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peanut allergy

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Well, I am now 100% sure my 20 mo ds has penaut allergy.
He's had it 3 times and last night's reaction was horrific.
The first time I had let him lick a spoon with pb on it: his face turned red.
The second time I gave him a quarter size bread and pb nibble: it left a red raised area on his cheek.
Last night I let him have three teeny tiny weenie bites and three hours later he had runny nose, itchy watery red swollen eyes.
It was almost an ER visit but his breathing stayed normal.
Today, his eyes are still red, watery and swollen.
Of course, I had Benadryl for kids on hand and gave that to him immediately as well as today.
he looks as if someone threw sand in his eyes 100mph!
Anyway, I know that he can get a blood test at 2 to verify...but what's the point?
I also know there is PEANUTALLERGY.com but it was only somewhat helpful.
And, I know it can be very serious...all family members are aware and many products do not state the proper ingredients.
I do not know if his allergy applies to other nuits and no one in our family has this allerfy.
What else should I know?
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My son also has a nut allergy. I really don't think it is a good idea for you to keep exposing your son to it. I was told by our allergist that he may not have a really bad reaction the first time or second time but to keep exposing him to it , he could have deadly reaction. So we avoid it !
just what i have been told.
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