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Originally Posted by ChristinaB

I tried for a custom for a friend, no luck

ETA her OTHER stalker got a custom though

DOH! Nevermind.. I DID get both (the shorts and a custom for a Angelica), I had a lucky stalking day yesterday Does anyone find it odd that even when you do get an item from the "hyena cart" it says sold out?
(and yes, still on the wagon cause they are not for me lol)
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my understanding is that the hyena cart takes the product "out of stock" as soon as the but button is hit. So it may say sold out before you completely finish the check out or whatever the process is

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Ah, ok... thanks!
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Originally Posted by tnrsmom
Angelica, that is very cool. What colors will you be getting?
I think after browsing Jessica E.'s custom dyed yarn gallery for color ideas (as well as other sites, including Morwenna's soaker gallery) at www.fabriconnection.com , I'm going to go with the Black Cherry colorway (runner up is the blue skies or deep blue skies or something). They're both on page 2 of the custom yarn examples.
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I LOVE the black cherry!! Gorgeous!
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Thanks! I think it'll make a stunning pair of pants.... although I LOVE her deep rainbow soakers and I'm thinking of getting another one in the next size up because I love the one we have so much. But in Finland, soaker pants are SO PRACTICAL, I have to get em.
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