes then I would be taking them alone most likely since Hubby works strange hours that are not consistant from one week to the next. If I ordered the scripts that wouldn't work because how am I suppose to do the relaxing if I have to read the scripts to myself. So I looked into the CD's. And today finally decided to order it. I am excited and hope that it arrives this comming week. I really have to get to it since we don't have much time left. This particular corse says you need atleast 4 weeks and that would put me at 37 weeks (that is when my first was born) I find the technique very interesting and I am open to anything that might help me relax better and speed the process.

BTW another June mom just posted her birth and it's great!

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hi, ladies!

laurie, i'm doing the hypnobabies home study course (there's a hypnobirthing instructor here in town, but i didn't find out about her until after i'd already ordered the other set... oh well!). i went through the whole series once already, and now am doing it again just to make sure. i have to say i was skeptical, and i'm not positive all of my skepticism has vanished yet, but i do think it's going to help at least somewhat. i don't think it will magically evaporate all elements of discomfort and pain... birth is a major process that does some serious changes to the body's tissues, and i think some of those changes are going to be painful no matter what. but relaxing does ease perception of pain, and i'm hoping between the hypnosis and the tub, i'll manage to relax a lot more than in my previous labors. plus, it's nice to have the half-hour relaxation session every day! very soothing and a nice way to start the morning (i usually do mine just before i get out of bed). check out http://www.hypnobabies.com for more information on the program i'm using...

lots of bh contx and hiccups every day. some of the bh are just, eh, no big deal... but some of 'em take my breath away!

got the kids off on the plane, and spent the afternoon shopping with dh for his birthday goodies... unfortunately, one store was closed and another was out of what he wanted! so we have to go out again tomorrow. he made crumpets for breakfast... because one of his presents was crumpet rings. he's so funny, he's been baking all sorts of things just to learn how they're made. i bet we'll be having bagels soon... he's off getting peaches for a peach pie right now. i'm sooo glad i'm not so sick anymore so i can eat some of his experiments! just trying not to pack on too many pounds now that we're getting down to the wire...

kimber, i'm a new knitter too! three little washclothes, two soakers, 2/3rds of a scarf and the beginnings of a pair of booties are my grand total so far. i got the "Knitting for Baby: 30 heirloom projects" book, and it's WONDERFUL! i even saw that it was on sale at Amazon, here. it explains sooo much, i'm so glad i invested in it. i'm even toying with the idea of trying to make the felted diaper bag!

oh, i've loved Kmom's site for so long! bless her and the work she does to help educate us big girls (and our care providers). i should go back soon and see what's new up there...

time for my nap now, i think. have a nice weekend, you wonderful mamas!

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man this babe has been active lately! Usually not a very active baby, unlike my ds who beat me up constantly!

Well we bought our minivan! We were just going to look but decided, what the hell, and took the plunge! We got a 2001 Dodge Caravan and I it! So nice to have all the space and be able to get ds in and out so easily!

katje: I am jealous of your baking husband! All those goodies sound wonderful! Wish I could get my dh interested in some kind of cooking. oh well!

I've wanted to learn to knit for a awhile, but I have to admit to myself that I am just not very crafty. I am awful at sewing. I think I may still give it a try...but I always chicken out!

Kimberly your soakers are great! I am very impresssed! Also really happy to hear how well you are doing

JL: I would really like to see that birth plan outline. I'll pm you. I need to get crackin' on it!

Oh hiccups- I think I mentioned this before but my baby gets hiccups rather frequently. Like at least 1 or 2 times a day. I was getting worried b/c I read in a couple places that it could mean the baby is sensitive to certain foods I eat and will have intolerences to them after birth. I haven't been able to link them any certain foods though, so I don't think thats what is. I don't know???? I need to ask a mw about it at my next appt. I'm probably being paranoid.

christine: Happy birthday to your little one! 2 is an, ummm, interesting age! I'm enjoying it. (mostly )

Bears: so glad you are feeling better! Hope everything goes well at your appt.

Ok I had more to say but I forgot I am sooooo foggy lately. Anyway, talk to ya soon!
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So weird- the hic-ups seem to have settled down. And for a #5, I never noticed them before!!
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Hello ladies,
I made it through the birthday party. Our poor little house and little a.c. just couldn't keep cool today with all the people coming in and out. DS received SO many toys--I don't know what we're going to do with them all. I have a question...Are thermacare heat wraps ok for back pain on pregnant women? I'm using one right now because my back is hurting so much. I read the box and "Ask physician if you are pregnant" caught my eye. I called a nursing hotline and they were no help. She didn't even know what they were. I'm talking about those giant bandage looking things that are air activated and heat up to ease the pain. They make them for shoulders, abdomens, and backs. I have this one on my lower back--almost in my butt. I remember this pain with my first pregnancy. It sucked. I was hoping to seek some relief with this patch. If any of you have heard of these and know anything about their safety with pregnant mamas, let me know. I've got it on right now because I'm not that worried about it. It is just warm heat. Not any hotter than a warm bath. And it is just on my lower back--not my whole body or even the top of my uterus or anything. Hmmm. See you guys later.

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