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excessive thirst, headaches, sweets...what is this?

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I began noticing massive headaches about, I don't know, maybe 2-3 months ago. Thought I was dehydrated because I was drinking A LOT of coffee. (no signs of thirst yet).

Kicked the coffee habit (which hurts a lot because i love coffee). Headaches are mostly gone, but replaced by excessive thirst and super strong cravings for sweets.
By excessive thirst I mean like 6 liters of water a day, at least. No caffeine either so I'm not really making up for water lost elsewhere. DD is still nursing and she's nursing maybe 2 x a day but I went out of town overnight, pumped in the mornign and got like a tablespoon. So I know I don't have a lot of milk.

I struggled with milk supply basically since, well since 6 weeks, but before that maybe. It might have been due to stress, maybe something else? I have heard a low thyroid activity can do that too (of course I heard this after trying every darn thing to boost my supply and really getting kinda worked up about it and finally starting solids early).

Diabetes runs in my family. But i don't know what the symptoms are. I suppose I should also mention that this kinda kicked into high gear right around the time I began running more frequently (switched from XC skiing to running).

I went to the doc this morning and they did a urine test and drew blood for the full screen (?CBC?). I'm not anemic, though I was very anemic during pregnancy and have struggled with it off and on. I have to wait a week for results. In the meantime any ideas as to what it could be?
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Diabetes is the first thing that came to mind for me. Excessive thirst is a major warning sign. If your doctor isn't investigating that, you need to insist that he / she does. It's not worth the risk, kwim?
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Too much caffine gives me horrid migranes but it didn't start until right after my last child was born.

The excessive thirst does sound like diabetes like Rachel mentioned. As for the sweet cravings that could be your body wanting caffine but replacing the craving with something else. If you doc did a urine and blood test then they could probably figure out if it's diabetes or not.
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Excessive thirst, excessive urinating, and I think craving sweets = signs of diabetes. I hope not, but it can be controlled with exercise and proper nutrition.

Well, let the doctor figure it out, maybe we're all wet.
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The first thing I thought was diabetes too. Please let us know what happens with your doc.
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*giggling at your sig line*

My dd has diabetes and her symptoms were excessive thirst and weight loss. Her pee was very fragrant too due to all the sugar spilling into her urine. Go to the local fire station and ask to have your finger checked, or urgent care. It doesn't sound right to me. Has your vision changed lately to being more blurry?

Please let us know how it turns out. I live in the twin cities, too bad I wasn't closer to check it for you.
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thanks. i finally realized the sheer amount I had been drinking on monday and decided that I'd go see a doc. I did press her into thinking about diabetes. I go back next week, in the meantime I'm doing a little food journal (to ensure I really am eating and drinking enough) and am supposed to go in to urgent care if I have any of a number of pressing symptoms.
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I hope I don't sound rude, but if it could possibly be diabetes, you need to check it checked NOW. I think it's absurd for you to wait! Diabetes is serious shit! If you have it you NEED TO KNOW NOW! Call back and tell them you're coming in now to just go back to the lab to get a blood sugar check. If it's nothing great, but this needs to be found out now. Don't let them push you off till next week. Checking a blood sugar takes 60 seconds. They can fit it in. I'm concerned about their lack of concern about this.
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Originally Posted by Gemini
I hope I don't sound rude, but if it could possibly be diabetes,
not rude, thanks for your concern. I read your post and did press a little for results with the clinic and I guess for checking thyroid they send it downtown and that adds a day or so? Also I did persist about doing a fasting blood sugar as well as the standard one. I have been checked before with the non fasting one and came up ok. So...that is coming up tomorrow. I hate those freakin tests. Fortunately I hate feeling crappy even worse so I'm willing to subject myself to them.
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What Gemini said!!!!!!!!!

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