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Originally Posted by UmmIlyas
I do get some stares, but I think people assume I'm slinging Ilyas 'cuz that's what 'those people do in their home countries'. LOL, I'm totally from Texas, but people assume from my headscarf that I'm "ethnic".

When strangers actually say something, it's always positive. Every once in a while a well-meaning friend will tell me I need to not carry Ilyas so much, as it will 'spoil' him. Like he's a piece of fruit that will go bad?
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I get them. the one I hear ALL the time is "There's a Baby in there?" No that's just a doll. Oh and I have heard "I thought that was a doll in there" LOL With the stares I just stare back or I'll say not so quietly to my dd who is always with me "Aria I wonder why these people are just staring at us. Maybe they've never seen people before. What do you thing sweetie?" They usually look away after that.
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Yes, people stare at us ALL THE TIME! And the most frequent comment I get is "I thought you had a broken arm in a sling" -- my PIP is natural hemp. But then again, I stare at those women who are trying to push a stroller with two toddlers while carrying a baby and a ton of luggage THROUGH THE AIRPORT! <lol> We just walk right on by and beat them to the car rental counter! (Just had this experience a few weeks ago, can you tell?)
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Originally Posted by Liliana
Slings and bjorns are pretty common where I live, but the funniest comment I've gotten was that it looked comfy and she wished she had something similiar to carry her dog in!
that's too funny - when ds was a baby, an older lady came up to me in the supermarket to ask about the sling because she had an elderly crippled and blind poodle she wanted to carry in one :LOL. i told her how easy they were to make, so she said she was going to try to make one!
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Stares. . yes. I guess mainstream carriers(snugglis etc-) are popular here, although everyone I know uses it at home but not out???

Mostly I heard "What are you carrying her in now?" I have a sling, 2 wraps, and a homemade ABC.

My favorite comment ever was right after I got my sling (my first babywearing item). I was wearing my dd, 6 months old, in a Kangaroo carry. My friend who is a missionary to South Africa said "Oh, your carrying your baby just like the African mothers." Love that!!! Wish he could see me now with my wraps.
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We get stares all the time. Most comments are "Wow I've never seen anything like that before" or "that's really nice". On a recent plane trip an older woman said to me, "What a wonderful way to hold your baby. That should be a pre-requiste for parenthood" . I whole heartedly agreed
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People here in Connecticut stare at us all the time. I just ignore it unless it looks like the person is interested, but a lot of the time it looks like a negative type of stare. My little slingee is not so little anymore and we use wraps and abcs a lot. He is tall and 32lbs. He looks like he is more than 2 years old. I sometimes get comments like, "he is too big to carry" and directed at him "Aren't you old enough to walk". Yeah, he is old enough to walk, but he wanders everywhere and he is quick and I have a three year old walking to keep track of too. No one says anything about a toddler/preschooler in a stroller though.

When ds and dd were younger and in a sling, I only got positive stares and mostly positive comments.

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