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Work at Home moms????

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I am a work at home mom and I actually have my own business, I don't work for anyone else, so I guess you can say it is flexible, although my money seems to be harder to come by since I have been working for myself! LOL

Anyway, I am wondering how many of you are AP and WAHMs and how those two fit together? I realize that it is way easier than if you were a mom working outside the home, but I also have an older daughter and I have from 9 to 3 in the daytime to do my work now...that is going to change for sure and I wonder how to balance that? I will take the last month of my pregnancy and probably the first two months off and have a friend help me manage the site and the products, so that should be a big help. I guess I am getting scared that I may have to either slow way down or shut down my business for a while...any tips?

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I am also a wahm.And I run my own buisness.I also have 19m/o twins,whom I bf,and co-sleep for ALL sleepy times.When do I have time to work?At midnight.Until about 2 or 3 some nightsOn the days my dh is at home,I can squeeze in a half hour here and there.It is a hard situation to AP and wah,but I do LOVE the oppertunity to be able to be here 24/7 KWIM?
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We're in somewhat of a similar situation here. When I was 8 months pregnant, my husband was laid off from his job. He had a lot of trouble finding work, which actually turned out to be somewhat of a good thing so he was home with our dd when I returned to work just 7 weeks after she was born. For the past couple months, he has been working out of our home, but only very part time, about 10 hours per week. Usually, I go to bed very early (around 9 or 10) and take dd to bed with me, and dh works for a few hours then. He can't really get any work done during the day, so I've told him he shouldn't even try. When he has a deadline coming up, we have a babysitter who comes to the house to watch her while dh is in the office working. So far, it has worked out pretty well. We have minimized the need for child care, and I feel much more comfortable knowing dh is at home just in case anything comes up. I actually am thinking of starting my own law practice out of my home so that I can be home more with dd, but the idea of both of us attempting to work out of the home with no stable income is rather scary! I hope it works out for you.
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Similar to Charmarty. I go to sleep with the kids (2 of whom I tandem-nurse to sleep), then DH wakes me up when he's about to go to sleep, usually in the midnight area, and I work 'til three, 3:30ish. Also fit in a half-hour here & there during the day when I get TV break time (the kids' TV allotment).

It's not easy. But DH has a job, so at least we have a little less pressure than if I were doing the whole shebang.

It's also not easy not spending much time with DH on weeknights, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

- Amy
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I just finished my own website - www.SaffronRouge.com and work from home. I have a help though with getting orders out. I have two little ones. I find it pretty hard juggling everything. Any advice anyone? I feel like Martha Stewart (dare I say her name) sometimes, and shake my head at what I get done in a day. I'm feeling very proud today because I finally got top web placement for almost every keyword I use. (This is a big thing for my business)

I'm up in the morning before most, working away. Then trade off with my husband (who also runs a different company from home) for a couple hours in the afternoon before I make dinner. Then I'm back at it again after the kids are asleep till midnight usually.

I've found trying to do kids and work, doesn't work. So I give them full attention, and work around their schedules.

Anymore WAHM out there? I'd love to hear your stories and successes!

All the best!

(named after my daughter )
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I do my work when she is asleep
othewise it has to wait

luckily I'm small enough that I can do that...but if it ever got too big, i'd have to sell or shut down
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Tried it, hated it.
I couldn't handle that I was trying to squeeze work into every available moment, and it still wasn't enough time. Whenever dd doesn't need me I have a million household things that need to be done anyway. You also get almost no personal time the first two years at least, so giving those few precious moments up to work just wasn't worth it to me. The money I made wasn't worth what I was losing.
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Admire your hard work

I admire you all for your hard work. I would desperately like to have a homebuisness or help someone else with theirs so that I could stay at home full time with my kids. I have tried several different things but have not found anything that would work very good for me. I am going to keep trying with the produce buisness and maybe keep expanding it as the kids grow and can be a part of it all.

Erin, I checked out your web site, it is really neat! Do you make all the soaps and stuff yourself? Label them and ship them? Do you grow your own herbs?

Do you need someone to grow some Luffa sponges for you? I have grown them in the past.

Do you have lots of orders every day?

Sorry, if I am digressing but I really am facinated.
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Wow, tell me more!

LaLa, I checked out your site too. I am again Fasinated! Do you make the diapers, dolls and things yourself?

So starting a mail order buisness from your home really works?!
Do you have to pay for lots of advertising?

Let me know more.

I am so glad to have found this thread. I have hope now of being able to start my own home buisness.

I like to make scroll-saw-cut-wooden toys. One of my favorites is toy trains. It may be worth trying to sell them on the web?
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I run my store on a selective type consignment. I have a group of about 12 moms who make things and we all work together.

I used to make more and buy wholesale, but it was too much work for me to do alone, so I switched it to this style.

I do buy advertising. I buy with Mothering, Compleat Mother, and Wahmall and I've had spots in Renewal and Mothers Support Network and a few others.
That is expensive, but necesary.
I cannot afford regular advertising with Mothering, so I will focus on those ads for the holiday shoppers.

edited to say:
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I manage by being organized and keeping my outside commitments to a minimum...for instance arranging for DS #1 to have a one-hour music lesson every other week instead of 1/2 hour every week...we combine errands, homeschool/unschool, and belong to a coop that delivers once a month...we rarely go out of our own village these days...if we happen to run errands it's actually quite exciting and we make a day of it. I keep a running list of things to do, things I need.

House is small...I can do housework, cooking, cleaning, letter writing while my programs are running. Some are large...some I let run overnight and give my client a discount for that.

My clients are all child-friendly. (At least they are friendly when it comes to my children.)

I set reasonable work limits and sometimes go way over and sometimes am dry when it comes to work. I try to make the best of both situations.

I manage my $ well.

I drink coffee and do mental yoga and breathing and watch what I eat/don't eat when I have to work long hours. I don't think it's lack of sleep, but stress, that makes me tired. I can make do with very little sleep but it helps that I am actually excited about my projects when I am involved with them!

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LaLa, did you get much response from advertising in Renewal? I'm scheduled to go in the Fall/Winter issue. Just curious. I looked at your site, it's nice. Really professional. Looks like you have a whole team working behind it. I was impressed.
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AWESOME to see other WAHM's here with their own biz...I love that!

Garden, I do make all of the products myself, label them, ship them...it is a one woman business (my husband helps with the bookkeeping cause to be honest, I am not the best at that part of it). I started the biz from scratch. I also do some freelance web design for WAHMs, so that is something I do on the side...I love doing that, too!

I don't grow my own herbs, but I hope to plant an herb garden on the side of my house soon and do so. I try to get organic when I can.

I would be very interested to see your luffa sponges, although I don't use them a whole lot, it might be a great product to carry...home grown luffas! Let me know! I would love to see a sample!

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Hi! I do a few things. I have a wedding retail business (www.cafewed.com), offering discounts on wedding attire and products, as well as The Body Shop at Home products. And I am still a partner in a web design business (www.cafewebsite.com). I cut back on my share of the partnership when I was pregnant, knowing I couldn't contribute as much anymore.

I work when dd sleeps, which isn't too much anymore, it seems. We only cosleep at night and when I need a nap. Not every nap session. I also work at night after dd sleeps. For instance, the web consulting business put in a bid on a contract 14 months ago, when I was pregnant. Being a state government agency, it finally came through last month and so I've been putting in a lot of late nights this past week trying to complete things! I was also lucky that my MIL came into town one day and watched dd for a few hours.

Fortunately, we make it (just!) on dd's income. So far the wedding business I'm still building and am not earning off of it just yet. Web business has been around for awhile, and that's always an extra boost of income when we have a job!

I find my work schedule always changes with dd, as she grows. It's always changing!
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I wah for some one else. This makes it a little different, I guess, because I always have dead lines. I pretty much work full time, although I get paid a salary. I basically get paid for 40 hours a week wether I work it or not. I think its really hard. We have these big quartely reports that we have to put together, so once every 3 months I'm always really crazy. I have a really good friend around the corner form me, kind of like a surrogate mom and she watches ds (13 months) 2½ times a week. the working at night thing was too much for me. So, this works for now, although it seems like a waste for me to be home and ds not to be, at least he's right around the corner and I can walk over any time.
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Oh I needed to see this today!

I'm trying to get my WAHM business up and running and I'm just dying trying to balance sewing blankies, business stuff (all the preperation/paperwork/etc), unschooling, 4 kids (youngest still only 3 months), meeting with my "business coach" (sister and designer of my soon to be web site), plus worry about finances, and product quality. I'm having a major crisis of confidance right now!

But seeing others manage to do it means I can do it too, so thanks ya'll! Anything you wish you'd done differently? I'm a WAHM advice sponge over here!
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My daughter is 10 months old. I went back to work when she was 6 months, hated it, missed her, quit, and now I work from home. I do freelance publicity and writing. It's hard. I have to remind myself that I quit to spend the time with her and that I'm in danger of spending even more time working at home than when I was in the office.

I'm lucky, I'm being offered a lot of work, but I don't want to be overtaken by it. I would find it extremely ironic if I had to hire childcare now.
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Luffa Sponge

Hello Erin,

I don't have any for samples of Luffa at present but it is still early enough in the season I can proabably plant a couple hills and grow you some. They are a very prolific plant and long season.
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Another work at home mom here! I work when my dd naps and when dh is home. My mom also takes dd out about 1 morning a week so I can get a lot done
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